Legal Action Taken Regarding the Sale of the Riverhouse, Evansville: FBI Agent cites Probable Cause for Material Misrepresentation by Buyer


Todd Van Natta whose company purchased the River House has been accused of providing material misrepresation in order to obtain a commercial loans under Title 18, US Code Section 1344 (Bank Fraud).

Link to court documents:

Van_Natta CASE


  1. This Riverhouse scheme that has the FBI on this guys butt sounds similar to the Earthcare Energy deal to me. Material misrepresentation is the operative term here. I understand that the FBI goes after people for bank fraud but what about city council fraud. Will everyone involved in keeping material information hidden get jailed?

    • The 5 council members and Winnecke are not gonna be jailed for the Earthcare deal. There is no law against being a cast of idiots. Dewey and the characters from Earthcare may bear some legal responsibility for withholding material information though.

      • Rev, good point. The City Council’s negligence for lack of vetting the Earthcare Energy deal still makes them look like forensic accountants when compared to the old ERC and their years of mind numbing bungling with the historic McCurdy Hotel, the Greyhound Bus Station and the Executive Inn. If there was a law for being dumb, the old ERC would be the poster child.

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