PLEASE NOTE THAT MR. RUSSELL STATED IN HIS LETTER THAT HE LIVED JUST OUTSIDE THE CITY LIMITS.  Comment about Mr. Russell living in Newburgh was taken down by Editor because information was incorrect.


    November 20, 2014

    To all members of the Evansville City Council:

    I am writing to express to you my extreme displeasure with Ordinance G 2014-30. Although the City Council may mistakenly believe that this ordinance is “in the best interest of the citizens of Evansville”, as a long-time resident and board member, vehemently disagree. As you are aware, Ordinance G 2014-30 will require that:

    All persons serving on any boards, committees, comnzissions, funds, corporations, board of  directors, authorities, associations, or any other governing or advisory bodies shall be residents of the City of Evansville, Indiana.

    Regardless of the narrow definition as provided in the above-referenced ordinance, I have always and will continue to proudly identify myself as a resident of Evansville. I was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in 1957 and grew up in the North Park area of Evansville. I attended Stringtown School and graduated from Central High School. Although I freely concede that my home of over 32 years is located just outside of the city limits, I believe it is worth noting that my Indiana driver’s license lists my city of residence as Evansville.

    What should be of far greater significance to the members of this Council and the residents of Evansville is the dedication and capabilities of the individuals giving of their time to serve their community on these civic boards. Over the last 30 years I have supported and volunteered on numerous projects to benefit the City of Evansville. During that time I have also performed construction work on water lines, sewer lines, and storm sewer lines. I have worked on the construction of Water and Sewer Treatment Plants in Evansville and the surrounding areas. In addition, I continue to pay my water and sewer bills to the Evansville Water Utility. I also understand that the Evansville Water and Sewer Board serve not only the City of Evansville, but the surrounding areas as well. As a customer and as an interested stakeholder I firmly believe that eligibility for service on these boards should remain unchanged.

    Over the years I have faithfully served on the Utility Board with dedication and a sincere commitment to the citizens of Evansville. Never before has my mailing address been a source of concern regarding my abilities to perform my duties on this Board and I am very confused as to why the Council now believes it to be a hindrance to such a degree as to disqualify me from eligibility to continue my service on this Board. Sincerely,

    Barry Russell

    President Business Manager Laborers’Local 561




    1. And we wonder why this City engages in so many BAD contracts….mantra, “Jobs at any Costs” temps by the way….

      • If that guy really went to Stringtown school there during that period, an ole Evansville Bud of mine, A teacher from there, in what’s called out as STEM today, and I believe the guy was an actual ,Mensa member would debate the him strait to cause. And win abruptly.
        Then admit, well, We couldn’t meet every expectation but then “the pay usually reflects the purpose”. Doesn’t it? Now, that’s certainly been made clear……….. Please, your response? Or comment.
        Note: Last time Max and I spoke (long time ago) he was firmly entrenched in the Conch republic, after retirement.
        And still volunteering his rather unique, however well balanced attempt at teaching the technical sciences to our fellow mans youth and inexperienced individuals. Picture him. Having virtual blast with math, on a beach, with some young homeless dependents, in Margaritaville. 🙂

        The article states the purposing. Max himself would sport those numbers, and if you dare argued, he would simply and eloquently show you the numbers…………. Today some call that “the facts”….
        He was an affirmation of bent back then, you see the machine was present then as well as today in your town.
        Although, according to Max one of its primary elected leaders was already pooping on the sidewalks, and the CSO could have floated the Casinos river boat on south Roosevelt drive some days during those developmental times.

        That article in its elemental balance, is pure unequivocal combined sewer overflow.

        leaving no doubt; unambiguous.
        “an unequivocal answer”
        synonyms: unambiguous, unmistakable, indisputable, incontrovertible, indubitable, undeniable;

      • In what parallel universe is it OK for a union plumbers official to not only sit on the EWS Board, but also to VOTE on a matter involving water meters for which his constituents would clearly get the installation work ?

        Makes you wonder if Hydromax was brought in to ‘take the fall’ ??

