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    For many weeks The City-County Observer has read a lot of comments that very popular  State Representative Gail Riecken will be making an announcement that she will seek the office of Mayor of Evansville this year.
    I went to her announcement event last Saturday.  I was extremely impressed by the size and enthusiasm of the crowd that showed up on a very cold morning to support Gail and her message of “Common Sense and Inclusiveness” for leadership in Evansville.

    I believe that there were close to 500 people present for Rep. Riecken’s formal announcement speech, and that the local Democrats left the CK Newsome Center with a renewed sense of unity within their party. That new reunified sprit is due in no small part to Gail’s reputation for honesty and conscientious service to constituents, and her unwavering support for the late Rick Davis in the last City election.

    Her reputation for hard work, common sense, and respect for the people she serves is made even stronger by the tone of her announcement speech, when she repeatedly stressed that while Evansville faces some big challenges, “We can do better.”  That brief statement offers a keen insight into the character of Gail Riecken. She has a long record of working for the security and safety of our children and families. That fact that is undeniable when her history of civic service and legislative involvement are taken into account.  She clearly signaled that she is ready to roll up her sleeves and do the hard work that the people of this city identify with, instead of depending on “rainbows and fairy dust” political promises to make the city grow and prosper again.

    One of the loudest responses from the crowd came when Rep. Riecken said, “Frankly, too many families in Evansville struggle to afford the basic necessities of housing, child care, food, and health care. “We can do better.”  That venture into the reality for many Evansvillians seemed to be particularly resonant with the “regular people”, who composed most of the audience. She also acknowledged the “brain drain” that plagues the city, when she added  “We must develop an environment where young people feel hope for a bright future here in Evansville, and where there are jobs and good paying jobs” which drew enthusiastic applause, too. When it comes to the concerns of Evansville families, Gail Riecken has proven that she “gets it.”  After 3 years I have my doubts about the current administration’s ability to identify with everyday family worries.

    I frequently overheard conversation in the room took place between groups of women of all ages. It seems the ladies think the time has come for a woman to step in and “clean up the mess all of those men have made.”   However, I think some older entrenched political types have underestimated the appeal for Evansville to elect their first woman mayor in its 202 years history would be a grave mistake by any political party.  Evansville women are well known for being independent, strong willed, hard workers, and an extremely intelligent and a qualified candidate of their gender will appeal to women of all political persuasions turn out to vote to elect Gail as Mayor of Evansville.

    I noticed that there was a strong showing of rank and file union members in the crowd, although few if any, “union bosses” attended,  Many of the long time party leaders were at the gathering, and they were joined by an impressive number of young, new faces.  Diversity was the order of the day, as young and old, male and female,  African American and white, and both professionals, blue collar groups, and many in between were strongly represented in the upbeat crowd. I saw groups of Democrats who have been at odds with each other since the last City election embracing and laughing together.

    I congratulated Riecken Campaign Chairman Attorney Mike Woods on the turnout and unbridled joy for the event. Mr. Woods, who was beaming happily, told me how proud he is to be associated with the return of unity to the Democratic Party and the promise of Gail’s campaign. Excitement and anticipation among the crowd was palpable in the room. The only thing that was missing was “Happy Days Are Here Again” playing in the background. Thanks to Gail Riecken and Mike Woods, the Democratic “sleeping giant” is awake again and on the march.


    Laura Blackburn


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    1. My wife had to work so we didn’t go. Glad there was a big crowd. If Gail wins this town will be in good hands for once.

    2. Quick summary of the column.

      Poor people should vote for the Democrat. Check.

      Women need to only vote for a women. Check.

      Union people need to stay on the plantation. Check.

      Diversity demands that you vote democrat. Check.

      Yup, hit all the typical Democrat talking points. Not one substantive argument in the column but all the Democrat groups are identified, marked, tagged and promised.

      Business as usual.

      • It’s not hard to see why those groups would vote Democrat, so it really just goes without saying. You just want to complain though. Have fun getting a real job, Steve.

        • SO funny.
          Actually Schaefer looks nervous, sweaty, pale, and sickly-some unseen hand has pushed him into the street, and the bus is coming mighty fast.

      • Please provide a summary of Winnecke and his Administration. Let me help.

