Justices remove Judge Kimberly Brown from bench



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The Indiana Supreme Court Tuesday afternoon removed Marion Superior Judge Kimberly Brown from the bench. Brown had been onpaid suspension since Jan. 9 pending final discipline.

A panel of special masters found that the Judicial Qualifications Commission proved more than 80 rule violations by Brown on 46 of 47 charges. She was accused of wrongful detention of at least nine criminal defendants, failing to properly oversee her court, improperly supervising trials, failing to act on Indiana Court of Appeals orders, showing hostility toward parties who came before her, and retaliating against court staff who complained.

Justice Robert Rucker concurred in part, agreeing that Brown should be removed, but not immediately.

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  1. Finally, Indiana has a well-qualified candidate for the Supreme Court. Could be our next President.

    • ‘The shortest interval of time known to man is that fleeting moment when a lawyer takes his oath as a judge and immediately forgets that he was ever a lawyer.’ ~~ Quoted by a local lawyer a few years ago. (He also praised the Vanderburgh judges he considered worthy of it in the same work. The quote is from New Jersey case).

      How bad does a judge have to be to have this happen?

      • Some lawyers have convenient poor memory or CPM as it is known amongst the better esquires, present company excepted.

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