        • ‘In what parallel universe ‘ Astrophysics, good subject and when compared to what our consortiums actual astrophysical learned have deduced that local political parallel becomes a stretched elemental value as well. When at ones at the centered gravitational cosmically entropic event horizon of the milky way galaxy the stretch is on. What we’ve seen in that county is similar, to a point in time. However what is presented on the other side is not.
          “Relativity bites for ones whom cannot accept the compressions after the events presentation.”* That’s controllable, as well, if ever shared.
          In your relative regional social economic balance. Don’t “ever” count on it.

          r/. 1. at any time.
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          “they felt better than ever before”
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          • yea the Labors union is not the Plumbers Union. And the guy did finally make a good argument after the god awful introductory first couple of paragraphs about this drivers license.

            Suggestion: Next time leave out the fact that your driver license information is false and maybe illegal. That’s not going to present your image in good light.

            It was ok to talk about formerly living in Evansville and growing up and going to school in Evansville. But then I would have stopped right then and talked about how your skills are needed and that you are also a consumer of the Evansville City Water. But then again doesn’t Newburgh have it’s own water company? Why are you connected to the Evansville, IN water system and not Newburgh’s? Better be careful as Tom will sue you to force you to connect to the Newburgh’s water lines and not to Chandler’s water lines. Oh wait that was just what happened to the area between Newburgh, IN and Chandler, IN up along Highway 62 East near Chandler, IN. I guess the attorney for Newburgh, IN doesn’t care if Evansville’s water department steals customers from the Newburgh Water department in your area of Newburgh, IN. The other area is going to be new development and there is much more money to be gained from that new territory I guess.

            I personally don’t see a problem with anyone serving on any board in Evansville as long as they are qualified by education and or experience. Where they live would not really bother me as long as they can attend the meetings the vast majority of the times. These boards are just place holders for the Mayor anyway. Most all the city Board members serve at the pleasure of the Mayor of the City and can be dismissed and replace at the drop of a hat. It’s a nice job to put on the resume but it’s not really going to pay the water bill.

            • You are correct about the board members serving at the pleasure of the mayor!
              The hatred needs to funnel towards the mayor would be constructive! He was the “appointing” one!

            • Your mailing address is determined by what post office processes your mail. I lived in St. Phillips in Posey County and I had an Evansville mailing address.

            • Come on…the Labor Union have the rights to the utility system, that is, when the water pipes and the sewers have to be replaced, Local 561, yes, the local that Mr. Russell represents, will get the approximate 200 million dollars, so why would anyone be surprised not to see the cronyism between the labor unions and Mr. Russell’s vote to enter into the Johnson Control crazy ass contract whereby us suckers have to pay the retrofit of those meters….hope one of those Hollywood writers show up…only they could write this script…

        • City employees have always installed water meters during the previous two upgrades. they make about half what union plumbers make. If they break your pipes the city pays to fix them. Now we have high priced plumber telling home owners they have to make expensive repairs or else. And who gets the job of making those expensive repairs? If this is not a conflict of interest I do not know what would be.

          • It had been mention that the “two man water department crew” would change out about 10% of all meters per year. 10 years would had them changed out. Apparently the “upper brass” did not think this fit their time table.

          • Before I pass out…let’s be very clear about this JCI contract….Hydromax is supplying one half of the labor needs via their own employees and the other half is Local 136, Plumbers and Steamfitters…so, why are we surprised to hear that when customers called down to the utility inquiring on who they should call to do the retrofit, well “shasam, it was Hydromax, yes, the ones who were whipping out the existing plumbing to replace the meters, well knowing that they had the opportunity to have the so-called extra’s, yes, the poor folks of this community to be bent over…shame on Winnecke and shame on Mounts….

        • Very simple, why does anyone wonder why this town is this town, we put people like Ed Hafer on the ERC, oh, yes , remember the downtown stadium that then Mayor Lloyd wanted to “fast Track” and Mr. Hater reportedly earned a bit under one million dollars…so, please don’t be surprise to see crony capitalism in bed with crony labor and we the poor suckers eking by paying the bills, in the hopes of landing on of those server’s jobs…so, just shut-up and pass the kool-aid???