        Police Chief – No Education or Administrative experience. Raids Grandmas house and then denies involvement in the raid even though he was standing at the residence watching with local TV Station that he invited along to document his toughness on crime. That lead to a giant lawsuit against Evansville taxpayers because of his excessive force. Check

        Chief of Staff – Smug. Emotionally unable to hold logical conversation with duly elected council representing taxpayers interest. Caught in lie after lie. Check

        Fire Chief – If someone can confirm his military discharge status please leave a reply. Check

        City Controller – Jumbled the books to the point they cannot even reconcile them. While the Mayor miscounted the number of pay periods in a year causing a monster deficit. Miscounted the number of police cars during a purchase. Miscounted the amount of the ONB share of the hotel. Miscounting is his best forte! Check

        • Withholding material information from the public regarding the Hotel and giving the City Council, The Media and the entire city and Tri-state the impression that the money was ready to begin the construction of the Hotel? Wasting 12-18 months on a pipe dream when a new, smaller Hotel could have already been completed.

          That right there is reason enough to vote for Gail, period end of sentence.

        • There was a good reason why the public didn’t re elect the current city controller. They kicked him to the curb before and he was recycled by the current GOP Mayor and look what’s happened. Bank accounts out of whack. He was bad as a Mayor and even more disasteraous as the Mayor’s city controller.

          Why would anyone in this town ever vote for any GOP candidate for Mayor ever again? Well I just say three good reasons why not to vote for the GoP again. EVER.

          • The bank accounts were “out of whack” before Russ took over, whether by design or incompetence. He has not been able to straighten things out during his tenure, and the fiasco of the SBOA “clean audit” looms large over him and worse yet, the SBOA.

            Why has there been no interest in prosecuting these financial reporting violations? Why will no prosecutor move to protect the taxpayers money?

          • It was the former coty controller who failed to reconcile the books with the bank statements; it was the current city mayor who caused her to be promoted to the Water and Sewer Dept. at an enhanced salary.

            She had the books in such a mess that Rusty couldn’t correct her screw-ups, or have Iread the newspaper incorrectly?

            • You are wrong. Weinzapfel created that position for her and saw to it that she was the first ever CFO of the Water/Sewer Dept. before he turned in his keys.

              Weinzapfel also brought her over from SMG to be his city controller after both of them had violated state statute for 6 years concerning the reporting required on the contracts between the city and SMG.

              As the person in charge when the books went south, and the person in charge who violated state statute for every month and every year that those books went unreconciled, she should have been terminated long ago. Instead she was PROMOTED TO CFO of the water department.

              Evidently federal, state, and local enforcement of these statutory violations has all assumed the same stance:



      • JIG…Diversity fuels business and sustainable growth.

        It’s GOOD for business.

        The author of this comment can’t see that though….because his resentment is not fueled by that interest. It is fueled by something else that doesn’t approve of diversity, apparently.

        • I’m sure there are plenty of businesses standing in line to start up in Ferguson. Notice the clothing store in Washington Square closed. So much for diversity. Also noticed the rash of new businesses going up west of 41 and east of MLK. Next time my car is a little low on gas around midnight think I’ll stop at that gas station on the corner of KY and Walnut and filler up with leaded regular. The ones I hear talking up diversity come into Evansville, suck the life out of it and then travel down the Lloyd to Newburgh. They claim to move to Newburgh because of low crime and better schools. Low crime and better schools is liberal code talk for very little diversity. Shem I think you are still lost in the sixties with Tom. The problems we face today will not be solved by the razzle dazzle of liberal democrats riding on the back of the poor and minorities, but by hard working every day social conservatives that work hard and hammer away at the basics of creating jobs and neighborhoods. Gail and her ilk will never come close to fixing real problems because riding on their backs is how they make their money. Connie Robinson recently took some small steps to solve a few problems.

          • POV, why make the leap to Ferguson? What’s on your mind, historically black neighborhoods? You are missing the point, entirely. (And reinforcing the militia-hayseed mentality of Tea Party crazies.)

            There is a reason the US Chamber of Commerce supports immigration reform and supports GOP candidates who will vote for immigration reform (oh, and that the Tea Party hayseeds are against). Immigration is GOOD FOR BUSINESS. DIVERSITY IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS. It brings new ideas, new products, new ways of doing business, new income, new business, new families who are new customers, new church members, but most importantly, new, sustainable business and growth.

            I’ll say it again, JIG’s resentment is not fueled by those business and growth interests. He is fueled by something else that doesn’t approve of diversity.

            • Divesity does not just = skin color, folks. Age, income, religious affiliation, education, profession, cultural background, and a host of other demographics other than skin color are also factors. I would argue that skin color is not even a predominent factor in diversity, although it has somehow morphed into a code word for ‘black people live there’.

