Written by “Life Style Lil“
New Society Editor for City-County Observer

I’m glad to be back in Southern Indiana after 11 years of traveling the world. Although I can speak five (5) languages fluently, my favorite language is good ole “SOUTHERN INDIANA TWANG”. All I can say about myself is, I was born, highly educated (7 college degrees) and presently living! In the near future look forward to meeting you all personally and sharing my tales of world travel and adventures with you all. Lately I have just been hanging out and enjoyed connecting with my roots once again. Though I am still grieving about the passing of my 9th husband, oil man, Wolfgang Franz from Germany I have rekindled an old flame with my high school sweetheart Mr. CCO Mole. We parted ways after high school due to his risky enlistment into the CIA. I hear he is now an undercover informant for the City-County Observer and look forward to hearing all about it at tonight’s romantic reunion dinner at Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano. It is my hope that a kid named Zach will be taking care of us as I hear he is Mr. CCO Mole’s favorite server in all of the county.

Oh, I want to personally thank the City County Observer for allowing me to write the new weekly life style-social column titled “Lifestyle Lil“. Hope you enjoy reading my unpredictable articles!

I am looking for a home that could be converted into a bed and breakfast located in the majestic Historical District, so I called Hahn Realtors. They sent Joe Kiefer to help me find the home of my dreams. Joe really knows his stuff! However, I am a bit fickle so I am still looking and am glad Joe is extremely patient. I am pleased to hear that the Old Evansville Historic Association is dedicating the time and resources needed to restore and maintain the Historical District. Their goal is the replacement of the old utilitarian sidewalk/street light fixtures with historically correct fixtures that provide ample lighting and promote safety and walk ability while preserving the areas historical character. I want to give a special thanks to OEHA members Elmer Buchta, Karen Timberlake, Pam Guthrie, Sherry Wright, Chuck Hudson, Cathie Hite, and Jamie Wicks. Hopefully we can get the city of Evansville to sign on as equal partners in this worthy community restoration project.

I needed new tires and detail was done on my car so I went to D-Patrick on North Green River Road. I must say the General Sales Manager, Tony Ricketts took excellent care of me. The detailed staff did an outstanding job on my car! I would highly recommend the ladies and gents at D-Patrick’s to anyone!

Of course, I had to change my auto insurance policy. I went to Torian-Hofmann-Dillow and Flittner for new car insurance. I met this guy, Bob Dillow and must say this guy is great at what he does. Not only did he save me a great deal of money but also increased my coverage.

Since I’m single-ish now, I decided to go out and paint town RED-BLUE and GREEN. Went to KC’S TIME OUT Lounge and Grill located in the Washington Square Mall and had a monster time. Great people, wonderful live music and nice atmosphere. Did I mention that a lot hot men go there? For you guys, the women are smoking hot also! This also happens to be where I ran into the Mole. Watching him talk his trash and woo the woman over made it obvious that he has not changed much after all of these years. What a piece of work.

They say in Evansville that “political games are the same but the names have change“! However it’s refreshing to see new females faces on the political scene such as Katharine Martin-Knight Township Trustee, Stephanie Terry-Vanderburgh County Council and Gail Reicken-State Representative District 77. I was surprised yet glad to see Connie Robinson still on Evansville City Council. I am really happy to see John Friend, CPA is still serving on Evansville City Council. I predict that a higher office awaits him in near future! Oh, John was my 6th husband’s CPA and did a remarkable job for him. Who is this new City Councilmen , Dan McGinn? I hear he’s someone to watch as an up-and-coming political star! Of course, I was really surprised to hear my favorite retired heart doctor, Dr. Dan Adams is also serving on the Evansville City Council. I know he shall do an outstanding job. Some friends also told me to watch a new member of the City Council by the name of Coner O’Daniel. They tell me that he is one heck of an attorney to boot. The real surprise came when I heard that my ole friend Scott Danks, who represented me through five divorces, is now legal Counsel for the Evansville City Council. I can tell you one thing; Scott is one he– of an attorney and he shall serve the council well!

Oh, you must try the WOK N Roll on South Green River road. They have absolutely outstanding food at inexpensive prices! Monster egg drop soup. While down the street at 4593 Washington avenue off Green River road is a Japanese restaurant called KANPI. Their Sushi, and Tempura dishes are great, and they offer lunch and Dinner specials daily.

OH, tell them “Life Style LIL,” told you about them!

Until next time, don’t take any wooden nickels! I’m on my way to give a lecture at Harvard University on “DSYFUNCTIONALITY”! I can guarantee that I know all about this subject! Anyone who has any social news can contact me at citycountyobserver@live.com!

LIL Franz.