    2. I guess if Mr. Russell is upset by the ordinance, he can vote against the people who voted for it. Oh, wait he doesn’t vote in the city, does he??

        • Bill, Mr. Russell is a SITTING MEMBER OF THE EVANSVILLE WATER AND SEWER UTILITIES BOARD. I would argue that he is well represented!

        • and personally, I think all the people who live in the county should have wells and septic tanks, then maybe they would want to be annexed

          • And why would you think that? Seriously if they have well water and a septic tank and a Volunteer Fire Dept and the VNSD why would they need the city? People that live out in the country don’t want city street lights. They can put up a dusk to dawn light by the barn if they need extra light. But most don’t bother as they enjoy looking at the stars without the light pollution from the city street lights. And they enjoy the cooler and much cleaner night country air. The best thing that ever happened to me was moving out of the dirty city and out into the fresh country air. Seriously you should give it a try. I bet you would like it. If your neighbors house catches on fire it won’t set your house on fire as they are farther apart than houses in the city who are right on top of each other. And the schools out in the country are newer than the old asbestos ladened schools in the inner city.

            I really don’t think you understand what it’s like to get out of the noisy and dirty and crime ridden city. It’s great.

        • He could drill a well and disconnect from the Evansville City water and put in a septic system like everyone else did years ago. Or he could just sue the city and seek a judicial review of the billing practices of charging more for water supplied to those living in the County outside the city limits thought the same pipes that supply water to the city residents. Cost to consumers like these should be strickly based on cost not whims. Costs need to be documented and fees based on the extra costs. I see very little extra cost to bring the water out of the river, treat it and pump it a mile further than a mile less from the city limits. Most of the costs are fixed and are not increased much by having to run the pipes a few miles further out into the area.

          • If one would take a Vanderburgh County and lay it out flat. Take a compass with center point at the WWTP on Waterworks Road. Extend that compass to the extreme east side that is at edge of city limits. Draw a circle out into the “county only” northern area until it hits back to city limits. Do the same with the WWTP at Tekoppel starting at the north, north west city limits and circle back west around to the river. Is it not amassing that so much of outside the city limits is actually closer to the WWTP’s then inside city limits?

            • Well said but one has to know what a compass is before that makes sense. What is your radius of the circle in each case? I do think I understand the point you are making though.
              IE the distance from the East Side or West Side STP to my house on the West side (county outside the city limits) is not much father than from the West Side STP to the far east side edge or the city. So why do they charge a surcharge to pump sewage from the West side to the treatment plant or charge more to run water lines to the west side part of the county than they do to the far east side of the city? That’s not even right or justifiable on a real cost basis.

            • Oh gee, have they eliminated the compass from school supplies in the past 45 years?
              Oh, it has a sharp point!

      • HA!

        My thoughts exactly, LKB.

        Are the eleet folks who serve on these boards (but don’t live in the City of Evansville) passing around a template? ‘Cause it seems that these letters by the pre-disenfranchised all go something like:

        * Hey, I’m sad!

        * Did you know that I’m kind of a big deal around here for [insert reason you’re kind of a big deal and drop names of others who are also kind of a big deal]?

        * [insert ‘ties’ to the City, e.g., went to school here, grandpappy still lives here, drive through it a few times a week to get somewhere else, lived here a few decades ago, etc…)

        * Besides, I’ve been really super involved in your wretched little burg, because I’ve worked with [insert Very Important boards, commissions, charitable groups, etc., – – this is a also a good chance to drop more names]

        * To reiterate, I’m sad!

    3. I agree with and support Councilwoman Robinson’s proposal to exclusively populate City boards and committees with Evansville city residents, because:

      1. These boards and committees make decisions which impact events and costs only within the City’s legal boundaries, therefore directly impacting the price and quality of life of the City residents. Nonresidents may be indirectly affected by the boards’ and committees’ decisions, but not to the extent that the residents, who must live with the effects of those decisions every day and night, are impacted.

