Local Law Enforcement officers “Hosed” by Local Firefighters in 911 Gives Hope’s 6th annual Guns and Hoses.



by: Zachary Stuard
Saturday night, April 20th, brought with it 991 Gives Hope’s sixth annual Guns and Hoses. The event, which pits local area law enforcement officers and local area firefighters against each other in twelve three-round boxing matches for charity, has grown increasingly popular since it’s inception in 2007 and this year’s event was no disappointment. While there are no numbers yet for the revenue generated through sponsorships and marketing, ticket sales surpassed the 100,000 dollar mark making the event, yet again, a raging success.

After an impressive and exciting starting ceremony, the near sold out crowd was ready for the boxing to begin. The crowd buzzed with electricity as those supporting the firefighters sat on one side of the arena garnished in red while those supporting law enforcement, dressed in blue, sat on the other. Under Vegas-style lighting, Team Hoses took an early lead and retained it for the duration of event finishing with 7 total wins to 5 wins in the favor of Team Guns. After the last bell sounded the firefighters entered the ring and received the traveling championship belt presented to the victors each year. Despite the well known rivalry between the two professions, nearly every match ended with an embrace between competitors which seemed to show a mutual level of respect and boded well with the charitable intentions the event serves.

911 Gives Hope, the nonprofit group (made up local law enforcement officers, firefighters and paramedics) responsible for Guns and Hoses, has raised 390,000 dollars in the last five years for over 40 different charities and groups. The group also focuses on those affected by a rare genetic disorder known as Prader-Willi Syndrome. Those with the disorder experience constant hunger, despite any amount of food they eat, and close supervision is required for those afflicted. 911 Gives Hope is presently raising funds in an effort to build their first group home for those with Prader-Willi Syndrome. The group is also responsible for the Hope for the Holidays event that provides gifts for sick children in area hospitals during the Christmas season.

This being my first year in attendance, I have to say that I was impressed by the support and quality of the event. Though I congratulate the firefighter’s on their victory and bragging rights for another year, I cannot help but feel as though the entire community came out as the victor of this admirable event and I look forward to next year’s bout.


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