Josh Edwards Is Running To Be The First Ward City Councilman.


Josh Edwards Is Running To Be The First Ward City Councilman

SEPTEMBER 11, 2023

Josh Edwards is a dedicated father, husband, and business executive who is running to be the First Ward City Councilman.

As the current Vice President of Operations for Byrne Riney LLC, Josh oversees the Operations for more than six different fast-casual dining franchises with locations across our region.

Overseeing more than 200 employees, his servant leadership and relationship-building have helped keep his stores fully staffed in times when labor shortages have hurt many local businesses. His strategic mindset has enabled his company to grow exponentially. He has identified high-growth brands and paired them with areas that instantly have created great success

Josh is active throughout our community. Donating both his time and energy to many great causes and non-profits. He regularly can be found volunteering at Willow Park Nursing Home.

He enjoys mentoring adolescents and young adults as well as volunteering.  He is an active leader in the “No Kid Hungry” campaign. A nationwide effort to end childhood hunger by concentrating efforts on a local level. Through his dining establishments, he understands the importance of giving back; and seeks out opportunities to have giveback nights, as well as direct donations to a multitude of local non-profits.

Josh believes we need a fiscally sound, yet responsive city government. One that offers a hand to lift everyone, instead of a handout. He wants to work closely with law enforcement to ensure they have the funding necessary to keep our communities safe. He wants to work to continue growing our city by ensuring we have the proper environment for businesses of all sizes to grow. By understanding the needs of his residents, he will ensure that the First Ward has a strong sense of community. That happens by ensuring he will always return calls or emails for every resident of the First Ward.

Josh is running to be your First Ward City Councilman and he would honored to have your support!