Mainstream Democrats Campaign Finance Report


Mainstream Democrats Campaign Finance


  1. What is this organization, “Mainstream Democrats”? And for what and/or for whom do they campaign?

    • Ae you sure that’s not Lamestream Democrate? Or are all of them Lamestream politicians?

  2. What a collection of thugs and crooks.

    And of course John Friend is getting $$$ from them.

    Davis supporters in the 5th ward need to vote for Grafton. He is basically a Republican version of Dan Adams.

    • Now I’m confused. When he was a Republican did John Friend get money from the Democrats, and now that he is a Democrat, is he getting campaign contributions from the Republicans? If Friend is re-elected will he be a Republican voting like a Democrat, or a Democrat voting like a Republican? And is Grafton a Republican pretending to be a Democrat, or is he a Republican wants to vote like a Democrat when he wins his seat on the City Council?

      • For someone who seems to understand that the R/D label means so little in this city – you seem so blinded by the R.

        You didn’t answer my questions from earlier.

        If it was (D) Winnecke instead of (R) Winnecke on the ballot, would you still plan on voting for him? What about his policies makes him a republican? How have you maintained your support for him despite his continued cooperation and support of the overwhelmingly (D) Mayor/Council?

        I lean right (not too far), but Winnecke seems more like a Democrat to me. Rick is at least a thorn in the side of the corrupt powers that be.

      • Grafton is very conservative. He is also independent minded, hence the comparison with Dan Adams.

  3. What a joke, do any of these people thing they are relevant in any way? I hope the voters see the names that were donated to and vote them out. Where was Jeffers, David Mosby and Watts? I’ll bet Mosby and Watts were crying on each other’s shoulders wondering where did we go wrong and Jeffers was writing another one of his uber intelligent blogs. If only we could all be as intelligent as he thinks that he is.

  4. The Mainstream Democrats PAC on p7 of their report paid $500 to the Centre on 9/20/11 without any explanation or purpose of payment.

    The Vanderburgh County Democratic Finance Report filed 10/21/11 shows on p30 a $500 in kind fundraiser donation to the Mainstream Democrats on 9/20/11:

    However, the Mainstream Democrats PAC Finance Report filed 10/13/11 does not list the $500 donation on 9/20/11 from the VC Democratic Finance Report.

    How does any of this make sense? Maybe Democratic Chairman Owen, paid operative Jarvis or Vice-Chair Robinson can explain.

    How does any of this make sense? Democratic Chairman Owen, paid operative Jarvis or Vice-Chair Robinson should be happy to explain.

  5. Mainstream Democrats? Are they connected to Bee Slough? There seems to be a certain aroma “in the Air” surronding their Mainstream(?)movement.

    • They must not be a political action committee. Oh that’s right, JFK Club was going to use all their money to go out and improve the community with civic volunteerism. But come to think of it they instead used their “family fun day” as a venue for candidate Davis and placed online ads to promote their slate of candidates in the primary. Hey, maybe they are a PAC.

      • Why don’t you take it to your state party to complain?

        Oh…that’s right. Your state party has finally had enough of your buffoonery and assholery and is going to remove you all after Davis wins.

        Oh well.

        • Yes the IDP is so sick of us and so sure that Davis will wipe us from the face of the earth that they pulled their Davis TV ad and withdrew funding for the airtime. Meanwhile the Democrat Indianapolis mayoral candidate and her supporters are clamoring for Dan Parker’s head. Looks like the state machine Davis was quick to embrace is in turmoil too.

          • As I’m sure you know, the race is within the margin of error and basically has been all along. Either candidate could win.

            Davis will have adequate funding to carry his campaign to the finish.

            My “gun to the head” prediction would be a slight Davis win. The setup here is essentially the same as the Bories v. Lloyd, Jr. race 12 years ago: a strong Republican tide, a divided Democratic party, a huge money advantage for the Repubs, etc.

            The difference is the demographics. Evansville has gotten smaller, poorer, and more Democratic since Russ Jr. squeaked in by 500 votes. Also, Russ was more acceptable to the conservative wing of the local GOP.

            I’m thinking that the race will be decided by 200-300 votes, barring some major development over the weekend.

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