      2. I believe that sufficient talent and intelligence resides within the City limits–in ALL wards–to meaningfully fulfill the needs and objectives of these committees/boards, or come to the realization that some of the groups are unnecessary or redundant.

      3. Nothing in Ms. Robinson’s proposal prohibits the board/committee members from seeking advice and expertise from individuals outside the board or committee membership, but the decisionmaking authority and responsibility should reside solely with the City residents.

      4. Individuals who live outside the City of Evansville can find multiple opportunities to serve on boards and committees in the counties and/or other municipalities in which they live, if they truly want to serve their communities.

      As an Evansville resident, I would be willing to serve as a member of one or more of these City groups. However, I’m so apolitical that I don’t even know how to find a ring into which I can throw my hat at this point.


      He lives off of Oakhill Road at Schmitt Lane! Has for 32yrs, that’s a fact. Also, that’s not the letter he sent to the council. Close but not the same one.

      • Since when did Oak Hill Road get anywhere near Newburgh, IN. I thought that Oak hill road was in the the city of Evansville and ran to the NE towards Northern Vanderburgh County. Is there another Oak Hill Road that you are talking about. Or are you talking about Oak Grove road? Now that runs East towards Warrick County and possibly Chander or Newburgh.

    5. Shouldn’t Barry Russell be arrested immediately for carrying a false ID (DL says Evansville, lives in Newburgh) ?

    6. Barry ,how about if I start working with your Union boys and girls collecting the same wages they get
      I just won’t join the union , kinda like you don’t want to live in evansville

      • I bet you won’t last a day digging ditches in the winter months. Do you have any clue what the Local Labors Union Members do for a living? Have you ever worn callouses your hands? Did you ever have to take a heating pad to your back after a hard days working with your hands and back? These guys actually do work pretty hard at times. So they need to earn a good pay check. Without the union trades there would be no Evansville, IN or any other city.

        • I carried hod and laid brick for many years in the 70’s and 80’s ,poured concerete and at times had to dig footings with a shovel in the blistering heat and humid summers we have.
          But no I never did dig ditches in the winter,cause during winter months I had to build a fire to heat up a 55 gallon drum of water so I could make mud for the bricklayers
          Try carrying hod for a couple days

          • So how did that work out for you? Did you save enough big bucks to retired to South Florida? If you were smart you would have joined the union and got better pay and working conditions and not been a slave to the boss man’s changing whims.

        • If unions didn’t control Evansville we would be the size of Nashville or Louisville. We would still be known as the refrigerator capital of the world. The only place there would be no large cities would be Mexico. As the Mexican shout their motto, “viva la unions”.

          • That poppy cock and you know it. That’s like saying that Nashville doesn’t have any unions at all. And we know that’s not close to being true. Same with Louisville. In fact I know some union guys that worked a lot in the Louisville area. Your argument doesn’t hold water. It’s like a metal bucket with ten thousand holes in the bucket. If we didn’t have NAFTA and we closed the stupid boarder Whirlpool would have never left. How many Mexicans can afford to buy the Whirlpool Refrigerators that they build down there now at those insane slave like wages and working conditions.

            I’ve got a good idea. Why don’t you move to Mexico and volunteer to work for Whirlpool on the line for 50 cents an hour like the rest of the sweat hogs.

    7. barry russell is with out a doubt a piece of excrement……….and to right this letter also shows he is a arrogant stupid piece of excrement…………………………the city council is lost in space or bought and paid for………………………….this is a disgrace…………………….i now agree with councilwoman Robinson if e-town is going down might as well go down with the people living on the ship instead of the lying pirates just in it for the GOLD…………………….

      • If you are an example of the intelligence living inside the city limits then the city is really in trouble if they have to depend on people like you to serve on these boards. Your command of the English languish is amazing. NOT!;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


        Get my drift?

      • Hey, my dear Sharpie…..

