Libertarians Praise Councilwoman Riley, Scold Mayor Winnecke


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Libertarian Party of Vanderburgh County
DATE: May 20, 2014

(Evansville) The Libertarian Party of Vanderburgh County commends city councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley for releasing details of a state of audit this week of the city’s 2012 operations.

We express great disappointment with Mayor Winnecke and his administration team for failing to present the findings earlier.

LPVC Chairman Bart Gadau released the following comment:

“Meetings regarding city business must be open to public. The results of the audit do not place our city in a flattering light and begs the question if Mayor Winnecke has simply played politics by holding back these findings. The fact that the audit took place months ago and the Mayor’s office has not discussed the results publicly is very troubling. It is truly disturbing how complacent our community has become, especially with regards to matters of government transparency.”

“The Libertarian Party advocates for smaller government because of issues like this. If our local officials are not capable of managing something as simple as their books, how can we count on them to effectively manage important issues such as our dilapidated sewer system, neglected roads, parks, and buildings? This audit is a clear message that government has gotten so large and cumbersome that it cannot maintain itself effectively or efficiently. Kudos to Councilwoman Brinkerhoff-Riley for bringing this issue to light.”