“Right Jab And Left Jab” was created because we have two commenters that post on a daily basis either in our “IS IT TRUE” or “Readers Forum”columns concerning National or International issues.
Joe Biden and Ronald Reagan’s comments are mostly about issues of national interest.  The majority of our “IS IT TRUE” columns are about local or state issues, so we have decided to give Mr. Biden and Mr. Reagan exclusive access to our newly created “LEFT JAB and RIGHT JAB”  column. They now have this post to exclusively discuss national or world issues that they feel passionate about.
We shall be posting the “LEFT JAB” AND “RIGHT JAB” several times a week.  Oh, “LEFT JAB” is a liberal view and the “RIGHT JAB is representative of the more conservative views. Also, any reader who would like to react to the written comments of the two gentlemen is free to do so.


    • Somali Refugees in Arizona Say They Hit the Gym to ‘Bulk Up’ to Behead Infidels

      After the Department of Justice indicted two Minnesota Somalis for joining ISIS, an investigation found that these Somali immigrants in Arizona were exercising to have the strength to begin beheading infidels.

      According to the federal indictment, Ahmed Mahad Mohamed and Abdi Yemani Hussein told investigators that they had started hitting the gym so that they would have the upper body strength to behead non-Muslims….


  1. Don’t expect to see this reported by the main stream media arm of the DNC:

    Ohio Shooter Was a Radical Leftist Who Supported Elizabeth Warren

    Media quiet on Dayton gunman’s motive.

    While the media has been quick to blame President Trump for the mass shooting in El Paso, they are noticeably quieter about the mass shooter in Ohio, who described him self as a “socialist,” praised Antifa and expressed support for Elizabeth Warren.

    Before it was suspended last night, Connor Betts’ Twitter feed made it clear that he was a left-wing fringe extremist. Amongst other things, Betts;

    – Described himself as a “leftist”

    – Tweeted “I want socialism”.

    – Tweeted “Warren I’d happily vote for”.

    – Retweeted Bernie Sanders numerous times.

    – Retweeted Antifa accounts numerous times.

    – Tweeted “kill every fascist”.

    – Tweeted “burn the world to the ground to start the new one”.

    – Repeatedly tweeted “hail Satan”.

    – Expressed praise and sympathy for the Antifa terrorist who attempted to firebomb an ICE facility, calling him a “martyr”.

    – Used Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “concentration camp” rhetoric.

    – Tweeted “vote blue for gods sake”.

    – Wore a patch that said “Against All Gods”.


      • Again, this doesn’t fit the main stream media narrative so you will never see it reported by the main steam media:

        El Paso Terrorist Is a Hardcore Progressive and White Nationalist: Wants Universal Income And Universal Healthcare

        This is not to say he’s a Democrat or a Republican, but he is without question a progressive.

        All you have to do is read his manifesto to see the obvious tell-tale signs.

        Under his section titled “Economic Reasons” for the attack, the shooter states:

        “In the near future, America will have to initiate a basic universal income to prevent widespread poverty and civil unrest as people lose their jobs (to automation). Joblessness is in itself a source of civil unrest. The less dependents on a government welfare system, the lower the unemployment rate, the better. Achieving ambitious social projects like universal healthcare and UBI would become far more likely to succeed if tens of millions of defendants are removed.”

        Now THAT is some Nazi level stuff right there. Kill the undesirables so we can have our glorious government programs!

        His was an act of environmental terrorism as well:

        “The decimation of our environment is creating a massive burden for future generations. Corporations are heading the destruction of our environment by shamelessly overharvesting resources.”…


      • CONFIRMED: Democrat Dayton Shooter Was Part Of ANTIFA, Participated In Armed Protest This Year

        Connor Betts, the man who killed nine people in Dayton, Ohio this past weekend, attended an armed protest, alongside Antifa, in May of this year, according to a local Ohio news source.

        According to WHIO, Betts attended a protest against the Ku Klux Klan while armed with a rifle appearing to be the same one he used over the weekend for mass murder. The local news station reports Betts spoke briefly to a reporter while wearing a bandanna and sunglasses covering most of his face…..

        As BLP has previously reported, Betts had previously advocated for socialism, Elizabeth Warren, satanism, and the recent firebombing of an ICE facility by an Antifa extremist. He had also interacted with many of the leading left-wing figures on Twitter.


