Marsha Abell Named Chairman Finance/Fundraising Committee

    Marsha Abell Named Chairman Finance/Fundraising Committee


    Wayne Parke, Chairman VCRP, is pleased to announced that Marsha Abell has accepted the position of Chairman of the Finance/Fundraising Committee with the Vanderburgh County Republican Party. She will also serve as a member of the Central Committee. This position is critical to ensure the VCRP has the financial means to help support our candidates, officeholders and office operations in such a manner that Vanderburgh County voters  are represented by high quality servants who will look after the best interest of Evansville/Vanderburgh County.


    Marsha brings with her a wealth of political and business experience that will serve the GOP Party and our community very well. Marsha can be reach at; Email:



    1. COLD DAY IN HELL (a very short story)

      On a bitter-cold March night … in a grungy Indiana backwater … a sinister looking pair
      drop their long musty trench-coats to the cold dank alleyway bricks.
      The aroma of day old garlic and stale black coffee … wafts through the air.
      Could it be the long dreaded arrival of Chicago enforcers? … Are they muscle sent in by Union bosses
      to break up recent labor unrest? … As they emerge from the darkness … push back their fedoras to reveal their faces … Lo and Behold! … It’s Uncle Wayne and Aunt Marsha! “Good to see ya’ … did you bring donuts?” …

      All kidding aside: Who better to whip the party into shape? Welcome! …

      • “Since the voters have made clear they don’t like her, let’s give her a job!” -Wayne Parke

        • 20 years in elected office and beat by a few hundred votes in a record low voter turnout primary. The voters have made it clear that they certainly do like Marsha.

            • If a republican was caught red handed stealing money from little old ladies Phoenix would come on here and defend the republican, especially if it was a local republican.

              Phyllip a word to the wise, so I know you’ll ignore it, you will NEVER, EVER be part of their club/clique EVER, NOT EVER. Same for Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Herman Cain etc.

              Repeat NEVER. Give it up

          • It was a republican outsider, that did the “smack down” on the republican’s “BOSS”
            Wayne Park’s hand picked golden child in the spring primary. Remember WP on here?

            3434 – 55% Ungetheim
            2824 – 45% Abell
            6258 – 100% total

            610 vote win!

            Voters “DID” make it clear that they certainly do like Marsha……. to go, bye-bye!

          • You are an idiot and don’t know that the GOP laughs at you Phyllip. But hey, I’m not the one with a Phoenix University degree…

    2. Will the Republican headquarters building be renamed to “Old Nation Bank Chamber of Commerce Plaza”?

      • Marsha Mallow hit the ground fundraising. She just sold the Civic Center naming rights to Old National with the proviso that they can pay up to a garillion shillion but don’t have to pay anything.

    3. Congratulations to Marsha. She is a wonderful Conservative and we look forward to working with her.

      • Haha how conservative is handing out welfare to her rich friends? Moron

    4. Old guard still protecting their turf in the party. One wonders if the party can survive the clueless spendthrift currently occupying the mayor’s office, and his city controller and chief-of-staff.

      The “projected revenues” pipe dreams of the Weinzapfel administration have come home to roost in a big way. Now those “naysayers” of yesterday are being shown to actually have been the cooler heads in the room.

      How many more snake oil salesmen will it take before Evansville files for bankruptcy?

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