        How in the hell does the City Council been bought and paid for….all Five of those clowns that sit on the Utility Board were appointed by Winnie-the-poo….probably vetted by Sinister Scheafer….and, would not be surprised to see mega donations from Labor to Winnecke….so, my folk citizens, pray for the KY jelly…

    8. Did mayor Weinzapfel knife his died in the wool local labor supporters in the back on this and other projects? Oh well, as long as he got his cut, which I believe was the billing for the legal work for bond issues for the water & sewer department.

      How many times do people have to get burnt before they have had enough? Hey Evansville, it is alright to get pissed and go pound on someone’s desk. You do not have to be a victim all of your life.

      • Try getting into the Civic Center these days without a hall pass. As long as the people making the decisions are living in the castle high up on the hill surrounded by a moat full of alligator there will be no reaching them or protests.

        Maybe all the tax payers can go down to Martin Luther King Blvd and march around the streets with their hands up in the air and shouting we cant’ take it any more? Naw they will just turn the dogs loose and fire up the water hoses. It’s too cold to get wet and have to walk at the same time.

    9. RE: Indiana driver’s license residence location. This common. Most people who live in Vanderburgh County but outside of Evansville city limits will show a residence location of “Evansville” on their driver’s license. It’s probably even true for those folks who live in Darmstadtucky. This is also true for mailing addresses; most Vanderburgh County mailing addresses outside of the city limits still show an Evansville location. Not sure if anything addressed to Armstrong or Kassion or Daylight or Darmstadt would get delivered.
      The real question about Mr. Barry’s address is whether he lives in Vanderburgh County or Warrick County.

      • We lost Armstrong post office around 1936 I’m told! Top three miles of Armstrong township is a Haubstadt address!

    10. And the next real improvement (but it will never happen because of the power of the FOP and the Evansville Vanderburgh Teachers Association) would be that all EPD employees shall reside within the city limits, all VCSD employees shall reside in Vanderburgh County, and all EVSC employees shall reside in Vanderburgh County.

      • You’re right that it will never happen, but sometimes I wonder how much better this city would be if an additional 4-500* people with good, middle class jobs were homeowners here…

        *(273 EFD employees + 285 EPD employees) X 80% who do NOT live in Evansville*

        I don’t know anything about the out of county % of EVSC employees, but it’s probably substantial.

        • Great point DeltaB, and also don’t forget the LEO’s who live far outside Evansville and get their patrol car gas paid for. Make them move back to town or forfeit the free gas.

          • To be fair, all officers with take home cars do pay a surcharge for gas. I believe it is $10 per pay for those who live in the city limits, and $20 per pay for those who do not. So, it’s not technically ‘free gas’.

            I understand your larger point, however.

            • I was not aware of the surcharge. If the gas prices continue to fall that might actually help cover the cost of the drive from Warrick County to the Civic Center.

              I drive by a couple of houses out on the West side and see two Vanderburgh County Sheriff Vehicles parked in the driveways of their homes. Now these are expensive items to just be sitting in a driveway and not being used to patrol. That’s quite a nice perk to be provided with a vehicle to have at your disposal 24/7. I’m guessing that these guys must work 3rd shift becaue I see them parked there mostly during the day light hours. How much does it cost the city or county to buy a police vehicle and how many police vehicle are owned by both agencies? I do know that the police dept and the fire departments are the two highest budgets in the entire city. And that the largest costs other than personnel is vehicle purchases and maintenance. So how many police cars are absent on the streets when some of them are not out on patrol and instead sitting idle in a driveway out in another county? What good is that doing the city. And how many more vehicles have to be bought and maintained in order to cover the territory that these parked cars are not patrolling. I mean if you buy 10 cars and 5 of them are not being used do you have to buy another five cars to help the five that are patrolling so that the other 5 can sit in a driveway doing nothing? I would think it would be more economically to have the officers leave the cars at HQ so that the next shift drivers could use them to patrol instead of essentially taking them home and out of service while the officers go to sleep for 8 hours. That just does not seem like a good use of the tax payers money. It does however seem to help supplement the officers salaries with take home cars and gas being paid for by the city or county tax payers. It think we could be much more efficient with the tax money if we really tried. And these houses have two car garages and are almost brand new. The family cars must be sitting inside the garages while the police vehicles sit outside in the driveways exposed to the elements. This will certainly make them rust out faster.

