Louisville Growth Patterns Mirrors Evansville’s: Urban Population Drops


Did Consolidation Cause This?

Urban Core Shrinks while Suburbs Expand

Louisville like other American cities including Evansville showed flight from the older neighborhoods into the suburbs. The former City of Louisville population does not seem to have seen any positive effects from the consolidation that was passed early in the decade. The population flight patterns experienced in the new Louisville-Jefferson metro serve to underline the opinion that redrawing the borders of a jurisdiction have little affect on people’s preference.

Here is a link to a color coded map that shows the growth patterns.



  1. I heard the same thing happened in Indy. Old city lost population to suburban Marion County.

    • And to the surrounding counties. Redrawing lines do not change human nature or the desire to live in safe places with good schools.

    • Click on the other material at the right side of the screen.

      One map shows that out of over 3,554 acres on and near the river, 20% are residential and that almost as many acres are vacant as are still industrial.

      The Mayor of Louisville is really good at slathering the icing over the flaws in their Consolidation cake, gone bad. Well, maybe not living up to it’s dreamlike promises.

      Thanks for the link, CCo.

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