Letter to Editor: Tony Long, 8th Congressional District Democrat Chairman


November 5, 2011

City-County Observer
Evansville, Indiana

RE: Rick Davis for Mayor

Dear Sirs:

In May, democracy worked in Evansville. Evansville Democrats selected Rick Davis as our party’s candidate for mayor, Alberta Matlock as our party’s candidate for city clerk, and Dan Adams, Conor O’Daniel, Jonathan Weaver, Missy Mosby, Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley, Connie Robinson, John Friend and Al Lindsey as our party’s candidates for city council. I trust our public election process. I trust and believe that Evansville Democrats selected the very best representatives of our party to go forward and serve the citizens of Evansville. Also, all of Southwestern Indiana depends upon and enjoys all that Evansville has to offer. These fine citizens have offered themselves up for one of America’s highest callings–public service. I am proud to support the Democrat Team for Evansville’s future.

Let me state, before your bloggers can declare, I do not live in Evansville. I am from Warrick County. I do however, represent the Democratic Party as the 8th Congressional District Democratic Party Chair. Evansville is a valued part of the 8th District.

Rick Davis and the entire Democratic Party’s slate of candidates for next Tuesday’s election are proven, capable and experienced candidates. I encourage citizens of Evansville and particularly all Evansville Democrats to go to the polls and vote for Rick Davis for mayor, Alberta Matlock for city clerk, and Dan Adams, Conor O’Daniel, Jonathan Weaver, Missy Mosby, Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley, Connie Robinson, John Friend and Al Lindsey for city council.


Anthony Long
Chair, 8th District
Democratic Party


  1. THANK YOU, Mr. Long.

    See, Mr. Owen? This is what people do when they play for the same team – they support each other. Taking notes? Nevermind, I know the answer.

  2. Seen the occupy wall street thing?
    I know,bunch of nuts.
    Thing is, people are just begging for leadership.
    Honest leadership.
    This whole deal right here in our town is a prime example of “not leadership”.
    Have we just reached the limit of innovative,charismatic,inspiring leaders?
    Is Truth,Justice,and the American Way passe?
    Is there any way we can get beyond sound bites,gotchas,or BS palaver whenever someone in charge is asked an honest question?

    When did Politics become such a big deal?
    Was it when so many Poli-Sci Majors found out they needed to get a real job?

  3. Mr. Long is a man that says what he means and means what he says. The disloyal rouge local Vanderburgh County leadership that openly subverted the will of the majority of their Democrat primary voters by sabotaging their own Mayor candidate, will regret their political treason in the near future. Well said Mr. Long. Well said.

  4. Bravo Mr. Long!!! Just like Mr. Long to just put the facts on the table. Indeed, true democracy was served back in May and I am quite confident that it will serve us well on Tuesday!

  5. Next year Boss Long will advise us to vote for Terry White for Congress. I think we all know how That is going to to turn out! What a Yuck-Yuck Fest that will be!

  6. Tony, did you just come back from Siberia? The biggest part of your party here in Vanderburgh county is backing the republican candidate for mayor.

    As the 8th Congressional District Democratic Party Chair, does that make you part and parcel to this endorsement of republican candidate Winnecke?

    I know you are an intelligent guy, but I do not see how you can walk both sides of the fence here my friend.


  7. In response to pressanykey, Mr. Long is more than aware of the situation in our county and of the upcomng election. I can assure you that any democrat not worried about their next paycheck is taking note of Mr. Long’s comments.

    However, what is most interesting is what does not appear in this open letter. Simply reading what is in between the lines tells me that Ms. Robinson, Mr. Weinzapfel and Owen contingent are through. Fortunately, Mr. Long has enough class to leave that unsaid.

    • It looks more like Mr. Long is in cya mode. Why has he waited until a day before the election to speak out. If he was not on board with what Mark Owens was doing then he should have spoken up long ago. Too little, too late.


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