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  1. Welcome To The Fourth Reich: Trump’s Assault On The Rule Of Law Will Not End Well

    Trump and his allies have systematically undermined the rule of law. Soon they can dispense with it entirely. Trump is not an ideologue or a person who possesses a coherent or sophisticated understanding of political theory, history or philosophy. He is all impulse and id, a man gifted in manipulating the fears of ignorant and insecure white people in the service of expanding his power and his fortune. Trump’s enforcers, including Attorney General William Barr, White House senior adviser Stephen Miller and the right-wing media machine, are then tasked with transforming the president’s most base impulses into public policy

    As we have seen throughout Trump’s presidency, and as we see now in Robert Mueller’s report, with its extensive litany of borderline corruption and its numerous instances of blatant obstruction of justice, Trump and his allies disregard the law whenever it is inconvenient, and enforce it with callous cruelty when it serves their goals. This strategic arbitrariness weakens and delegitimizes the rule of law until, at some point, it can be totally rejected and dispensed with. The Trump administration’s ultimate goal is a “permanent state of exception” in the service of racial authoritarianism

    This administration’s collective assault on nonwhites, in particular refugees, migrants and immigrants from Latin America, as well as Muslims and other groups deemed to be “un-American” is one of the principal areas where its contempt for the law and democracy is most apparent

    Trump fired Kirstjen Nielsen from her position as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security because she was not cruel enough to immigrants, refugees and migrants. Apparently breaking up families and putting people in concentration camps was insufficient for Trump and Stephen Miller. Even more troubling, Trump fired Nielsen because she was not willing to violate the law at his command

    Trump also told Kevin McAleenan, who was then head of the Border Patrol and is now acting DHS secretary, to break the law by denying asylum seekers entry to the United States. It has also been reported that Trump promised McAleenan a pardon if he finds himself in legal trouble for following Trump’s orders. Trump also told soldiers at the Mexican border that they should brutalize immigrants, refugees, and migrants. This too is a violation of civilian law, international law, as well as the Code of Military Justice

    Trump’s handpicked attorney general has decided that refugees can be held in detention indefinitely. This appears to be a violation of federal law and constitutionally protected rights to due process. Trump has also suggested using human beings as political weapons by transporting migrants, refugees, and immigrants from Latin America. a group of people Trump has slurred as a “race” of rapists and murderers and a human infestation, to “sanctuary cities” as a way (as he sees it) to punish Democrats

    An expert on fascism, authoritarianism, and propaganda, explained the danger of Trump’s recent actions: “This latest threat, and asking officials not to obey the law, and assuring them of a pardon, is just a new threshold of the contempt for law and democratic norms Trump has always shown, and an escalation of his white nationalist ideology and governing-by-vendetta leadership style. He wants to put mayors on the defensive, and create “crises” about immigration on city peripheries — migrants will pay the price”

    An expert on modern Germany and the rise of the Nazis, provided additional context for Trump’s new initiative: “When Trump thinks of migrants he thinks of criminals, rapists, drug dealers, thugs, carriers of disease, people so fundamentally alien that they could never assimilate into American society and, in fact, threaten to destroy the country. And when you add his anti-Semitism to the mix, then the problem is not just that they’re coming to destroy America, but that they’re actually being sent by Soros, the “International Jew,” to destroy it”

    When the history of Trump’s presidency is chronicled by some future scholar, these events over the last few weeks, including Barr’s partisan whitewashing of the Mueller report, will likely be described as some of the most ominous and important in America’s surrender to authoritarianism and fascism

    Unfortunately, said events have already been thrown down the memory hole, both by the public and the corporate media, who have been trained and conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs by the orchestrated chaos and confusion of Trump’s regime. As cultural critic Gore Vidal observed back in 2004 about the George W. Bush presidency, “the ‘United States of Amnesia’ will be worse than an amnesiac, it will be like having suffered a lobotomy. There will be no functioning historical memory of our history”

    What has transpired under Donald Trump is far worse. This behavior feels new to most Americans. But in reality, such an assault on the rule of law, and the elevation of a man and a movement above the normal political process are common around the world in failing democracies. Moreover, Trump’s regime is echoing one of the most grotesque examples of a failed democracy in modern history: the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Third Reich and the Nazis

