Letter to the Editor Regarding Closed Door Meetings: Councilman Al Lindsey


City Councilman Al Lindsey

The Mayor of Evansville has taken a public position through Courier and Press that I declined his invitation for a private meeting with him for political purposes. I beg to differ from that opinion. I declined the invitation because I believe that the people’s business when many millions of dollars are on the table should be done in a forum that is a part of the public record.

The last time Mayor Winnecke organized a closed door meeting the people of Vanderburgh County nearly lost their Homestead Tax Credit. When I got my email invitation that was the first thing that I thought of and I want no part of it.

The other things I thought of were the Earthcare Energy mess where the Mayor got the wool pulled over his eyes, the ongoing saga of the Johnson Controls project, a multi million dollar rennovation project at Mesker Amphitheater, he’s also proposing, an expensive dog park to be located on the Robert’s Stadium property, giving his 10 political buddies big raises for this year, the Freedom Festival debacle, and the fact that Evansville still can’t balance the books. Such things do not give me any reason to have faith in Mayor Winnecke’s ability to make financial judgments for the taxpayers of Evansville.

I represent Evansville’s 6th Ward that most locals refer to as the west side. I am not a college graduate, I do not own a closet full of expensive suits, I have never made a video of any kind, and I drive a pickup truck. In spite of these shortcomings I do have the common sense to know a bad deal from a good one and have run a profitable business on the side as many firefighters do for many years. I know what I earn and I always spend less and pay my bills.

The City of Evansville needs to show some common sense when it comes to capital projects and corporate handouts. I have seen and heard all I want to about how Roberts Stadium had to go because it cost money at the same time the Centre, the Ford Center, and several other favored projects of the elite are losing money faster than it can be counted.

Mayor Winnecke, I did not turn you down over politics, I turned you down about what politics should be. Those things are transparency, common sense, and competent financial oversight of the people’s money.


    • Agreed. Hammer hit nail on the head with Mr. Lindsey’s list of recent government fiascos. He even left out the rotting away before our eyes McCurdy hotel.

  1. What an outstanding message Councilmen At Lindsey is sending to an out of control back room political wheeler dealer Mayor.

    A friend at work told me what an honest guy Mr. Lindsey is and this letter proves it.

    On behalf of the taxpayers of this community, thank you for standing up for us!

  2. Al, you are a fireman, dedicated to putting out fires, now here you go building fires. LOL. Keep fanning the flames, and the rats will be smoked out.

  3. Bless you, Mr. Lindsay-Even fully aware that these are people who have/will play REAL DIRTY (how well YOU know) to discourage interference from HONEST people, you still dare to plant your foot and say NO! We all know this isn’t right, there’s a continuance of crookedness.
    Somewhere, Somehow-this crap has to stop-
    We are all happy to know you ALWAYS have your fellow man in mind: when you served your country, when you go out on a call to help people you don’t know, when you tweek the bulbous snoot of someone who seems to think they’re entitled to make a load of $$$ feeding on what they THINK is the dying carcass of this city. “Thank you” seems inadequate.

    What I want to know now is: What happened to our audits? Who was held responsible? Why not? Is Jenny Collins still slinking around the Civic Center collecting money she didn’t earn, for keeping her mouth shut?

    What will be done with the McCurdy? Does Kunkel pay taxes, weren’t they just the first buzzards to show up?
    Is Winky printing $$$-because we sure don’t know where this money’s coming from. Why is there STILL a landfill behind the Ford? Ever hear of gravel lot?
    Where are my trash cans?(we all know that’s a pension theiving scheme)
    Where are these jobs, Winky? Yammer on about what you’re “going to do”-the only time you shut up is when you plan to do a dirty deed.

  4. What a powerful and meaningful letter that Councilman Al Lindsey has written. I wish every citizen of Evansville could read it. I am so tired of backroom politics in Evansville. How comforting it would be to have nine individuals on the City Council with the same integrity and common sense values held by Al Lindsey.

  5. Thank you Mr. Lindsey for speaking up for us common folk.

    I’m disappointed with the other 8 city council members for going back room to discuss the people business.

  6. Thank you, Mr Lindsey. Your courage, integrity and determination stand out.
    You have earned the respect, admiration and support/votes of me and mine.
    Keep your chin up. …

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