Louisville Water Company Gives “All Clear” Signal for Water after Chemical Plume Passes


The West Virginia chemical plume has passed through Louisville, and the Louisville Water Co. is reporting that after carbon treatment in its Crescent Hill reservoir, the chemical can no longer be detected.

The next major cities that will see the chemical plume pass their shores are Owensboro, KY and Evansville, IN that will see their date with the spill on Monday.

The “plume” of MCHM spilled into the Elk River Jan. 9 in West Virginia, and arrived at Louisville’s Zorn Avenue intake early Friday morning. At its peak, company scientists measured the concentration at 3.5 parts per billion in river water.

Louisville Water will continue the carbon treatment at the Crescent Hill Reservoir through Sunday, she said. Staffers sniffing the raw Ohio River water noticed today that it has returned to a fishy smell, she said, after about a day of the telltale licorice odor of the chemical.

The company issued its press release about successfully managing the plume Saturday afternoon.

The CDC has said anything less than 1 part per million is safe for everyone except for pregnant women. For pregnant women, they suggested a level of less than 50 parts per billion is safe.

For West Virginians, anyway, their nightmare story is not going away. But it appears that for Louisvillians, plume-a-geddon is one for the history books.


  1. Boneheads,wonder how they are going to shill the nice licorice aromatic ice cubes in the local restaraunts for the next couple of weeks.

    Raise the shut off arm on your refrigerator ice maker for a few days until the funky smelling flavored water clears the system,especially,if your an expecting mother in early gestation.
    Building for sustainable balances*is building for Climate Change and the 2012 clean water act and those initiatives.

    Current clean water infrastructure and the sourcing balances,phooey!

    • Actually a younger Cousin of mine who is now living and cultured into the D.C.beltway area for a sustainable living infrastructure sent me an message yesterday discussing some cross country planning[roots dot connections stops] involved for a summers passage across the nation to her families place back in the bay area around San Mateo.

      She is involved in some things that are ringing around the beltway,kinda you my say, in the currents,that affect the big streams flow.so to speak.
      Her Indiana,roots and the historicals involved are a point of study she does rather enjoy learning offered when the anthropological studies are involved.
      She said,the conversations in the beltway with the young professionals and the crowd in the popular evening haunts thereof,where really focused on the present infrastructures unpreparedness for Climate Change,and the Clean water act in general. Looking in from there,and dot connecting Evansville through the clean water infrastructure supplied as such,she said her awareness factor spoke volumes to the urgent needs we face as a nation supposedly moving forward.
      She knew I was looking into the problem and its perceived solutions and shared some of the discussions content from the beltway locale. “Oh boy.”

      I sent her a content from the article above,she said “wow”. We in our group here at the “social gathering venue” they prefer,wondered if the spokes person from Louisville,has any copyright to her comment about the Ohio river basin sourcing?
      “Louisville water statement–>”She said,”Staffers sniffing the raw Ohio River water,noticed today that it has returned to its–>normal fishy smelltelltale<–licorice smell of the chemical."
      My young Cousin said "after she read that aloud,about 20-25 or so young professionals there,just about woke the the entire social economic entertainment strip there,are along the beltway laughing out loud..and that was sustained for at least 3-4 minutes. Ahahaha!

      She said shes is, "Given', the warnings to pregnant women,and the endocrinology aspects with that "thinking,and sure now, about having some genetic testing done anyway,because lately when she hears or see's anything Boehner is trying to make a viable,or valid point about anything useful,her left eye immediately autoreactive into a bothersome nerve twitching,not a blink,a damned twitch!"
      She said,Maybe? Its the genetic traces from the affect of the archaic water infrastructure available per most locations along the Ohio River basin water supplies and its "scientifically noticed" to be normal "FISHY SMELL"….

      Both her parents earned PHDs in Bio-chemistry, in the field of endeavors that involves Medical,Biochemistry,and research "Big Pharma", and that said science,cancer research,as that research specifics.
      They met in Evansville,while employed by Mead Johnson,"way back in the day." That family migrated to The Bay area way back,however some day,if the right focus is applied,such people maybe could find viability in such progressive pathways in your area, I'm still working on that "stuff." 🙂

      "sub sole nihil novi est"

      "theres nothing new under the sun"

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