Millennial start up Entrepreneur Mobile Technologies, LLC is a team of local professionals working to connect people of all ages with ‘What 2 Do (W2DO)’ in Evansville. The W2DO creators are a cross-functional team of app developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who have spent more than a year developing an app specific to events in the Evansville market.

 “W2DO app allows any organization to gain exposure in the Evansville community through an innovative platform. For the end user, it offers an easy and free way to discover events that are happening now, in the future, or across various categories. It’s really a one stop shop for finding something to do in Evansville,” noted Co-founder Delisa Payne.

With user friendly and organized navigation, the app offers clear and direct event details without feeding unnecessary advertisements or unwanted information. The app also offers a way to add events to a personal calendar, buy tickets, or grab directions to the event with a single tap. The W2DO App will be available for download on Apple and Android on October 9, 2018.

Join us in launching the W2DO App on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 10am at the Old National Events Plaza. A press conference will be held in the main lobby located at 715 Locust Street in Evansville. The press conference will be open to the public.


Old National Events Plaza is proud to be a partner of W2DO and the Entrepreneur Mobile Technologies team. As a leading events venue in Evansville, we value the opportunity to directly reach regional patrons with upcoming entertainment events through the W2DO App.