Kentucky Releases Official ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers for October



Kentucky Releases Official ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers for October

Kentucky, a state applauded for properly implementing an online exchange to sign people up for ObamaCare has released the enrollment numbers for the first month of operation.

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Human Services reports that exactly 4,631 people signed up for ObamaCare in October. The demographic makeup of the enrollees as warnings have stated is tilted toward the old as 39% of the people who signed up are over the age of 55. The young and healthy age of under 34 comprised of 24% of the enrollees with the balance of 37% coming from the age group of 35 – 54 year olds.

Kentucky is widely acknowledged as the poster child along with California (data not available) to set up a working website from day one and is seen as a barometer for how the rest of the country will enroll as the pitfalls to entry are purged from the websites.

Early in October the Washington buzz was circulating that Kentucky was signing up 10,000 people per day. That claim was corrected by Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear in a media event down to 1,000 per day. When the numbers were tallied at the end of the month the official enrollment numbers had settled to only 4,631 for a first month average of just under 150 people per day.

Using the Kentucky figures to extrapolate to the entire country would indicate that if all of the exchanges had worked as well as Kentucky’s there would have been 347,325 enrollees in ObamaCare that needs 7 million enrollees weighted toward the young and healthy to be sustainable.

Kaiser Health News reports today that 3,747,300 people in America have had their health insurance plans cancelled due to their non-compliance with ObamaCare. Kentucky cancellations made up 130,000 of the 3,747,300 cancellations. At the rate that Kentuckians are signing up it will take 29 months for the signups to replace the cancelled policies.

President Obama infamously pledged: “If you like your health-care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.” Officials worried, though, that delving into details such as the small number of people who might lose insurance could be confusing and would clutter the president’s message.”

The Wall Street Journal has reported that “some White House policy advisers objected to the breadth of Mr. Obama’s ‘keep your plan’ promise. They were overruled by political aides.”

So, after stopping, taking deep breaths, and seriously pondering whether President Obama should continue peddling his phony guarantee, Team Obama deliberately decided to hide the truth that millions of Americans would lose their health plans. Instead, they chose to double down on the lies.

The fruits of their grand scheme of deception seem to be playing out very well across the Ohio River in Kentucky where websites work but enrollment numbers for the first month are less that Team Deception’s whisper numbers for a single day.


  1. Experience shows that sign-ups will increase rapidly as the deadline nears. In the first two months, Romneycare only signed up 18,000 people out of 200,000 who were eligible.
    The number in Kentucky only shows the number of completed applications, and does not take into account those that are currently being processed, either.

    • The same is true for the RomneyCare numbers you quoted. That was 9% of eligible people and Kentucky’s numbers do not even approach 1%. However this ends up the launch continues to be an unmitigated disaster.

        • I realized that. If the numbers in Kentucky go from 4,600 up to 80,000 in November it will be on track to be about where Romneycare was in its first two months. The comment about excluding in process applications applies to both situations. Wanna bet over/under on 80,000 signups in Kentucky by the end of November?

    • The main reason for an increase is because the approxmately 15 million privately insured have been forced into Obama care, and forced to pay more for coverage than they otherwise would have, due to bell whistles that they don’t need or desire, but are necessary to charge for so someone else can pay a subsidized rate. This will not work as the young won’t sign up until the penalties get so large they start to feel like they are forced into something. Then the real problem begins.

      • You really have NO understanding of ACA. First, it is “private insurance”. Secondly, you are making a false assumption that it will be “someone else” who gets a subsidized rate. I suggest you “read up”, maybe even go to and look at the interactive tool, and then make an informed opinion.

        • I understand that 19 million will lose their coverage and be forced into maybe buying a higher costing ACA so that some will get free or almost free health insurance. I also know that lying to people about keeping their insurance and then forcing them to buy and ACA policy that costs more, or causing them to violate a law, is not the way to get people to want to help people with a need for insurance. I don’t need to go on Kaiser’s web site to do that, its reported daily in the news. By the way, Kaiser has a dog in this hunt and is hardly impartial.

          Simply put, the ACA has been sold on false pretense since Pelosi said we have to pass it before we know what is in it. The President lied when said you could keep your insurance. The biggest lie is the supposed total cost of the ACA and that the ACA would not raise taxes. Just like with Medicare and Medicaid the original cost estimates have not been close and we know what the Supreme Court has said what authority the government has to force someone to buy an ACA policy.

          • I was at an economic summit last Friday and saw the CEO of Kaiser speak about the ACA. He opened his speech by stating “Kaiser was on board with ACA from the start and believes in a system where EVERYONE PAYS AND EVERYONE RECEIVES”. He was not a very good speaker like the President is but he was clearly in the tank for ACA.

            His statement is so close to Karl Marx’s “FROM EACH ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITIES AND TO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEEDS” that it is scary. I was not expecting the CEO of a big healthcare provider to advocate for a Marxist takeover of the nation’s healthcare but that is indeed the message he sent.

            The piece that I think the CEO and the President are missing is the EVERYBODY PAYS part. There is no evidence to support that everyone will be paying for their insurance. The young and healthy will pay more and the sick will pay less than the way things have always been. Those with pre-existing conditions can actually get insurance now and that is a good thing. The downside is the extra layer of dictatorial oversight that is obviously raising the overall costs and the continued slippage of a one time free country into Marxism.

            This speech came less than 48 hours after it was announced that Kaiser had cancelled 190,000 individual insurance policies in California. So yes Kaiser has a dog in this hunt and the dog’s name is “higher premiums due to the unintended consequences of ObamaCare”.

