John Friend Response Commerce Bank CEO To Tom Austerman E-Mail


    Dear Luke,

    Attached is an email I sent to Mr. Tom Austerman CEO of Commerce Bank in response to the e-mail he sent to Councilwoman Connie Robinson...
    John Friend
    Dear Tom Austerman
    Thanks you for your input regarding Councilwoman proposed ordinance....yes you are correct about the bankruptcy issue...we are now approx. 380 mil in debt and growing.
    We have 540 million regarding the EPA issue, but, the EPA will not stand for 540 if we have 25+ year to implement, so be prepared for 700 million, we have 600 miles of failing water pipes estimated cost of replacement, 200 million, we have Johnson Controls of 45 million, we have Mr. Lloyd's 2002 consent decree to be considered regarding the ADA crosswalk issues estimated at 20 million, we have 239 million regarding unfunded post retiree health benefit, we have 160 million of the Sewer Water Master plan to deal with, we have a 20 million dollar hotel, we have a 57 million IU Med to build, we have an administration that wants a 8 million new park, 40 million to the Zoo, and more to come...the total, 1.861 BILLION dollars in store for the residents within the City Limits of Evansville or simply put 16,000 for each and every person that resides within the City.
    By the way, Detroit is approx. 18k per resident and, according to reports, they are working things out in the Bankruptcy Court, I refer you to for the number of Bk cases concerning muni's.
    What we need is less folks moving to Newburgh, Posey County, Henderson, paying taxes to those communities and we, the people of Evansville provide police and fire protection for those who visit our fair city, and don't think that we appreciate the visits, but, if Evansville did not exist and was a squeaky little town, I wonder if Newburgh would be Newburgh, I wonder why Tell City is not Evansville and why Perry County is not Vanderburgh and Warrick is the size that it is?
    If those folks who love our city, but wish to live outside of our city could it be considered counter intuitive?  Perhaps they wish to live were anticipated debt levels are manageable and where it is convenient to enjoy the established pleasures of Evansville. So, it is comforting to know that without the aid of individuals who elect to live outside of the confines of the issues of our city, but, like most elitism, believe we do not process the skills and talents to control our own destiny and as a result, bankruptcy is in our future. That as it maybe, be it declared, "we determined our fate".  
    If Ms Robinson's ordinance should become law, is it presumptuous to assume that your organization employs only those who live outside of the City limits. Surely you have qualified people working for your bank to help us through these tumultuous times to come.
    Thanks for your thoughts and comments...
    John Friend
    Evansville 5th Ward City Council Member


    1. The Nav. light incursion speaks, and low and behold there was a Possum Mountie, “Who’s friends are in your marina?”

    2. Seems like someone that is a CPA and is aware of all this debt present and future wouldn’t be such a rubber stamp for the past two mayors.

      • “wouldn’t be such a rubber stamp for the past two mayors.” Hell The past two could be faced with being ratted by the present. and one of those could be fired. We’re still watching and its starting to get fun, hate to say that, however, entertainment is entertainment, by observation sometimes.
        To bad that entire local populations tri-state metro well being balance hangs with that crap from that smallish load of political sock puppet stinkard’s.

    3. Also, will we get to read the email sent by Mr. Austerman to the Councilwoman? The elitist name-drop-a-thon sent by Mr. Yeager was entertaining, to say the least.

    4. Parallel Universe we live in ? Almost all of this spending was on Friend’s watch ! Is he trying to shift the blame ?

      Also, Russ Lloyd’s 2002 consent decree re: ADA ? That was 13 years ago and no enforcement yet ??

      • It’s amusing to me how Russ Lloyd’s 4 years in the mayor’s seat is somehow to be compared to the Democrat’s control of the other 30 years when it comes to finger pointing the blame for the decline of Evansville.

        And when was the last time Republicans controlled the city council?

        • One needs to remember that city government is set up with a mayor and a weak council. Those strong and weak positions need to be reversed!

        • dis,

          No, I wasn’t pointing fingers at R.Lloyd re: the 2002 ADA consent decree. Merely questioning–since the Feds or anyone have forced the City to do anything in this regard in the last 13 years–whether we still need to be counting that as a liability ?

    5. Why do we allow these Commerce Bank big-wigs to sit on City Boards, and now we’re facing bankruptcy ? Need to pass a revised ordinance which bans all Bankers, Lawyers and Realtors from sitting on Boards, regardless of their residence !

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