Letter to the Editor: Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley


Dear Editor:

Rick Davis deserves another term as Treasurer. The fact that some will not support his re-election bid is not a reflection of the quality of Davis’ work or his role in the community.

In reviewing Davis’ work as Treasurer, it is undisputed that he has done an excellent job. He has reduced the budget of the office while increasing its efficiency. The efficiencies include reducing staff by nearly 8% and decreasing the cost of printing tax bills by $200,000 over his first term. He has also improved the investment strategy of the county, earning 2 million dollars in interest income, and almost doubling the notice period for receiving tax bills. Property owners have Davis to thank for the more than 30 days they now have between receiving their tax bill and it being due. Davis also embodies professionalism with a very helpful and courteous staff. There is simply no reason to change Treasurers. Davis has more than earned a second term.

As to Davis role in the community, he has a track record of which to be proud. For many years, Davis has given both his time and money to support local organizations. From National Night Out to his own neighborhood association to the Coalition of Inner City Neighborhoods, people who know Davis see him as an honest man and a champion for a variety of causes. We could all learn something about honor and determination from Davis.

As someone who is active in the community, I look for a time when performance can be placed above party. Although Democrats are squarely behind Davis, Republicans and Independents can rest assured that a vote for Davis is a vote for good government.

Stephanie Brinkerhoff Riley


  1. “We could all learn something about honor and determination from Davis.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you Ms.Brinkerhoff Riley! Vote for Rick Davis for Treasurer and vote NO on CONsolidation.

  2. Both SBR and Rick are the type of leaders the community will need to pull itself up by the boot-straps. If the 2 established parties refuse to find worthy candidates, there will be a third party rising that make them wish they had listened to the residents. Either of these can win without party backing, on their record of good representation. Regardless of reason, I;ll remember the Dem comittee members who refused to endorse the candidate who won the primary. Between them and Parke’s actions it’s no wonder both local central committee’s are broke, I wouldn’t give a dime to either party. I will support candidates whom I feel represent my views.

  3. Wow!
    You are talking about a guy who is totally disliked by very large % of his own Democratic Party. If he is so great, how could that be? They know him best!

    You are talking about a guy who has only reported to work in the past 12 months “one” time “on” time.

    You are talking about a guy where is well known by the workers at the civic center that he is seldom at work. Apparently he needs to reduce more manpower so he has something to do.

    You are talking about a guy who does not think government should be efficient just fair. What is wrong with being both “efficient” and” fair”?

    I likeypu Stephanie, but you are wrong on this one.

  4. There are only a few Democrats that won’t support him, and it has nothing to do with his fitness for office. These elitist fancy themselves as the leadership of the party and could not stand for someone outside of the establishment to be mayor. They would have all had to stop benefiting financially from the machine. He wouldn’t stand for side deals and kickbacks, and that is why they couldn’t let him be mayor. This handful of Democrats that refuse to support him now conveniently forget that he has worked on the election campaigns for each and every Democrat who has ran for office in the last nearly ten years. And despite every effort of these outliers to isolate Davis and paint him as an extremist, there is no denying the very strong grassroots following that he enjoys. The rank and file Democrat knows him as the honest man and champion for Democrat principles that he is and will not be deterred in their support of him. Of all the Democrat candidates this cycle, not one enjoys a more loyal following. The few that refuse to place principles before personalities have no principles. If the Democractic machine is against someone in this community, there’s probably a great deal of reasons to vote for them.

  5. After screwing up Vanderburgh County (as well as Evansville) as badly as it is today the Democratic Party is overdue for one hell of a beating at the polls.

    • What will the Davis haters do after he wins? Will they turn on themselves and implode? If Rick is anything at all he is a magnifier and an outer he has magnified the true Democrats who have stood behind him in 3 elections and has outed the fake Democrats. Now we are stuck with a Mayor who wants to turn the entire city into a dog park. Keep on hating and keep telling yourselves what a better city Evansville is with Winnecke and Carol running it.You’re not in Kansas anymore.

    • This community needs honest politicians with a backbone. The people against Rick want someone as slimy as themselves, someone they can control, or both.

    • Wayne Parke and Mark Owen are dividers. In fact we have binders full of dividers down at the Civic Center.

  6. Fact: Rick Davis is the only incumbent to be defeated. His political career is done. He has done more to hurt the Democratic Party than any person in Vanderburgh County plus he is a two time loser. You can bet the Republicans hate to see him go.

    • I would say that Jonathan Weinzapfel and Mark Owen did the damage to the party. J.W. was a shady Mayor and he, Owen, and their crony buddies would rather split/damage the party than let Davis come in and expose and clean up their corruption. Unfortunately for Evansville, they are good at what they do and succeeded.

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