    In addition to the examples of lawlessness and cruelty detailed above, the Trump administration has conducted a campaign of “soft” ethnic cleansing against nonwhite immigrants, refugees, and migrants. In a ruling last Friday, a federal judge in New York described the administration’s efforts to deport Haitian refugees as evidencing “a discriminatory purpose of removing non-white immigrants to the country”

    Trump’s regime has threatened to remove judges who will not follow his orders. Trump has not appointed permanent replacements for key cabinet positions in order to subvert the congressional approval process. This allows Trump to undermine checks and balances on his power by putting his hand-picked minions in control of federal departments and agencies on a temporary, rotating basis. Trump has also chosen to leave senior positions unstaffed as a way of extending his ability to rule by fiat

    Trump and his supporters in the news media routinely use eliminationist and genocidal language to describe nonwhites and others whom they view as a type of enemy Other in America. Much of Trump and his allies’ rhetoric directly channels that of the Nazis and the Third Reich, used to describe Jewish people and others who would be annihilated during the Holocaust. The Trump administration is ordering the United States military to build more concentration camps for nonwhite immigrants, migrants, and refugees

    In their fundraising emails and other materials, Trump describes his supporters as constituting a “movement” that will somehow “restore” and “protect” America against liberals, progressives, Democrats, nonwhite people, and others who are a threat to his American Apartheid “renewal” project. Absolute devotion and loyalty to Donald Trump is required for this plan to be successful. Trump is now offering membership cards to his supporters to cement their cult-like devotion to him

    Because they see it as their natural home, neo-Nazis and members of other right-wing hate organizations are running for public office as Republicans. There has been a documented increase in right-wing political violence–some of it lethal –both during Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and now through to his third year in office. Investigative journalist Andrea Pitzer, who is the author of One Long Night: A Global History of Concentration Camps, told me via email how the Trump administration’s new plans to abuse nonwhite immigrants, migrants, and refugees are a violation of international law that will likely end in violence and death

    She explained how: “This idea that there have been discussions of setting up dedicated trains for migrants whose humanity the government disputes and shipping them to designated cities they’re not allowed to leave–especially as some kind of political stunt–is beyond disturbing. And talk of the military running detention camps for migrants on American soil is also horrific. Even the shameful detention program for Japanese Americans during WWII was run by a civilian agency”

    Pitzer warns that: “The current administration seems bent on finding a way to use old and discredited forms of civilian detention against vulnerable groups–the kind of detention we’ve seen degenerate into atrocities again and again worldwide. The schemes emerging from the White House are a threat to our democracy as a whole and can’t be squared with either the Constitution or our obligations under international law”

    As new public opinion research by PRRI and Pew shows, the American people are extremely divided between those who understand the value of a more cosmopolitan, forward-thinking, “racially” diverse, and inclusive society and those others (mostly white Republicans and other Trump supporters) who want America to be a white conservative Christian country where other people are subordinated to second-class citizenship, and thus considered peripheral to and therefore outside of the national community

    Donald Trump and his allies are warping and breaking the law to advance this grotesque vision of the American democratic project by mining white rage and white backlash identity politics for personal financial and political gain

    Trump clearly sees the law as an impediment to achieving his goals. He believes he knows what’s best for the country (at least for those people he considers to be members of the real national community) and so anything he does in the service of the nation is (or should be), by definition, legal. The promise of pardons for those who work toward his goal indicates the extent to which he’d go to undermine the current legal system in favor of one that is in tune with his will. As Goering put it, “The law and the will of the Fuehrer are one.” Trump’s vision of America is a white Christian male-dominated Herrenvolk democracy. How to make that vision real is up to those below him, and no law should stand in the way. Once the law is transformed into the expression of the leader’s will, there’s not much we can do to stop him

    The myth of American Exceptionalism will not save American democracy or its citizens from Trump’s machinations and the global dystopia his agents are so feverishly working to create. In 1935, Sinclair wrote his famous novel “It Can’t Happen Here” about the rise of authoritarianism and fascism in the United States. His warning was eight decades prescient about the Age of Trump. But unfortunately Sinclair’s question is being asked too late, the tragedy is already unfolding and the answer is a plain and clear “yes”. William Barr’s distorted version of the Mueller Report is all just scribbling on the epithet of America’s democracy and empire. The American people decided to be bystanders to their own history and destiny. This is very pathetic. It is also the truth and a tragedy