            • I didn’t know immigration was on trial. Now “illegal immigration” into our country is quite a different matter. When I was in, people who jumped the chow line got their ass kicked.

            • Shem, you play the race card more than Al and Jesse combined. It is your hole card when your comments are ripped apart.

      • Hey….do you ready think Winnecke is on line with the republican agenda….against the property tax elimination…against the Marriage Amendment….the issue is his crony capitalism…IN-BED-Ed and the other cronies are eating caviar and the rest of the sloughs are eating cake…so, you better become a FOW or FOM or FOW/FOM.i.e is you desire to eat caviar….

    3. Useless platitudes. “Yes we can” do better, but Gail is not it. So what if she would be the first woman neighbor in 202 years? She is part of the same machine as we have had. Put her in front of a democrat CC, and we will have Weinzapfel’s folly no matter the cost.

      Union bosses do not need to show up for Gail, she shows up to do their bidding. It is better for them to stand back so the human mega phones can repeat the delusion that she isn’t as snug in the union bed as a bed bug a Urbana hotel room.

      I have always wondered why those who mercilessly mocked me on the CP for speaking against the folly of the arena crossed over to criticize Winnecke for living Weinzapfel’s dream. Now I know, Winnecke is a republican. It is safe to be critical of him while praising Gail for the same fiscal liberalism.

      I’m sorry LKB, but you have become a useless voice for real change.

      • Useless platitudes? You mean like “War on terror” “Support the troops” “Government takeover” “Patient centered Healthcare” “Tax Relief” “Guns don’t kill people” “Compassionate Conservatism” “Let the free market reign” “Take money from the productive and give it the unproductive” “job killing regulations”

        You mean like those? You know I got a republican BS decoder ring for the Holidays.

        Maybe I should have one shipped to you.

        • No, I mean the platitudes like you Giddyites are parroting as if they really mean something. Don’t need your decoder ring to decipher Gail’s dog whistle. Keep it in your nose so she can lead you around more easily.

        • Let us not forget the Mother Of All catch phrases: HOPE & CHANGE !

          How’s that working out for ya ?

          I wish Gail luck, she’s gonna need it and will probably squander it.

          • Working out great!!! My IRA and other retirement accounts are up over 175% since Obama took office, way above the historical average of doubling every 7 years. My making work pay tax credit came in handy during the recession, and I have two college age children on my group plan and I can sleep at night knowing they’re covered for any health issues. Further, my sister’s job, who is employed by Trellorborg, an auto parts manufacturing company, was saved by cash for clunkers program, per her boss and bosses boss.

            How’s the hate working for you ? Knowing you’ve spent the last 6-7 years stewing about a black liberal president who rescued the country from the puppet of the oligarchs frat boy president W the Lesser, must really eat at you night and day. How does is feel to have your precious ideology shown to be a complete and utter fraud in front of the entire country?

      • I can’t see Gail Riecken hiding in the men’s bathroom while some lackey took the heat for her

    4. When it gets down to basics, Gail is for Gail.

      We need competition in both partiies for ALL races.

    5. Very well written letter.

      Good points, showing true insight and a fair reporting of the facts. Mrs. Riecken’s candidacy has smoked many of the barely disguised Winnecke Huggers right out of the closet. Give them plenty of room, plenty of rope, it’ll only become more entertaining. They’ve hitched themselves to a bad horse and are following it closely and without a shovel. Always hyper-partisan, we’d expect no less of them.

    6. Gail will have her own golden shovel moments, and the Giddyites for Gail will praise in her what they rightfully criticized in Winnecke.

      I say the CC reserved the 20 million for Gail knowing that Winnecke can’t get to it before Gail, and they will up when Gail ask for more. Many of the same people who spoke against the $40 million taxpayer subsidy under Winnecke will call for it under Gail. Same deal, different pockets, and not many of those pockets are different.

      • You’ve already surrendered? You seem awfully sure Winnie is a goner. That’s just one of those things we agree on. City Council is surely NOT going to ask for more than $20 million. They know it isn’t there. They just want to know how bad things really are.

        • LKB, there is nothing for me to surrender. It’s not about who wins or who loses. You’re so giddy over Gail that you think not being all in for her is being all in for Winnecke.

          I know we agree on the $20 or $40 million, but I am predicting that if Gail wins, you will support her decision.

    7. Gail is a very honest person. She has integrity and unlike Winnecke she has a conscience. Unlike the current Mayor there won’t be wheelbarrows full of money running out the back of the Civic Center into political donors pockets with Riecken Administration.

