Commentary: McNamara And O’Brien Praise Feed Evansville


    No Hoosier should go hungry, but unfortunately, many struggle daily to find their next meal.

    According to the 2021 Greater Evansville Health Study, about 15 percent of all Vanderburgh County residents experience food insecurity. While there are several programs offering help, like local food banks and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, there can be barriers, such as lack of transportation and program requirements.

    During the pandemic, local volunteer Lisa Vaughan joined municipal leaders to create the Feed Evansville Task Force to address food insecurity citywide. She organized volunteers, collected donations and delivered meals to ensure out-of-work Hoosiers didn’t go hungry during the crisis.

    Vaughan’s group is evolving and joined the new Commission on Food Security, established by the city council to coordinate services, funding and programs throughout Evansville.

    We recently met with Vaughan in the governor’s office to discuss how we can help support the group’s efforts and expand its impact. Vaughan pinpointed several service gaps we can work to address as we look to this innovative, Evansville-based program as a possible model for the rest of the state to follow.

    A fresh, nutritious meal is something many take for granted. Please consider giving your time or other resources to ensure our community can feed those in need. To learn more about volunteering, contributing or locating a nearby food pantry, visit




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