    • Comrade Reagan posted “The myth of American Exceptionalism…” Yes, this is the core belief of his fellow left wing socialists, America was never exceptional. For if is was, it would prove that free enterprise, one nation under God and self destiny proved far superior than a Marxist centrally controlled state. America in their socialist minds, was never and can never be better than Cuba, Russia or France. Comrade Reagan and his left wing socialists like all the Democrat 2020 Presidential candidates, are doing all in their power to change the traditional American values to that of any socialist European nation that is slowly committing national suicide by the importation and adoption of “refugees” that have no shared national values.

    • Mr. Reagan, I am beginning to think you actually believe this rambling nonsense. Tin foil hats work best with the shinny side out.

      • RR has a doctorate in “cut and paste”, possibly? I can’t imagine the dearth of brain cells he must have after a day of reading nothing but Salon, KOS, NYT, WP, etc., etc. His name calling personal attacks are very sad. Sad, very sad. There is no Buckley/Vidal back and forth with him, merely lunge, lunge, lunge.

        • You two Trumpers are pathetic hypocrites. JethroBodine started this crap of cut-n-paste, but since he only applauds Twittler and the right-wing Nazi’s, everything is just fine

          Get over yourself, the rest of us have

  2. When President Trump tries to drain the swamp, the deep state and other swamp creatures like main stream media fight back:

    Former Central Intelligence Agency analyst John Gentry has written a scathing indictment of “unprecedented” attacks on President Trump.

    Gentry published his evaluation in the quarterly International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence. His criticisms were both institutional and individual; people called out included CIA Director John Brenan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former deputy CIA director Michael Morell.

    “A considerable body of evidence, much of it fragmentary, indicates that many CIA people have left-leaning political preferences,” Gentry said, while hedging, “less evidence shows that political bias influences CIA analyses.” Gentry observed:

    In 2016 observers of U.S. intelligence began to wonder if the CIA’s once-firm prohibition on partisan politics had changed, and to ponder whether a new kind of politicization had arisen: namely, institutionally embedded, partisan bias.

    “The attacks on Trump were unprecedented for intelligence officers in their substance, tone, and volume,” he wrote. “Critics went far beyond trying to correct Trump’s misstatements about U.S. intelligence; they attacked him as a human being.”

    Gentry also criticized former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell for claiming in 2016 that his career qualified him to make judgments on the presidency. “Morell’s claim that his CIA career qualifies him to make political judgments about domestic issues is incorrect,” Gentry said.

    “He was trained and authorized to ‘make the call’ about foreign intelligence issues within the classified, internal world of the U.S. government … He did not recommend policies, including voting choices.”

    Neither did Gentry spare the Pentagon from his criticism. He noted that during the Obama administration, intelligence report editors were instructed to “avoid specifically identified terms that might trigger criticism of administration policy.”

    “That clearly stated policy of politicization provoked no apparent reaction of any sort from analysts,” Gentry said. “DIA analysts seemed comfortable with politicization by omission.” Gentry believes that the seeds of this liberal bias were planted by former President Barack Obama under the guise of affirmative action.

    “The U.S. government has traditionally and wisely declined to ask its job applicants and civil service employees about their political affiliations,” he explained, “but [Obama] got around the policy by mandating hiring from demographic groups known to be generally pro-Democratic.”

    In the United States and elsewhere, liberals during the Cold War years often worried that unaccountable intelligence and security agencies were running amok. Now, ‘progressives’ welcome an ideologically center-left ‘deep state,’ built in part upon policies like Obama’s as a check on Trump and conservatives are complaining.

    Former CIA operations officer Charles Faddis is among the former intelligence officers who explicitly agree with Gentry’s troubling conclusions. “Do I think CIA officers as a whole are guilty of taking sides or slanting analysis? No,” he said. “Do I think we have seen senior CIA officers guilty of using their positions to favor the Democratic Party? Beyond a doubt, and I’m not sure they’re all former officers.”

    “A secret service that involves itself in partisan politics is a threat to the republic,” he said.