            • Moveon, I believe there is good for the public patrol car to be seen in public.
              If one thinks about the take home car, the car will get replace at a certain mileage/usage
              no matter if one, two or three shifts use it. There is a plus when only one use it, for they can detect a possible mechanic failure/glitch earlier which could save major repair , then multi driver car.

            • The surcharge amounts to little more than a “token” payment. I think increased police visibility is a very good thing, but not when Evansville law enforcement is “visible” outside of Vanderburgh County. I think having an EPD car parked in a Warrick Co. driveway is a big negative for the city. It sends a very wrong message. Maybe the only officers who get take home cars should live within the county, with priority given to those who live inside the city limits.

            • When observed and the end of the day, the standing analysis is no big deal when completed, and understood by the astute. Take home cars of the what some call the “Blue line” we see as common community value .
              If one doesn’t understand the direction of that, then one really doesn’t understand what cause a “Blue line” was ever created for. Now do however separate the common need from the extravagant. By type, model needs and purpose. At what cost projection does model of transportation specify what is appropriate for a visibly definition of presence of design for the affective balance? Department marked and commonly purposed vehicles yes, monster SUV’s “not so much.”
              Even the supreme commander “Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower” of the American and Allied forces in WWII, simply used what was commonly supplied to any field officer command level troop by defined battlefield conditionals.
              So, a common patrol vehicle in a suburban driveway isn’t a moniker defining waste, its simply a viable tool the LEO uses at while at work.

              Some companies provide trucks and transportation to their employees, as well. So. Considering the trade offs, you all really have little to go on about.

              “Two defined entities make the marks with that in your community as seen with the analysis from afar”……. and that is foreseeable as to where the problem lies within. “Department needs ,and D-Patrick feed’s”

        • The policemen and firemen probably see the worst parts of the city on a weekly if not daily basis. That is probably why they chose not to live here. Some live way out on St John’s road in Warrick County and drive a city fancy jeep to and from work with tax payers of Evansville, IN paying for the gas in that gas guzzler. Four wheel drive jeeps are not the best on gas mileage as compared to say a Toyota or a Nissan or other smaller car.

          But I don’t really blame the Firemen or Policemen for getting as much as they can from the city’s tax payers. They work hard for the money and deserve a pay check and all the fringe benefits that they can get. After all the citizens in Evansville, IN are the one’s electing the leaders of the city that’s taking the city well into debt. what’s a few more tax dollars wasted? Get what you can while the gettins (sic) good.

        • Why do you think those good citizens moved out of the city to the country? Could it be that they desired more open spaces and less crime and pollution such as less noise and light pollution. Cleaner fresher air and more spaces between the neighbors. Better schools and cooler air and cleaner air for their kids.

          Where do you live now DB? City our outside the city? Not that it really matters as your chose to live where you feel the most comfortable and I have no problem with that. I don’t have to pay City taxes so I could care less what the city does other than the fact that I feel sorry for the city folks that get screwed over.

          • I live in the city limits, near where Roberts Stadium used to be.

            I think people in this area generally move out of the city limts because of the perception that people who have ‘arrived’ live in a burb surrounding Evansville. That additude is pervasive, and must be some kind of home grown thing that is pushed from an early age.

            I think my peers in public safety specifically might move both because of that and because of what you stated in your previous post – – there are MANY areas of Evansville that are an absolute horror show, and our noses are stuffed in it daily. I’m a transplant from a small town in Illinois, and I was genuinely not mentally or emotionally prepared for the level of squalor, poverty, substance abuse, and violence present in Evansville. It is appalling, but you have to look a bit under the surface to find it sometmes. It is also present in nearly every part of the city. There are damn few areas of town that are consistently ‘nice’.

