Letter To The Editor in Support of Kirk Byram by Phyllip Davis


    I often talk local politics with people and many times I hear “Why does it matter who we elect for Sheriff since they do not make the laws, they just enforce them.” Upon hearing this question, I often reply with one recent example to stress the importance of choosing the right person for this job.

    This example revolves around Obamacare. In 2009, our former Vanderburgh County Sheriff had moved on to become our Congressman for the 8th District of Indiana. When it came time to vote on Obamacare, this Congressman did not vote with the desires of his constituents. He voted along party lines and to support his boss in the House at the time, Nancy Pelosi. The moral to the story is this: Every vote for every office matters. If that Congressman had not been elected to be Sheriff in 1998, he probably would not have had the opportunity to vote for Obamacare in 2009.

    Currently, we have an appointed Sheriff who in 2012 supported a referendum that was defeated by the voters of Vanderburgh County by a margin of 2-1. Given that he has ignored his constituents in the past, do you think that he will properly represent the people of Vanderburgh County if he gets their support on Election Day? If he uses this position as a springboard to a higher office, do you think that he will properly serve us, or will history repeat itself? I appeal to all of the voters in Vanderburgh County to elect a candidate who most closely represents our community—Kirk Byram. Byram is well-educated and highly experienced. He is a loving husband and father. He knows what the people of Vanderburgh county want and will serve them with honor and integrity. Kirk Byram is the man that will be the Sheriff for all of the people of Vanderburgh County.


      • “Great letter.” – per pov

        Probably one of the most pitiful letters I have ever seen written in this area.

        I thought quack was bad from Huntingburg but this takes the cake.

        Please! Give this Republican opportunist some kind of waste water job to shut his ass up Winnecke.

        If you’d be honest, you’d probably want him to move to Huntingburg……….

    1. I cannot vote for someone who stiffs people for large sums of monies (bankruptcy), and then chooses to drive a hummer. why not drive one of the 10 cheapest new cars sold in the US and try to pay back your debt.

    2. I don’t like the idea of Reserve deputies, and the angry Facebook post by Deputy Byram disqualified him from getting my vote.

    3. Wow. More the rant of an angry Obama hater than an endorsement of the unendorsable. I believe Byram’s terrible attempts to clean up the mother mess have debarred him from becoming the Sheriff of Evansham. The look behind the curtain wasn’t pretty. That and the laughable letter on his behalf have soldified my intention to vote for for Dave Wedding.

      • +1

        Plus I know Brad and he went around all of his district with a three ring binder full of letters telling him of the horrible arbitrary nature of our health care insurance system and pleading for him to to vote yes on the ACA. I also know he had a get out of the party line vote card from Nancy and he choose to vote for it anyway knowing it would probably get him defeated by R demagoguery. I’m just so GD sick of this Obamacare crapolo from you clowns.

        Further I am sick of the consolidation BS. I voted against it but consolidation in theory is probably a good idea and I’m not going to put some one in eternal political purgatory for being for it.

        Wedding is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and he’s about as polished as a splintered 2 x 4 but I can’t swallow all the crud Bryam has put on the table and agree 100% with Bandana’s assessment.

      • Yes, the anti-Obamacare rant wasn’t lost on me, either. Considering the source of this letter, you have to expect something a little strange.

        • Wasn’t lost on you? I’d hope not, that’s the intention of the letter. Without a doubt, Obama and his policies are not very popular in this county. Imagine if Ed Bassemeier had beaten Brad Ellsworth in 1998, Obamacare would have received one less vote. It’s common sense…if you believe in Republican ideas and principles, you vote Republican at all levels. If you vote Democrat, you’ve just given someone the opportunity to advance the Democrat platform. Honestly, I don’t expect this message to be agreeable to Elkaybee, BB, Ghost or any of the other hardline Democrats. This message is for the independents and crossover Republicans.

          • Your just plain wrong about Obama and the Health Care Act. You are too damn stupid to understand what the Health Car Act has done for many people. It’s helped people. To say otherwise is just plain stupid.