    • Breitfart and FreeBeacon? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      Gertz is a hack who can only get placed on ultra-right wing idiot blogs. Gertz does not bother to reference his sources. Throughout books he cites various reports by such agencies as the General Accounting Office or the Office of Naval Intelligence, all of which are in the public domain. Yet there is no attribution, which is a curious omission for such a “veteran” reporter. His books have a certain breathless quality, almost like the rant of some PR flak, like “Revealed here for the first time ever is the information the Clintonites tried to hide from you!!!”

      One of the Gertz idiot books received the following less than stellar review: “This book appears to be a platform for Gertz to air some deep-seeded personal beefs with American intelligence agencies and operators. Written in more a tabloid-esque recounting of well-known shortfalls within American intelligence, this diatribe fails to provide any answers to the serious problems he attempts to point out. Gertz continuously cites unnamed ‘intelligence officials’ and ‘intelligence executives’ that he had conversations with as proof of his main points and, additionally, utilizes two or three main sources to both support his assertions as well as condemn the same establishments. As another review for this book states, which is it?”

      The critical review goes on: “Gertz fails to provide ONE citation for any information provided and often claims he had the inside track classified information, which if true, would be subject to prosecution for mishandling of such information. All this calls into question the legitimacy of his authority on the subject or at the very least, his ability to make a coherent argument. The book fails to provide any answers of any substance. He starts a chapter by walking through the tenets of a past penetration of US intelligence (and on at least two occasions utilizes the book as a place to tout his own publishing abilities claiming that he broke this or that story) and proceeds to meander through other topics that are, at best, loosely affiliated with his chapter’s thesis. The end result is a patchwork amalgamation of various criticisms the Gertz maintains of US intelligence and needed a place to write it down. If you know anything about US intelligence, don’t waste your time reading this book and rehashing the stories everyone already knows just to make it to an end which provides nothing profound or new in its final analysis”

      Apparently Gertz doesn’t bother with citations and named sources. So there we have it, someone on the Internet said something without a shred of evidence to back it up. If the evidence exists, there’s an incredible likelihood that federal laws may have been broken insofar as classified information may (or may not) have been leaked. That person has a long history of extreme partisanship and now works for an organization “not” involved with Koch. This is another Breitfart, FreeBeacon, Gateway Pundit clusterflop

      Even the CIA itself wrote him a letter calling him a hack (in so many words)


  3. Article that just nailed it:
    The Stench at Obama’s DOJ and FBI

    By Charles Lipson – RCP Contributor
    January 24, 2018

    For a brief, shining moment, CNN paused in its nonstop coverage of everything it loathes about President Trump for some actual “breaking news.” One of the network’s reporters had noticed that Congress was looking into malfeasance and political corruption at the Obama-era Department of Justice, FBI, and intelligence agencies. This is still news to most mainstream outlets.

    There are now three major congressional investigations, peeling away layers of political bias, unequal application of the law, and, perhaps even felonies by senior officials who may have leaked classified documents, obstructed justice, and violated Fourth Amendment guarantees against unreasonable search and seizure.

    These probes center on credible allegations that the FBI and DOJ fixed the investigation of Hillary Clinton to clear her and her top associates, and then launched an investigation of Donald Trump for partisan political reasons. If these allegations are true—and they have not yet been proven—this is the biggest American political scandal since Watergate. It would mean that the executive branch agency tasked with enforcing the law, instead subverted the law to protect its favored presidential candidate and damage the opposition party’s. Then, it tried to cover it all up.

    If true, this would be a very deep pool of corruption, but CNN dove head-first into the shallow end. What most concerned the network was that Rep. Devin Nunes would not give the FBI his classified memo detailing the evidence uncovered so far. The CNN on-air panel discussing this topic featured a former Obama-era intelligence official, and he was shocked, shocked at Nunes and Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee. The FBI should get that memo immediately, he said, because it is the lead law enforcement agency in such matters. The CNN panel could only think of one reason Nunes was being so secretive: He was just trying to distract from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of alleged Trump-Russia collusion. For its part, CNN wasn’t distracted at all. It was entirely focused on Trump.