    8. Laura, I want to believe you re: Gail Riecken, but I don’t know her record at either City or State levels.
      However, Winnecke is so bad, I would ALMOST vote for her sight unseen !

      To get my vote, Ms.Riecken will need to put action behind her words. Will she do independent research on the hidden facts re: the Hotel demise ? Will she find out precisely WHY the State Board of Accounts changed the 2012 audit opinion, and weigh in on the propriety of that ? I am a newcomer, but I believe if she researched these two points and published the outcomes to the public, that would put her way ahead, regardless of any baggage she may carry from the past (if any).

      • Green_Light. The only difference between a Riecken administration and the current administration would be, in my opinion, the names and faces.

      • I think the depth of the research that will be done for her campaign is one of the main reasons the R’s are on here screeching like a bunch of cats with their tails closed in the door. There will be a lot to come. In the meantime, I’d encourage you to look at her record of representing everyday people with everyday problems, vs. Winnie’s record of elitism and unreasonable budgeting.

      • She is putting together a bill to make state audits more transparent. The only change is that a few more CC members will be allowed to attend the exit briefing but the results will not be released to the public. So no big change there without more SBR’s. I already know I will not vote for her, she will continue the same old ball game as Weinzapfel and Winnecke but be given all the breaks possible because it’s not nice to attack women. Winnecke is more fun to pick on and after his next term he may let the truth out. Gail is getting the current hype but the real players haven’t had their turn at bat. If the fabulous 23 come for Winnecke again she’s toast.

      • Green, I realize you are a newcomer but i don’t think the 2012 audit was changed. What or who made you think that.

        • Cowboy, ummm . . . . I think it was SBR’s exit conference recording, in which the opinion was ‘Qualified’. The audit is over, two more months click by, and WHAM, a fresh ‘Unqualified’ opinion + $ 29 Million of cash balances written off. Yes, the audit was changed, Cowboy !

    9. I would not doubt for a minute that the local democrats are salivating at the idea of regaining the mayor’s office in Evansville.
      The current mayor was only too anxious to to receive the collective detritus of eight years of the previous administration. Anxious to the point of accepting, without protest, illegally out of balance city financial ledgers.

      There is no need here to rehash all the financial reporting shortcomings of the previous administration, as we all are familiar with those that have seen the light of day.

      It is the total lack of interest by this administration in drilling down deeper into what took place during those eight years that bothers me. Why? Because I believe that the reason for the lack of interest is because they KNOW where it leads, and that is to the same wealthy people that many local politicians lack the will to confront, at best, and actively collaborate with to fund their campaigns, at worst.

      In Lincoln Steffens book: The Shame Of The Cities, ISBN-13: 978-486-43709-5, the section on St. Louis in 1902 will have many a familiar ring to many readers who take an active interest local government. With exposure of their nefarious ways, the people involved always “refine” their methods to make it even more difficult for those tasked with protecting the public’s money.

      Today’s (1-12-2015) Evansville Courier&Press article on Miller Plating has many of the elements that need addressing by men of the stature of an Joseph W. Folk. Again, there is no need to to point fingers when all are guilty in some form or another. What is unassailable fact is that the public’s money was again pilfered, and everyone involved EXCEPT THE TAXPAYERS were allowed to turn their backs and walk away from their responsibility. The saddest part of this example is that the laws were DELIBERATELY written in a manner to ALLOW this sort of behavior to take place.

      Perhaps it is time to pass new laws that state there will be not “statute of limitations” in the future for crimes that involve large sums of taxpayer dollars.

        • lol There’s nothing to do downtown. Well get estimates and plug up that 29 million dollar hole …. Tomorrow, Tomorrow Well do it tomorrow. 🙂

          • Yeah there’s always tomorrow, BTW, what is the deal on that city operations $17 million shortfall they’ve pointed out in this comments section the other day.?
            That sounds big enough for a couple of whamp rats to pass through, as well. Might be time to bust out the sheet metal, doesn’t sound like plywood slows ’em down so much.

    10. After all the virtual ink spilled declaring hatred for ‘establishment’ candidates, nepotism, and crony politics on this site, it’s a bit bizarre to see the effusive praise heaped upon Mrs. Riecken and others as they declare their candidacy for office. By all accounts, these candidates should be considered legacy politicians, solid members of whatever good ol’ boy (or girl) network is frequently and venomously targeted by both the Editors of The CCO and it’s most prolific posters.

