JUST IN: The Tri-State Alliance Board Of Directors Announced That Finances Are In Order


The Tri-State Alliance Board of Directors held a press conference this afternoon to address recent articles in the media.

The Tri-State Alliance Board Of Directors announced that they reviewed all finances from Jan. 1, 2016 to present and have found everything in order. All monies spent have been used for the mission of the group. An independent audit will be done on the books as well.

The group made a paperwork error with the IRS and has refiled the paperwork and appealed the suspension of their tax status with the IRS.

The group will continue to focus on serving LGBTQ youth, educate the public and helping those living with HIV / AIDS.

Questions were asked of how the board functions. The Board President, the board Vice Presidents or the secretary all have the power to call a board meeting at any time. All board members have made financial contributions to the group and served as a volunteer for the group for at least a year.

For more information about the group visit TSAGL.org or visit the Tri-State Alliance on Facebook.



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