1. Only avenue left for Hillary now is to declare “I am not a Crook”,
    –then retire to the dust bin of History.

    • There is no crime the clintons won’t commit and very damn few they haven’t.

      • No crime have been committed by Hillary so she doesn’t have to worry about your silly little posts in here. No one believes you except the far right wing NUTs and they could not elect John McCain/Palin nor could they elect Romney. So while your attacking Hillary just remember that she will be the next President of the USA and the first Female President of the United States. Those who laugh last, laugh best!

        • She’s not fit to hold any public office. She is criminally corrupt and, basically, unaccomplished. She has no significant accomplishments.

  2. Well I’ll give her this,–She did have enough sense to Scrub her Hard Drives, and the Questionable donations by Foreign Governments while Sec. of State are irrelevant to the closed minded liberals , much less the apparent fact the “Foundation” only gives 10% to Charity and spending Millions to fly the Clintons all over the world collecting the cash for their personnel piggy bank,- the “Foundation” There are much better Democrats out there that should run, rather than this old woman from–yesterday in America.

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