    Here are two quick tips for the Edward R. Murrows on cable news. First, nothing will divert Team Mueller from its investigation. When their findings emerge, they will dominate news coverage for weeks—and rightly so. If those findings directly implicate the president, he is in very deep trouble, and so is the country.

    Second tip: The Nunes memo and other congressional investigations are about a different scandal, one directly implicating senior officials at the Obama DOJ and FBI. They want to know why former FBI Director James Comey and his team pre-judged and soft-soaped the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unsecured private server and her classified emails. Why did they decide to clear her before completing key interviews with Mrs. Clinton and her aides? Why did DOJ grant immunity so freely to obtain evidence that could have been easily subpoenaed by a grand jury? Why did the government itself then destroy that evidence, so no one could do a real investigation later? For that matter, why didn’t they convene a grand jury in the first place? (It was among the first things Mueller did in his own probe.) What involvement did the FBI counter-intelligence division have with the Fusion GPS/Christopher Steele “Russian dossier,” financed by the Clinton campaign? Was the dossier used, in part, to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump associates and, if so, was the FISA court completely informed about the dossier’s financing, provenance, and lack of verification? And what the hell happened to months of text messages among key anti-Trump investigators at the FBI and DOJ?

    These questions are not directed at apolitical, career agents, who serve with honor. They are directed at senior executive branch officials at the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and perhaps the NSA and White House. Except for Comey, who now spends his days tweeting about ethical behavior, many of those officials are still at their desks.

    It would be naive for Congress to follow CNN’s advice and share this evidence with the very people now being investigated. Those officials are witnesses and potential defendants. They are not busy cleaning the Augean stables. They are spraying air freshener to cover the stench. If the FBI were eager to restore confidence, it would have fired them long ago. If the FBI were eager to aid Congress, it would have shared its own evidence, not resisted and stonewalled until threatened with subpoenas.

    These congressional investigations are at least as important as Mueller’s, and for the same reason. They are both about honest elections and the rule of law, applied equally to insiders and outsiders, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. It’s about whether our most powerful government agencies are worthy of our trust. If we have lost sight of those values, we’ve lost our constitutional bearings.

    Charles Lipson is the Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Chicago, where he is founding director of PIPES, the Program on International Politics, Economics, and Security.


    • Big Brain tells it like it is;

      In that Trump University deposition – when lawyers were pressing Trump about his supervision of the school, starting 10 years earlier – Trump’s forgetful response set the tone. He said “I don’t remember” more than 30 times, and in 16 other instances responded to questions by saying it had been “too many years.”

      Special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report, released Thursday, said that in response to questions President Donald Trump said on “37 occasions” in written answers that he “didn’t recall or remember” an answer.


      But what is it? Well Ollie, I just don’t f—–g remember.

      Case closed….

  4. This passes for “knowledge” in the left wing liberal arts schools that produce self absorbed entitled Snowflakes that can’t get a real job. Who knew that seeing people as individuals and treating everyone the same, was racist and makes you “dangerous”. Consider me “dangerous” then. What a load of horse hockey

    White privilege lecture tells students white people ‘dangerous’ if they don’t see race

    BOSTON — During a guest lecture at Boston University on Monday, University of Washington Professor Robin DiAngelo told the audience a “dangerous white person” sees people as individuals rather than by skin color.

    DiAngelo, whose main field of work is “whiteness studies,” added that those who say they were taught to treat everyone the same deny black people of their reality, she said….

    She said when she hears people talk about treating everyone the same, it tells her “this person doesn’t understand basic socialization. This person doesn’t understand culture. This person is not self-aware.”

    “And I need to give a heads up to the white people in the room,” DiAngelo said. “When people of color hear us say this, they’re generally not thinking, ‘Alright, I’m talking to a woke white person right now.’ Usually some version of eye-rolling is going on, and a wall is going up.”

    “My friend Erin Trent Johnson … she says, ‘When I hear a white person say this, what I am thinking is: ‘This is a dangerous white person. This is a white person who is going to need to deny my reality.’”

    DiAngelo’s sentiments stand in stark contrast to a famous alumnus of school, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who earned his PhD in theology from Boston University and famously pronounced that he had a dream that his four children “will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”…

    She also talked about the rampant sexism this country faces. One slide of her presentation demonstrated that the majority of politicians, directors, and police officers are male, and that it is sexist for one to suggest that maybe men “just happen to be” more inclined to go into these fields of work.

