Local Hoteliers Pleased Their Efforts Helped Reduce Downtown Hotel Public Subsidy


cityofevansville The Evansville Hotel Lodging Association announced today it is pleased with its efforts in communicating with the Evansville City Council regarding the downtown hotel. From the project’s inception, the local hoteliers have repeatedly told the Mayor and City Council they are not against a downtown hotel, but are against the $37.5 Million of public subsidy. The association’s members have been talking to City Councilpersons over the past several weeks providing insight, data and statistics to help them better understand the mistake in such a large commitment of public money.

Despite immense pressure and a massive campaign by downtown hotel supporters, the majority of City Council apparently agreed with the local hoteliers and the result is taxpayer savings of at least $17.5 Million. The local hoteliers are proud of their efforts and the vigilance of City Council members Robinson, Friend, O’Daniel, Brinkerhoff-Riley, Lindsey and Adams, that led to this success.

“We have said time and time again that we are not against a downtown hotel. However, we have always been against such a huge commitment of public funds. We are pleased that City Council’s position and our efforts forced substantial changes to the downtown hotel financing plan and resulted in saving taxpayers millions,” said Laci Maldonado, President of the Evansville Hotel Lodging Association.

Despite the local hoteliers belief that the current project by the City is simply too large and cannot sustain itself, the hoteliers are no longer focusing their efforts on opposing the recently modified hotel plan. Instead, they look forward to working with the City, County and other businesses to showcase Evansville and increase convention demand. “Hoteliers in Evansville look forward to working with the Evansville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to increase convention business in the City and increase demand for rooms City wide,” said Maldonado.


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  2. Thanks are in order for all who contributed to the refined hotel deal. That surely includes those so-called “naysayers” who lobbied for the best possible deal.
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