Louisville’s Abbey Road on the River Bans Outdoor Smoking


Attendance at its Highest in 10 Year History of 5 Day Festival

The Abbey Road on the River festival that features 300 Beatles tribute concerts over a period of 5 days has broken new ground in progressive moves this year banning smoking even in the outdoor venue of Belvedere Park. The sign featured below is not in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, or New York’s Central Park, or even at a street festival in Boulder, CO. This is Louisville, Kentucky on the banks of the Ohio River.

Through a two hour rendition of the “Love” tribute that plays in Las Vegas there was only one person seen trying to sneak a taste of Kentucky’s second largest cash crop. Of course a few more were noticed by the river sneaking a taste of what has become Kentucky’s largest cash crop but that is governed by a different law.

Attendance at the festival which costs $30 per day to attend is at an all time high according to event organizers.


  1. Louisville was 20 years behind the leading places in the country and Evansville will be at least 10 years behind Louisville. This part of the country is dominated by cities that are the municipal equivalent of bottom feeders. Evansville unfortunately make bottom feeders look progressive. Congratulations to Louisville for finally getting it and taking action. Evansville, your political leadership is pathetic.

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