by Alfonso R. Vidal

Vanderburgh County

The tragic death George Floyd is appalling, seeing the video is painful, peaceful protests are understandable. In this short letter, I will not be able to express all my thoughts regarding this event. However, I do have something more to say about sources of the riots, destruction of property and looting that some are perpetrating.

Many of you do not realize the evil behind these so-called “protesters” that are hijacking a peaceful process of protesting. Many videos have surfaced showing communist/socialist agitators fueling the anger, even some paying others for violence. 

Many groups are interfering with the peaceful protesters to destabilize the United States Judeo-Christian society with tactics that we have seen in Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Spain, and others. I experienced it when I was growing up in Venezuela. The cultural and ideological warfare against the so-called Culture of the West is real. The US is under a cultural attack masked as progressivism and “democratic socialism” just like the old Venezuelan society experienced and lost.

The institutions are falling one by one, the news outlets, the education system, political parties, churches, etc. To say anything against any aspect of the “progressive” agenda is to immediately be labeled anti-something. In this case, if we speak against the violence within the protests, then we are racists or do not agree with justice for Floyd. I might also chant, “I can’t breathe” but I rather “breathe” justice, “breathe” civility, “breathe” a positive change that advances our society into equality that raises the standards for all. 

Having said this, PEACEFUL protest is our right, but a peaceful protest that can show the world how changes are enacted in the United States of America. Floyd’s tragic and seemingly unwarranted death can be the catalyst for monumental changes. We need leaders that can stand up, denounce the violence, and organize a real lobbying effort that can push and achieve real changes. Otherwise, we are letting the communists/socialists hijack the process and defeat the “movement” before it even starts.



  1. Excellent article, Sir. Peaceful protest is an absolute right under the Constitution.

    You know what is NOT HELPING ONE BIT?

    The ECONOMY is in disaster shape!

    EVERY NEW JOB created in the last 15 years DISAPPEARD UNDER TRUMP !!

    Unemployment is WORSE THAN THE DEPRESSION at 20% !!!

    Trump is a failed leader….and the evidence of that is all around us.

    • Are you a new troll or just an updated version of an existing one?

      And, admin, where are you on this obvious paid political posting?

      • Well now Bernie. That’s the POT calling the kettle black !

        If you sense Trump is gonna be a one term President, that’s not my fault.

        Talk to the guy whose job it is to run the country, AND HE’s MANAGED US ALL THE WAY TO 20% UNEMPLOYMENT!!!!

    • I’m sure by now the unemployment numbers are worse. Over 200 businesses in Minneapolis lost and even when it’s over Insurance Companies will consider that area high risk. Trump definitely does run the country and doing it single handedly, not much help from the liberal governors running blue states that have made promises they can’t keep. Indiana and Evansville and basically well run, but I’m sure Evansville is already starting to feel some financial stress because we are a destination city that is not getting a lot visitors. Considering how progressives have set up road blocks for Trump in the last 3 years, he’s actually done an admirable job. Just think how far we could have come if progressives loved and cared about this country.

  2. Unfortunately ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter guarantee that protests devolve into rioting, looting and pillaging.

    • …you know what sucks? Trump wants confrontation with the rioters. He wants a street fight. So you can add Trump to your antifa and b.l.m. little list there MainStreet.

      Cause if I know one thing for sure?

      Trump wants to talk about ANYTHING other than the fact that UNEMPLOYMENT IS 20% !!!


  3. So well said & written and I thank you for your insight. From a man who lived through watching his beloved country fall & now living to see the consequences, your viewpoint is more real than those who’ve lived their whole lives in the USA & have a false security that our democracy will always be. It’s not true & we have foreign & domestic warriors that are desperately trying to break apart our seat as a leader in the world. I wished I had more answers & a strategy to keep democracy in place & to make sure the US Constitution is upheld over all things, but I know it can get twisted like the Holy Bible & all the other Godly scriptures to suit money, greed & power.

  4. Mr. Vidal-I agree that the protests have been hijacked by those wanting to foment confrontation and strife. But your insistence that they are from progressives or perhaps like Trump, antifa, is not fully informed if at all. It has now been widely reported that radical right or Russian troll groups are pushing to disrupt the peaceful protests, too.

    • ANTIFA is an international group that has a goal of disrupting society and the political process of free countries. And they are progressive and you’re part of it. Your anger over the years has been noted. Antifa, is currently, strategically and tactical out maneuvering our police and even the military, they are well trained, paid and equipped. The message about George is already lost and all protestor are now in the thug category. We all know the solution to this riot thing but the application of the solution is horrifying to most of us. The mixture of the virus and the riots may be too much too recover from financially. We may get to the point that we understand the stomach is a wretched thing that regardless of how well you treat it today it comes back tomorrow as demanding as ever. Whoever feeds it will be in charge.

      • I agree Newspeak. Trump isn’t helping with this at all. He’s making it worse to try to distract voters from a disastrous economy. Hugo Chavez did the same thing. It didn’t work. Trump is failing at it too.

  5. Please quit talking about 20% unemployment. Has nothing to do with the president or any political party. If you think it does then you are completely blind and ignorant to what just happened


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