Just In: Connie Robinson Resigns From Local Democratic Party


Connie Robinson Resigns From Local Democratic Party

May 22, 2019

9:30 AM

Dear Chairman Scott Danks,

I am writing to resign the affiliation that I have had for many years with the Democratic Party of Vanderburgh County

After allegations of racist activities in a Democratic primary campaign and malicious statements made against an African-American community activist during a recent Evansville City Council meeting, I came to the conclusion that the local Democratic Party has become a party of regression and racist sentiments that my conscience will no longer allow me to be a part of.

The Democratic Party’s leadership which fails to take a stand or make a statement condemning these actions is in effect condoning both.

I have watched in the last four years as the “Party of the People” has dissolved into a party of intolerance.

I will finish out my term as an Independent who is not identified by party affiliation, but instead by the principles that guide those of us who believe that this community is for all people and not just a few backward political operatives who sit on the City Council.

It seems that the Democratic Party is no longer a party that welcomes people who look like me. I can only hope that someday it will change and welcome substantive inclusion.


Connie Robinson








  1. Connie I thank you for your contributions you’ve made to our fair city
    As far as racism is concerned our nation,world is still infected with it,in my opinion
    we have came a long way the last50 years,yet we still have a long way to go
    Thank you again

  2. Connie….I am so so sorry about how backward we have become in the past few years. I wish the best for you.

  3. It’s race, always race. Is there nothing else? Every time an issue arises, then the reason must be racial. As long as you’ve lived like a VIP in the public life, you should have a thicker skin. You so used to being pandered to, you can’t deal with any negativity. Grow up.

  4. Mrs. Robinson will continue to do all the good she can for all of the people she can do for, the same way she always has, regardless of their race. She has dealt with insults all of her life. Racial slurs made against her during her tenure on Council, especially when she was serving as Chair, have been borne with dignity.
    For you to suggest that a woman who survived cancer while serving the public “grow up” is ludicrous.

    • Having cancer does not convey a sense of adulthood, maturity, or anything else of that nature. My father, Grandfather, and other members of my family have died from cancer, so I have a certain amount of knowledge of what comes from cancer. I have followed her career for years and have heard her comments from the beginning about racism while she totaling disregards any other reason for adverse feelings, decisions, or comments about her. Sometime she just has to accept there are other reasons for things happening than race. Maybe I could claim racism occasionally? An old, white guy? Nah. It’s just my fault. So, as ludicrous as my comment sounds to you, your response sounds to me. Pick a fight with someone else, please.

  5. Glad to see someone stand up to Connie, long overdue. Will never forget her theatrics at a council meeting against Chief Bolen and the EPD. Her ward is the most crime ridden area of Vanderburgh County.

  6. Has anyone asked our 5th Ward Councilman what he knows about the farmer who desecrated the 15 graves in North Vanderburgh County (Armstrong)? Surprising that the farmers name has not been released yet.

    • Dear Geoff Roe

      Please give us more information about the farmer who allegedly desecrated the graves of 15 deceased people in North Vanderburgh County.
      If your accusations are correct we shall take the farmer too task.

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