  2. Migrant Admits to Buying Baby to Make It Easier to Sneak Into U.S.A.

    An illegal alien has admitted that he bought a six-month-old baby in Guatemala to use as cover to sneak into the US.A., according to the federal government.

    The revelation is just the latest evidence that South and Central American children are being bought, sold, stolen, and “rented” over and over again to illegals trying to force their way into our country. Some of these babies as young as a few months and as old as five or six have been through the U.S. border over and over again after being sent back for some other illegals to pretend to be their parent.

    This is the sort of child abuse Democrats are helping to foster by calling for open borders and an end to U.S. immigration policies. The more illegals who hear that a major U.S. political party is pressuring for open borders, the more that take the dangerous trip to get here….


  3. Trump condemns ‘white supremacy,’ calls for mental health and gun reforms after double mass shootings

    President Trump called Monday for reforms at the intersection of mental health and gun laws — including so-called “red flag laws” to take guns from those deemed a public risk — in the wake of back-to-back mass shootings over the weekend that left at least 29 people dead.

    In unequivocal terms, the president also condemned white supremacy, responding to reports that the shooter in El Paso wrote a racist manifesto.

    “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy,” Trump said, in solemn remarks from the White House, standing beside Vice President Pence. “These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hatred has no place in America.” …


  4. The lunacy of the left now includes open educational indoctrination:

    Ethnic Studies Curriculum Will Teach Children Capitalism Equal to ‘Racism’ and ‘Oppression’

    The California Education Department’s model Ethnic Studies Curriculum plans to teach children capitalism is a “system of power” and “oppression,” equal to “white supremacy,” “patriarchy,” and “racism.”

    The department will be accepting public comments on the model curriculum, which defines ethnic studies as “the interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity with an emphasis on experiences of people of color in the United States,” until August 15. Comments may be made via the Public Input Template found here.

    The model curriculum may be difficult for many parents of school children to comprehend because it relies on language the radical left now considers essential to achieve its political goals….


  5. **BREAKING NEWS** As usual, JethroBodine and his band of Trumpsuckers got their underwear knotted up because Gateway once again shows why they are edited by “The Stupidest Man On The Internet”

    Where’s that apology there, Jethro?

    How A Right-Wing Conspiracy Site Seized On Bogus Info About The El Paso Shooter

    In the hours after a mass shooting Saturday, a right-wing conspiracy website used bogus “evidence” from a reputation management website to spread misinformation about the accused gunman

    After initial reports identified Patrick Crusius as the alleged gunman behind the the El Paso Walmart massacre that left 22 people dead and more wounded, Jim Hoft, founder of the right-wing conspiracy website The Gateway Pundit, presented an inaccurate picture of Crusius to his readers.

    Selectively plucking information from the reputation management website MyLife, which can be edited anonymously by anyone, Hoft (pictured above) set about reporting that the gunman was really a Democrat, and that “Leftists” on the web were editing the gunman’s MyLife profile in real time

    Hoft’s post left out crucial information. For one thing, it asserted that the gunman’s “original” profile on MyLife “said he was a registered Democrat” yet earlier archived versions of the profile do not list any party affiliation

    As the shooting became national news and after edits were made to the gunman’s page, the MyLife profile said the gunman was “currently a registered Democrat Party; ethnicity is Antifa; and religious views are listed as Antifa”

    Someone had apparently edited the page to identify the gunman as a Democrat — only after he was identified as the gunman.

    Hoft cited yet another edited version of the MyLife profile, which identified the gunman as a Democrat and his religion as Christian, as the “original” version of the page.

    The Gateway Pundit referred to this edited version of the MyLife page as the gunman’s “original profile at 2:46” and within minutes Hoft reported the profile had been changed to identify the gunman as a Republican. “Leftists changed” it Hoft claimed.

    The Gateway Pundit used this, yet another edited version of the gunman’s MyLife page, to assert that “leftists changed his political affiliation”

    The conspiracy website, which was given temporary White House press credentials early in the Trump administration, did stumble upon an obvious truth about MyLife: It’s easily edited and thus not a reliable source of biographical information. And yet, for whatever reason, Hoft assumed he had witnessed to a left-wing conspiracy.

    Only later, as the MyLife page was edited over and over again, did Hoft add an update — albeit with more unproven claims.

