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Just What’s in Those Chicken Nuggets?



Family and Consumer Science students learn about the making of commercial chicken nuggets; then make their own

Thursday, May 2

10:49 – 12:18 p.m. and 1:15 – 2:45 p.m.

Central High School

As part of a Protein Unit, Central Teacher Karen Simon’s students are learning about a host of topics including sanitation, nutrition fact labels, ingredient listings, nutrients, AND about the processing that takes place to create commercially sold protein items – like hot dogs and chicken nuggets, some of their favorite foods. During the “Homemade Chicken Nugget Lab,” on Thursday, students are making their product from fresh, natural chicken breasts (no additives, chemicals, or salt) and then will go to three stations set up in the room, consisting of eight sauces, six breadings, and eight seasonings, to personalize their chicken nuggets. The lesson will conclude with a cost and nutritional comparison analysis of homemade chicken nuggets compared to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Tyson, and Banquet nuggets. Students who had the class today were amazed at the cost effectiveness and how simple and easy it is to make their own nuggets at home. It is a unit that inspires them to eat healthier, read labels, and be smarter consumers, Simon said. “The nation’s obesity numbers are alarming. If I can make a change (even if a small one) in the attitudes and habits of my EVSC students and they pass what they have learned onto their families and friends, I will have achieved my purpose! Family and Consumer Science classes do just that – they teach life skills.”