Locals Receive Over $1M For Pandemic Recovery


Locals Receive Over $1M For Pandemic Recovery

by Wendy McNamara

Many Hoosiers and businesses are bouncing back after the pandemic, but some communities need additional support.

Through the COVID-19 Response Grant Program, eligible cities, towns and counties can receive up to $250,000 to put toward mental health services, child care services, public WiFi locations, food pantry or bank services, subsistence payment programs, or grants or loans to businesses to retain low-to-moderate income jobs.

In order to boost local economic recovery, Posey and Vanderburgh counties, and Mount Vernon and New Harmony each received a $250,000 grant. The city of Evansville was also awarded $245,552.
These grants are provided by the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs. More than 600,000 Hoosiers received assistance through these grants so far. With this round of funding, 80 communities across the state will be able to continue helping families and businesses recover, with more than $18.8 million in federal grants awarded altogether.


  1. The State of Indiana money that funded these programs?
    They came from the recent US Govt COVID Relief bill passed by Congress.

    This article should say it’s being DISTRIBUTED by the State, not funded in grants by Indiana.

    National GDP is growing by 6.4% right now.
    Unemployment is declining, DOWN from TRUMP’s 23% unemployment rate last June.

    We are getting back to normal.
    Posey County, Vanderburgh County, New Harmony, Mt. Vernon and Evansville local support $$$ came from the Federal US Gov’t COVID relief bill passed by Congress.


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