          • That 19 Million number is just this year from individual policy cancellations. The number according to a study out of Duke yesterday is that as many as 128 Million will lose their coverage next year when the company mandate takes effect. I wonder how that is going to play at the ballot box.

            This is nothing but another damn redistribution scheme.

    • watch out for them youtube videos……barry has already blamed benghazi on a youtube video……….

  2. The joy in seeing people go uninsured is sickening. What if you people wised up and realized we’re already paying for care for the “poor and lazy.” What if we could bring down the cost of that tab? To make your system that you want work, we’d have to have hospitals start asking for payment up front, even if you’re right in the middle of a heart attack.

    • No one wants people to go uninsured if they want and/or need medical coverage. That fact of the matter is that we have had medical coverage for the elderly and poverty-stricken for years. Obamacare does nothing to lower the cost of healthcare. It only forces people to be insured. That only increased the premiums for everyone else that were already insured. My premiums have risen for the last two years in preparation for this debacle. The Republicans provided several ideas that were completely ignored by the Democrats. Even President Obama stated that the Republicans did not have a voice while the law was still a bill. Tort reform, buying across state lines, catastrophic coverage, Medicare fraud protection, these were all Republican ideas that would have lowered the costs for all Americans. Now we have to deal with the Democrats putting perfume on this corpse of a law.

      • “That fact of the matter is that we have had medical coverage for the elderly and poverty-stricken for years.”

        That’s a half-truth at best, Phyllip. There have been far too many people who either were uninsurable, or could not afford the premiums who did not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. It happened to a dear friend of mine who would have been 58 last Sunday, but she died almost two years ago of pneumonia. Her husband had been a self-employed contractor for years, when he had a heart attack and then was diagnosed with MS. He couldn’t work, but with his pension and her job they could “get by.” But there was no money for insurance premiums, so she died when she got sick. Her husband died a few months after her.

  3. Doesn’t the GOP have any other agenda besides “I hate Obamacare”?

    Where is the Republican alternative to Obamacare?

    When was the last time stomping your feet and throwing a temper tantrum worked well with voters?

    I’m not a big ACA fan, but it is one of the largest product rollouts in our planets history. Even Apple has programming errors when unleashing a new product. If you think some website errors and low-sign-ups are going to derail the entire ACA legislation, you’re a fool. Anyone remember Medicare Part-D? That thing was a mess at first. But after a few years, the problems were solved and Part D is a popular program.

    • And yet Apple managed to sell 7 million iPhone 5’s during the first three days after release and our government sold only 248 people ObamaCare policies. The depth of dishonesty and incompetence by the Obama Administration is unparalleled in American history. Geez man, they couldn’t even make a website to sell 4 stinking products in 3 years with $600 Million. That is kindergarten pathetic. And now the suckers are lying about their lies. What hath our uninformed electorate wrought?

      • There was an interview on the radio today that said last year for the first time ever, California had more Mexicans go back to Mexico that there were Mexicans who came to the USA. Now that Obama has destroyed the US economy and screwed up the future we don’t even need that fence. To me it is a strong statement on how far we have fallen for Mexicans to go back to Mexico as opposed to staying in the USA for the opportunities that we have always offered.

        • Yoda- The dishonesty is unparalleled in American history? Let me remind you about a man named Richard Nixon…

          El Capitan-If you think the economic reality is better in Mexico than in the US, you are a fool.

          You both make these outlandish claims that are just talking points from commentators on Fox News. Ok, you don’t like Obama. Make a reasonable argument or statement. Remember how stupid the Dem’s looked comparing Bush to Hitler? That is how dumb you look now.

          • Nixon was a liar about a political break in. Bush Sr. lied about taxes. Clinton lied about a BJ. None of these lies had the kind of broad negative economic impact as the lies Obama told. Bush Sr. maybe since taxes were eventually raised but he did not know that would happen when he told the lie. Obama intentionally lied to get legislation he supported passed along party lines. The result is what the evening news is all about right now. Lost insurance, double premiums, and the moron is now lying to cover up his previous lies. I reiterate that Obama’s lie is the worst deliberate lie ever told by a politician that has caused massive economic damage.

          • Then why are the Mexicans going back? The US may not be as good as Mexico for someone without a green card that does not speak English. That has never been the case before. For a native born American I agree with you that America is still better than Mexico.

          • Yoda, what about Bush Jr’s lies? Those had devastating impact. Funny you left out the worst ones. Obamacare is childs play to the 50 years Iraq set us back to line the pockets of his cronies.

            • Bush was incorrect about WMD. To lie one has to know the information is a lie when it is told. Bush did not. Obama on the other hand chose lies over the truth for political purposes. Bush got bad information from his advisers. Obama is just a liar. Character counts, and Obama does not have any character. He is full of charisma but has no character.

          • Oh, and what about the right wing unabashed lies about potential effects of the law? Two wrongs don’t make a right, but you are ignoring those because of your bias.

  4. You gotta realize that the Tea Party is disliked because they are old and dumb. They have never enjoyed widespread approval.

    Obama on the other hand has always been a likable fellow and has gotten approval ratings higher than he ever deserved based on charisma. Being exposed as a pathological liar has taken the blush off of Obama’s rose. If he does not have a “coming to Jesus” speech soon and apologize for his lies his approval will sink into the 20’s and stay there.

    At least 20% of the country would approve of this guy if he were hoisting babies on bayonets because they depend on the government to get by.

    • Kind of like 30% of people in this country would support any republican who slaps a bible and screams jesus this and jesus that. Stupid generalizations go both ways, idiot. At least you can admit the tea party is a bunch of bozos.

      • Indeed, you have finally seen the light. Obamabots and the tea party are cut from the same cloth of low information and ignorance. Both groups are mindless supporters of ideologies that don’t even exist.

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