    “UPDATE— The MyLife page was created AFTER the El Paso shooting. Democrats then jumped in and changed it to make it look like he was a Republican”

    In addition to it being unclear who edited the page and for what reason, it’s also unclear whether the profile itself was first created before or after the shooting. What is confirmed by archived versions of the page is that, initially on Saturday, it did not contain information about the gunman’s party affiliation or religious beliefs.

    That material only appeared after Crusius’ name was connected to the massacre in El Paso — when his digital footprint was a battleground of misinformation.

    Subsequent archived versions show that battle in realtime. One version, from Sunday morning, reads: “HELLO I AM EDITING YOUR INTERNET. Get off of this webpage and find a reputable source”


    • Ah, the all tolerant all loving liberal left:

      Protesters gather outside McConnell’s Kentucky home, one calls for his stabbing ‘in the heart’

      …Approximately 25 demonstrators stood on the sidewalk near McConnell’s Louisville home, shouting “No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA!” while others called him names like “Murder Turtle” and made loud noises by banging objects and dragging a shovel back and forth on the ground as a group of security personnel stood between the protestors and the home, WLKY reported.

      “The b—- is home — we keep seeing the lights go on and off,” another protester can be heard shouting. “This h– really thought he was going to get ready to be at home after he hurt his little punk ass shoulder. B—-, don’t nobody give a f—! F–k your thoughts and prayers, Mitch. F— you, f— your wife, f— everything you stand for. ”…


    • CNN & AP Finally Admit the Dayton Mass Shooter Was a Left-Wing Extremist

      After 48 hours of misleading statements.

      After 48 hours of prevaricating, the mainstream media is finally acknowledging that the Dayton mass shooter was a left-wing extremist.

      As we previously highlighted, Connor Betts described him self as a “socialist,” praised Antifa and expressed support for Elizabeth Warren amongst many other indications that he was a far-left radical.

      After NBC reporter Ben Collins falsely claimed that Betts was “more neutral” with his Twitter posts (despite openly supporting numerous left-wing personalities and news outlets), the truth is finally being admitted.

      “A Twitter account that appears to belong to Dayton mass shooter Connor Betts retweeted extreme left-wing and anti-police posts, as well as tweets supporting Antifa, or anti-fascist, protesters,” reported CNN….


      • CNN acknowledged Monday night that the mass shooter in Dayton, Ohio, appeared to have “extreme” left-wing views, based on a Twitter feed that has been widely linked to the gunman.

        The CNN report came out roughly 24 hours after Breitbart News reported the same information — and just hours after the Dayton Daily News confirmed that the shooter “definitely leaned to the left” and had spoken extensively in the recent past about shooting up local bars….


  6. Why Trump wins in 2020 by a landslide:
    Poll: Swing Voters Hugely Oppose 2020 Democrats Promising More Immigration

    Swing voters — by a large majority — say they are unlikely to support 2020 presidential candidates who support more illegal and legal immigration to the United States, a new poll finds.

    The latest Harvard/Harris Poll reveals that about 69 percent of swing voters said they are somewhat unlikely or very unlikely to support a 2020 presidential candidate that supports opening the U.S.-Mexico border to more illegal and legal immigration.

    Overall, about 64 percent of registered voters said they would be more unlikely to support a 2020 presidential candidate that backs increasing illegal and legal immigration to the country — including about 63 percent of Generation X voters, 45 percent of Democrats, and 66 percent of voters who describe themselves as “moderate.”….


  7. The lunacy of the far left against the regular left:

    PETA Demands ‘The Tonight Show’ Investigation over Celebs Playing with Animals

    The radical animal rights group PETA has demanded that the New York City Department of Health investigate The Tonight Show for allowing celebrities to play with animals onstage….

    Animals brought to the show include a miniature horse, an African bullfrog, a python, a camel, an alligator, a millipede, and many more.

    PETA sent a letter to the city’s health department claiming that the animals are “suffering” by being put on stage to be pawed by host Jimmy Fallon and his celebrity guests.

    “Animals suffer every time they’re exposed to the chaos of a television set and passed around like props,” PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange told Page Six. “PETA is calling on authorities to throw the book at this hack for brazenly violating — on camera — the clear conditions of his exhibitor permits.”…


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