GAVEL GAMUT By Jim Redwine

Tom Brady is 45 years old. He is now showered with accolades for his accomplishments although he was once seventh on the depth chart for the New England Patriots football team. He only got on the field because their “real” star quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, nearly died from a game-time injury. Bledsoe had been the face of the Patriots and had won numerous awards. The Patriots did not blink when Bledsoe was replaced by Brady.

Queen Elizabeth II served Great Britain with great distinction until her death at age 96. King Charles III has taken over at the age of 73. Charles will not have to quickly decide if it’s man-to-man or zone pass coverage, but he does have a large portion of the globe to be concerned about.

The sports world rattles on incessantly about Brady’s old age as the royal watchers wonder if Charley can be trusted to do the job for which he has spent 73 years preparing. Does he have the Queen’s class and ability to remain above the political fray? Will Brady’s old legs fail him or, even worse, will he not be able to pick up a blitz or recognize Cover 2?

Those who worry about such monumental questions as the next Super Bowl or, even of lesser concern, will Russia attack some member of the British Commonwealth, are wringing their hands over the pre-dementia of both King and Goat. Well, I, as one who can barely remember 45 and put 73 behind me some time ago, am offended by the notion that Tom Terrific and Bonnie King Charley will soon need some sportscaster or court jester to whisper in their ears where the latrine is located. Each one appears to me to be both physically and mentally as capable, at least, as most of the talking heads who opine on the ravages of time.

I noted that Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 19 to 3 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the first game of the season and King Charles has handled the death of his beloved mother with true class and an obvious concern for the pain of others. Perhaps some of those dithering pundits need to give Tom a chance to end things on his own terms and let Charles reign awhile before they declare Prince William king.

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