      Not saying Ms. Riecken or others won’t be fine candidates or aren’t fine elected officials, but to hail them as a breath of fresh air…? Disingenous at best, deliberatly hypocritical at worst.

      • Why would term Gail a “legacy”? She has a record to run on, which is a good thing. Her record is a good one to run on, Winnie’s isn’t.
        Local first responders have a huge axe to grind with the Poop, because of what he has done to their overtime pay, maintenance of their equipment. If the rumors are true about “borrowing” from their pension fund, he doesn’t deserve anyone’s vote.

        • “Why would term Gail a “legacy”?”

          From her Wikipedia page:

          “Riecken was elected at-large to the Evansville City Council in 1991 and 1995. Riecken ran for Congress in 1998 as the Democratic nominee in Indiana’s 8th congressional district. She lost in the general election to incumbent Republican John Hostettler. Riecken ran for mayor of Evansville, Indiana in 1999, but lost in the Democratic primary to Rick Borries.

          In 2008, Gail Riecken first won election to the Indiana House of Representatives in District 77 in an un-opposed race. In 2010, Riecken won re-election by narrowly defeating Republican Cheryl Musgrave by a margin of 7,547 to 7,379 (51% to 49%). In 2012, in a district with redrawn lines favoring Democrats, Riecken defeated Republican Alan Leibundguth 64.4% to 35.6%. In 2014 Riecken won re-election by defeating Republican Jeremy Heath 62% to 38%.”

          To summarize, Gail has spent The last 23 years either holding public office or running for public office, generally with the support of ‘establishment’ Democratic players. She has also personally profited from monetary transactions with the City of Evansville (under a Democratic Mayor) as far as her holdings at Marine Pointe and LST 325. I would call the above ample justification for labeling her a legacy, establishment candidate.

          Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Gail. She has been a solid friend of public safety at the local and state level, and I don’t have any misgivings about her ability to serve admirably. I’ve met her at political functions as well, and found her to be personally very affable. Nothing I noted above makes me think she’s shady or corrupt, in fact I think quite the opposite. HOWEVER, labeling her some kind of breath of fresh air who is not affiliated with the entrenched local politics which you and the CCO so often rail about is simply not accurate.

          • Therefore, she is NOT a “legacy”. You need to look that word up. Her parents, siblings, nor spouse were in politics.

            • Wow. You’re nitpicking in the extreme. Okay, she is not a ‘legacy’ via the Webster’s definition: “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past”. Pardon my specific verbiage, but I’m pretty sure you know exactly what I meant. Perhaps a better word would be ‘establishment’. Would you reasonably deny that she is an establishment candidate, a person who has been thoroughly vetted by the powers-that-be in local political circles and found acceptable? Establishment = “the existing power structure in society; the dominant groups in society and their customs or institutions; institutional authority”.

    11. This administration has done something that no administration has ever done in the history of this city, not Republican or Democrat they are leaving fire and police pension money in the general fund. If I was a firefighter or police officer I would be concerned about this. Not to say that they are doing anything illegal but what is to stop them from reaching in and borrowing some of that money to get to the end of the month with of course the full intent of putting it back. What happens when there is no money to replace the temporary loan from the police and firefighters pension fund? Just saying.

      • How do you know that? The only way for you to know is if you were one of the chosen few allowed to be at the audit exit briefing. Where you there? There’s been problems making payroll for quite a few years. They’ve talked being short for years but always make ends meet. How did they make ends meet? I think the last 15 years have been a financial disaster and this city is up to their lower lip in fecal matter and screaming, don’t make a wave.

      • Of note, you’re describing to a ‘T’ why MANY pension funds get in arrears.

    12. LKB

      Here, take a look at the following, Gail ran away from her job for 36 days, refusing to represent her constituents in support of the unions which paid her way. What happens if anyone else reading this would decide to run away from their job for 5 days, 10 days, much less 36 days.