    “We live in a patriarchy,” she affirmed, and even asserted her own husband is a product of the patriarchy.

    She encouraged the audience to think in terms of race, and not the character of individual people, because all white people are racist to some degree, no matter what.


  5. ****BREAKING NEWS****

    JethroBodine has fallen down the rabbit hole and cracked his skull, we fear

    The idiocy of the report in Breitfart is that the entire BS article is a lie. There has been ZERO articles in International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence written recently by John Gentry. This idiot Gertz never even gives the name of this supposed “article” written by Gentry, and intense research shows ZERO!

    Gertz simply vomits his paraphrases from an article that does not exist. Every BS blog simply routes over and over and over to self-fellating right-wing morons. EVERY right-wing blog is going nuts over a single BS craptatsic article on the FreeBeacon idiots. What a joke

    Anybody who falls for this is an idiot, Jethro

  6. Here is something to ponder. No collusion, no conspiracy. That is all the AG had to say and he could have been finished. He was the only person, by law, that could read the Mueller Report and he did not have to write a summary or publish any of the 448 pages. By writing a summary or publishing the redacted parts, he has allowed America to view a report that could have been buried. It is the AG, and he alone, that controls the report. He again is showing the complete report to members of Congress with top secret clearance as well as the President’s legal team. Does not have to let anyone or body of government see any part of the report. Congress trying to subpoena a clean copy, zero chance it will succeed. Read the laws concerning the report of Special Council, the AG is finished, has made it clear no laws were broken and anything that was released is all you will see. Again, nothing but no collusion, no conspiracy was all that need to have been uttered or released. Tell Congress, Republican and Democrat that it is time to take care of their job. Enact legislation!!! CCO, good job on making Left Jab and Right Jab.

      • “Why Intellectual Conservatism Died”

        “The collapse of intellectual conservatism in America has been as complete as it has been swift. In 1984, the leading conservative spokesman in the media was George Will; by 1994, it was Rush Limbaugh. The basic concerns of intellectual conservatives in the eighties were foreign policy and economics; by the early nineties they had become dirty pictures and deviant sex. In the early 1980s, the Public Interest was publishing scholarly analyses of public policy, from a moderate conservative point of view; by the early nineties, it was publishing a potted commentary on the sexual practices of the ancient Greeks and Chinese by a California radio talk show host, Dennis Prager. The American Spectator, which in the eighties had striven for respectability by publishing neocon scholars, had by 1994 turned into a semipornographic tabloid of a kind familiar in Britain. Barry Goldwater was a conservative hero in the early eighties; now he is a pariah, considered too far to the left because he supports an end to legal and social discrimination against gay Americans. In the eighties, Peter Berger and Richard John Neuhaus authored a thoughtful monograph on the importance of intermediate institutions; by the nineties, Berger was ranting in Commentary about the persecution of smokers, and Neuhaus (a convert to Catholicism) was publishing articles in his magazine, First Things, denouncing Darwin and defending the theory that today’s animals descend from honeymoon couples aboard Noah’s Ark. In the 1980s, conservatives claimed to be defending the color-blind civil rights idealism of Martin Luther King, Jr.; in 1994, Charles Murray has revived old theories about the innate inferiority of average Latinos and blacks compared to whites in his new book The Bell Curve: “Latino and black immigrants are, at least in the short run, putting some downward pressure on the distribution of intelligence. The shifting ethnic makeup by itself would lower the average American IQ by 0.8 per generation”

        You are the poster children for this


    • shar pie, that to me is one awesome compilation and I appreciate you posting it.

      IF YOU remember, when so many on my side were saying, “Get used to saying Madam President”, you never ever heard me come close to saying anything like that. The reason I didn’t goes right back to your YouTube video.

      Voter Turnout; I figured I was smart enough to realize that if enough intelligent people stayed home believing there weren’t enough nitwits out there to elect the most pathetic, unqualified prick this country could find, then our country’s ass could be in trouble.

      So I did not want to stick my neck out on this one so I didn’t. And sure enough, 16 million people like in your compilation that voted 4 years before stayed home.

      And the result;


      Modern conservatism….

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