            Watch Mitch McConnell fall from the US Senate as he continues to use the fight against the Affordable Health Care Act in his campaign. He’s a loser just like you Phillip.

            I actually was not sure who I would have voted for Sheriff in Vanderburgh County if I could vote there but you have convinced me that if I could vote I would not vote for your guy. You do more harm in here that good. When you realize that you may actually do some good for the GOP here locally. They would be better off without your comments in any public forum. All you do is drag the GOP down.

    4. Both candidates are horrible. It’s choosing between a douche and a turd sandwich.

      • i agree with toad on this one………you can vote for the good ol boy crook the “douche” or the deadbeat the “turd”…….i will say at least the “turd”was not the gutter “turd” that rips off the hard working taxpayers like some on this site……………………………………………………………………

    5. Oh, and what the hell does the Vanderburgh County Sheriff have to do with obamacare? More insane republican ramblings.

      • Based upon his logic we don’t even need representatives just give everybody a User ID and password and just have a on-line referendum on everything, mob rule, errr I mean the will of the people.

      • Did a past Vanderburgh County Sheriff vote for Obamacare in Congress about three years after he left his Sheriff’s position? You and other Democrats wish that others forget the past so you can continue to push your “progressive” agenda.

    6. If you beleive Kirk Byram didn’t support consolidation, then I recommend that you loan him some money. Most deputies supported consolidation because they were worried that without consolidation, unabated annexation would hurt their pension. Byram was no exception. Someone who buys that lie would also beleive that Kirk Byram is a man of honor and integrity, too.

      Support Byram if you want, but remember that he has proven that he will do or say ANYTHING to win this election. Taking money from and being business partners with a strip club and bar owner make Byram’s claims of being a family man laughable.

    7. I’m not voting for him because he seems to be a nice guy, or level headed and conservative minded or that he’s a smart educated individual.

      I’m voting for him because he’s a REPUBLICAN, the days of me voting for my dads democrats are long gone, I hope that they return someday but until then its REPUBLICAN all the way and then to clean out the dirtbags from there.

      Any democrat that has supported Obummers “fundamental transformation” of our nation these last few years should be put on trial for treason !

      • Fool.

        Actually people like you should be tried for treason. That would make better sense. Did you not pledge allegiance to the United States of American? That means the President of the USA is YOUR president and you better be pledging allegiance to him as well or you may well be thought of as the real traitor. The US Marshalls will be knocking on your door soon! BTW what’s your real name in here? LOL

        • 1countryknownothing fears he might be traitor so he projects his crud onto Obama and the Democrats

          He needs a team of therapists, not a slate of republican candidates.

        • Moveon, that’s funny in a sick delusional kinda way, in all reality,,,,(something you know little about) after this next couple of elections I would suspect it should be you looking over your shoulder.

          Time to play cowboys and liberals. LOL

    8. I agree Phillip and at the same time I agree with some of the comments. People want to see an informed reason to vote for Kirk Byram. In this letter you left out that Byram has actual changes in mind for the sheriffs department. Changes that will could be for the best interest of the county and the future progress of our trust in law enforcement and their leadership. Byram stands on his ideas as a high ranking member and leader of the sheriff’s department instead of stating that everything is running smooth so no changes our necessary.

      There is a lot of politics involved in your letter and I understand you have to push the party line, but for once this is a candidate that isn’t here for politics or as a stepping stone for future campaigns.

      While my decision was made weeks before hand, I think my decision all comes down to one misstep, one quote that sums up why I think Kirk Byram is the better choice. David Wedding made a public remark during a debate that I might be construing or taking out of context, but one that I feel is a Freudian slip on how he might govern once given a full four year term. He simply stated that it was the job of the sheriff’s department to take liberty away from people. Whether that is referring to criminals or to the every day law abiding citizens, it is disgraceful that such words would ever come out of a potential elected official.

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