• Gallup: Trump Approval Rating Ticks Up to New High of 46 Percent, Higher than Obama at Same Point in Presidency

      Trump hit his previous high of 45 percent in Gallup three times during his presidency: following his inauguration in January 2017, after his June 2018 meeting with Kim Jong Un, and after Attorney General Bill Barr released his letter summarizing the Mueller report in March 2019.

      On one hand, polling below 50 percent still isn’t a good place to be for an incumbent, especially given the strong economy, and the president currently trails Joe Biden by 7 points and Bernie Sanders by 3 points in the RealClearPolitics average of polls. On the other hand, Barack Obama’s job-approval rating was 44 percent in Gallup polling at the same point in his presidency (April 2011), and he still managed to find a way to win re-election in 2012.


      • Since my above link means absolutely nothing to Mop Head’s base on here Joe, and although he was a filthy, stinking birther who complained about Obama’s golf outings but plays twice as much now means nothing to guys like yourself I have a prediction.

        If Trump would have sex on Air Force One with Chairman Kim instead of just proclaiming his love for him, that “no doubt” would sew up Vanderburgh County and the Deliverance infested areas surrounding it.

        Then if he would proclaim Ted Cruz’s pappy helped kill Lee Harvey Oswald also, the Red States would all fall in line and be sewed up through election day.

        But what I look to put him over the top Joe is 10,000 more lies by election day on top of the 10,000 already vomited out because even in the Blue States, people really seem to like a role model like that for their kids to look up to.

        So since I never mentioned a poll in the last election but your team was all over how wrong they were, but now by checking out your above post you’ve become a firm believer, I’d suggest a little patience on your part if I may.

        After all, I had a doctor friend who didn’t have any patience and he went bankrupt.

        But unlike Trump, only once….

    • this fake news article says “probably spent”………..also writer did say this is a estimation😁😁😁😁😁😁😁….hell regTator I can do that………I estimate ol regTator probably has a 1 in 327.2 million chance russia will.shoot a rocket up ol reg ass while sitting in a outhouse…….slightly less in my estimation that harry clinton will be President………………

  1. CNN Fails to Cover One of the Most Shocking Stories of the Year; Meanwhile, Covington Fake News Got the Royal Treatment

    If you haven’t read my article “WATCH & GASP: Islamic Children In Philadelphia Vow To Chop Off The Heads Of Jews,” I implore you to do so. It’s undoubtedly one of the most shocking stories of 2019, and it’s one of which every American should be aware.

    Some in the media seem to share a different view. In fact, despite the utter importance of spotlighting such an egregious threat from within our own populace, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, and others’ legs must surely be chapped: CNN’s been nothing but crickets.


  2. Ilhan Omar defends Palestinians after terrorists rain rockets on Israel

    A pregnant Palestinian woman and her infant niece were among those killed but the Israelis said a misfired Palestinian rocket — not an Israeli airstrike — caused those deaths, disputing a Gaza Health Ministry statement that Israel was to blame.

    President Trump condemned the rocket attacks on Twitter and expressed American support for Israel.

    “Once again, Israel faces a barrage of deadly rocket attacks by terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We support Israel 100% in its defense of its citizens,” Trump said on Twitter Sunday. “To the Gazan people — these terrorist acts against Israel will bring you nothing but more misery. END the violence and work towards peace – it can happen!”


  3. New York Times Identifies Second Spy Who Targeted Trump Campaign

    The revelation that a second spy targeted the Trump campaign further buttresses President Donald Trump’s assertion that the Obama administration weaponized executive branch agencies to spy on his campaign. The president responded to the report on May 3, calling the revelation “bigger than WATERGATE.”


  4. The delusional left is out in full force. Lock up Barr, Democrat state law maker harassed an elderly white woman outside a Planned Parenthood clinic, and my favorite, from Democrat leader right now, Biden. Sleepy Joe says Margaret Thatcher called him to complain about Trump. Must have been a heavenly conversation since she passed away in 2013. The left is destroying their own party with the crazy rants an uneducated talk about anything related to Trump or Republicans. Think before speaking, please.

  5. WASHINGTON—Saying it was time to “get out the hog for one last ride,” former Vice President Joe Biden pulled the dusty painter’s tarp off of his old campaign motorcycle Wednesday, gently running his hand along the polished chrome headlight and muttering “welcome back, baby.”

    The vehicle, a 1979 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide with flame decals on both the front and rear fenders, had reportedly been sitting at the back of his garage since the last time he “tore ass” around the capitol in 2012. Sources confirmed that after checking to see if the horn still worked, Biden grabbed a red chamois cloth from his back pocket, spit into it, and begin buffing the bike’s custom “Diamond Joe” gas tank.

    “The Cherry Chariot rides again,” said Biden, patting the sheepskin seat and releasing a small cloud of dust that was visible in the shop light above his 1980 Christy Brinkley Sports Illustrated poster. “Still a looker that can turn every damn head on the block.”


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