            • I was raised very near to where you live. Once I got a job and was able to purchase a home, I wanted a newer style home with multiple bathrooms and larger closets. I also wanted energy efficiency. The best options for homes like this are in the county. I mean no disrespect, but a Guthrie May house is not a modern style home and we just don’t want to live in one. If a housing tract with modern homes that are in the 2,000 square foot range were built in the city, many of us who were raised there would have never left. I moved to the north side for Scott School for my kids, a house we wanted that was affordable, and a safer place. The price I pay is a longer commute. It is worth it and having escaped the city I no longer am interested in coming back with the pollution, the messed up roads and sidewalks, and that sewer smell. Evansville is for the most part obsolete. I do not wish to live in such a place. As a kid I never even noticed.

              My brother got a good education and a good job outside of Denver. It is clean, well taken care of, and he makes more than double what he could here. He and his family would never come back. I am thinking about moving when my kids are out of Scott because the middle schools and high schools just don’t measure up. I hope I can sell my house for as much as I paid for it 9 years ago. If I can, we are out of here for the opportunities that other places offer.

    11. Is it true that the editor of this topic used excessive amount of BOLD LETTERING in presenting this letter verses what other the letters from board members that were received? Should the editor receive the “Tim Etheridge” award for “unbiased journalism”?

      • “Tim Etheridge” award for “unbiased journalism”? “best post ever” from there. Ahahahahahahahahahah! Hahah, ahaha , hah! Good directional awareness factoring, skills. Good target lead. Fox 1, bingo. piecemeal recovery predicted.

        • Fox 1 or Fox 3? I prefer the longer range missiles myself. Phoenix stand off long range missile fired from the F14 Tomcat vs the Sidewinders short range heat seekers. Save the Fox 1’s for last resort if the Phoenix Missiles lose radar guidance.

    12. The State License Branch People need to make sure that he puts the PROPER and TRUE address of where he lives on his drivers license. Right now that license is INVALID and untrue. What is the penality for providing false information to the State when applying for a drivers license?

      How stupid to think that just because his drivers license states (falsely) that he lives in Evansville that he can try to fool himself and other people into thinking that he does not live in Newburgh, IN. He might as well be living in Henderson, KY or New York, NY for all that matters.

      He lied on his driver’s license application or renewal forms. He stated in this article or email that he lives just outside the city and the article says that he lives in Newburgh, IN. And the article states that he has a house of 31 years so that makes me believe that he has lived in that house in Newburgh, IN for 31 years now?

      He could have made a much better argument that this. This is disingenuous at best and selfish also.

      I’m not anti union at all as I joined a union and walked a picket line many years ago but this guy needs to hone up on his negotiating skills a bit.

    13. It appears to me that Barry wrote it as an individual but tried to make the readers believe he was writing on behalf of ALL the members of the union he is in.

    14. SMH. My driver’s license could say I weigh 155 instead of 210. Would that mean I’m skinny once again? Dude’s putting lipstick on a pig again.

      When anyone serving the city or county moves it should immediately be reported to proper officials in writing for future use. Proof if you will.

      If those in charge want to let said person complete their term, so be it.

      However, if they want said person to step down that also must happen.

      Either way said person should not be eligible for reelection or reappointment once they move out of the area they are serving.

      If only common sense had a place in Evansville politics 🙁

    15. so where does mr Russell live? the Vanderburgh county assessor website shows that he owns property in Vanderburgh county. the warrick county website shows that he owns no property in warrick county. unless I am missing some facts, it appears that someone is not telling the truth.

    16. The Vanderburgh County Assessor’s website indicates that Barry Russell and his wife reside at 5916 Lakeland Drive, 47711 which is located in Center Township in Vanderburgh County and not within the boundaries of the City of Evansville and definitely not in Warrick County or Newburgh, IN. It is approximately 1 mile north of the City line (Lynch Road) and just east of Oak Hill Road between E. Schmitt Lane and Heckel Road. The Vanderburgh County Assessor’s website indicates that Mr. Russell has resided there since 1983.

      I would suggest that if Mr. Russell wishes to remain on the Board of Directors of an Evansville City Utility and remain at this residence that he should petition to have his neighborhood annexed into the City of Evansville proper.

    17. thanks for your reply PCD. I agree with your post, I just could not determine that he lived in newburgh.

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