Letter to the Editor of The City-County Observer Concerning Sheriff David Wedding



Letter to the Editor of The City-County Observer Concerning Sheriff David Wedding

Sheriff Wedding,
Your decision to change political parties is your decision.

It’s your rationale I question. You served as Deputy Sheriff eight years under Democrat Brad Ellsworth and are in your sixth year as a Democratic Sheriff.

Nationally, we are being pulled apart. Broad stroke statements from both parties continue to create an environment of divisiveness. Instead of conversations that promote understanding, citizens and events are being labeled, categorized. We are being pushed into “either-or”-”black or white”,-“with me or against me” categories, while people’s belief systems are complex and come in many shades of grey. Not all police, blacks, browns, whites, Republicans, Democrats, Independents are defined by one assigned title. Even Christians, Jews and other religions aren’t the same around the world. And yet, broad statements cast individuals into “labels” not defining complex individuals with personal beliefs. Labels provoke strong emotional responses-good, bad, fear, love, hatred. Divisiveness fragments relationships between friends, families and neighbors already stressed by social distancing.

I am a Democrat and not even one of your definitions represents my belief system. I am not a wild-eyed leftist radical. I have voted for both parties dependent on the qualifications of the candidates. I proudly fly the American flag. I am a church-going Christian. I believe in peaceful protests, not riots. I support the police and the military.

Our democracy is precious. It can’t be carved up by simply red or blue or any other label. We, as common humanity, can’t allow that. We, as free Americans, can’t accept that.

Barbara Borries

Evansville, Ind

FOOTNOTE: This letter was sent to us by Barbara Borries on September 211, 2020.  This was printed without bias or editing.



  1. What the democrat party is doing speaks louder than what individual democrat says. If the democrat party ever gets in full control of this country expect the likes of NYC, Minneapolis, Seattle, southern California and a multitude of other liberal cesspools to be the norm. It should be obvious to most democrats who are not high that democracy is being lost in areas under their watch. The democrat party prior to Obama is not the democrat part of today. The party that Wedding started out in under Ellsworth is not the same party today. I do not believe democrats are against our police they’re worse, they won’t stand up for them. Individual democrats can speak up to their hearts content, but they are the member of a club that doesn’t have the backs of out law enforcement. Why would any law enforcement agency or individual cop be a member of an organization that does not support them?

  2. I support our Sheriff in his decision to change parties. The Posey County Sheriff has changed, also. I was a Democrat most of my life, until the party started changing. I do not recognize it today. A Sheriff is a law enforcer and an administrator. He must retain the confidence of his deputies. With what the Democrat party stands for today; how could he retain that confidence and proclaim to be a Democrat? Law enforcement is necessary and friends of all. The FOP nationally and in past Democrat cities are changing their support away from the Democrat party. I SUPPORT the BLUE. I support our Sheriff.


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