      Legislative walkout

      Riecken and 36 other Democratic representatives participated in a legislative walkout on February 22, 2011, in opposition to proposed legislation limiting union powers in Indiana. The Democratic departure left the House void of a quorum, leaving only 58 of the 67 representatives needed to establish a quorum.[1] Terri Austin, Steven Stemler and Vanessa Summers stayed behind to provide, if necessary, a motion and a seconding motion, which would enable them to stop any official business from proceeding should the Republicans try to do so.[1]

      On March 7, 2011, House Minority Leader B. Patrick Bauer revealed the Democratic caucus’ hideout to be the Comfort Suites in Urbana, Illinois.[2] According to the Indiana Constitution, Article 4, sections 11 and 14, the House may enforce fines and other methods to compel absent members to return. Beginning on March 7, 2011, each Democrat was subject to a fine of $250, to be withheld from future expense or salary payments, for each day they were not present in the statehouse.[3] Regarding their actual pay, House Speaker Brian Bosma announced that the 37 lawmakers were required to be physically present in the chambers to receive their per diem payment of $152/day.[2] This move came as a result of the approximated $40,000 in per diem payments automatically made to the legislators during their first seven days of absence. According to reports, the representatives promised to either return the money, or donate it to charity.[2]

      March 22, 2011, marked the start of the fourth consecutive week of Democratic absenteeism, complete with an increased incentive to return. Governor Mitch Daniels and House Republicans upped the ante with daily fines increasing from $250/day to $350/day, effective March 21, 2011. Despite the increased penalties, Democratic resolve remained intact. House Minority Leader B. Patrick Bauer stated that Democrats “will remain steadfast” in their opposition to bills hurting wages and education in Indiana.[4] Rep. Winfield Moses, Jr. (D) called the increase “a poke in the eye,” and promised that it would do nothing to break the impasse.[5]

      The Democrats ended the standoff after 36 days, returning on March 28, 2011. The two sides agreed to compromise on a number of issues, including shelving the controversial “right-to-work” bill.[3] Although the Democrats returned with some of their demands met, their actions were not without consequence. Each absent member accrued a total of $3,500 in fines given by Republicans.[3]

      The Legislature ended up passing “right-to-work” legislation on February 1, 2012, becoming the 23rd state to do so. Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) signed the measure into law.[6]

      Taken from the website: ballotpedia.org

    13. I wish we could get the Evansville Redevelopment Commission to “run away from their job” for the rest of 2015.

    14. just as a dog goes back to its vomit the writer repeats its foolish political stupidity………………….

    15. LKB

      For your reading pleasure, Gail’s contributors ( donations to her campaigns )
      Steelworkers local 104
      International brotherhood of electrical workers
      Inland Marina
      Electrical Workers
      Teamsters local 215
      Electrical workers local 702
      Boilermakers local 702
      Professional Fire Fighters union of Indiana
      Electrical workers local 16
      Build Indiana Council
      Plumbers and Steamfitters
      Ironworkers local 103
      Carpenters local 90

      Now we see why she ran to Illinois, she was representing us here in southern Indiana ?? I think not, so let’ make our union rep the next may of Evansville ?? I think not.

      • The above noted groups have members residing in Southern Indiana. Ergo, she was indeed ‘representing us’.

        • DB

          It was not the members placing these contributions, it was the union bosses, so that is not us… unless you are a union boss !!

    16. You know any intelligent person on Earth can see the damned stupid assed bias in these comments.

      What your going to have too deal with as a metro isn’t aligned with any of it.

      Cut the machine bullsquat long enough to sport a little progress. The downtown real estate balance is a known flat point dead balance, everybody knows that. So damn stop the crap and move on. We’ll soon ask as a global social economic environmental value, Look what do you want? Do you actually care for your citizens cost balance for what in the offering, or do you as a population just want to continue all the straight bunk you’ve been fed over the last forty years?

      Your downtown is well here goes ” shit for its actual valuation” so that should see change. Right? How you chose to do that is in the straight no BS balance right now. Our point with all this shit. Do it, go for the whole towns balance and tell those three card Monty jerks where exactly to step off.


      • PCD

        I second that, and she has no allegiance to the unions and hasn’t ran away to Illinois or any where else 😉

    17. And I must say that if my cuz wouldn’t have run off to hold office in Indy, she would have been our next mayor.

    18. Noticed the EPD is already starting to ticket scooter riders. Thanks Gail, nice liberal trick on the weakest and most vulnerable in our society. This law must benefit the elite in some fashion or she wouldn’t have sponsored it. Expect to see some billboards in the future that state in large letters, Gail does not believe the common citizen needs to know the financial status of Evansville. That info is reserved for the elitist. Are we starting to see a trend here, abandoned Indiana workers to support rich union bosses, heaps extra tax and fines on low income people who can’t afford cars, allows public parks to get rundown, I’m sure more will be disclosed in the near future.

      • Weakest and most vulnerable in our society? Stereotype much? Can you think of a legitimate reason that scooters should be exempt from registration and requirements to purchase insurance? Because I can’t.

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