John Friend Elected 2014 City Council President

City Councilman John Friend
City Councilman John Friend

This evening the Evansville City Council elected John Friend, CPA Council President for 2014.  Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley was elected Vice President?  Dr. Dan Adams was appointed Chairman of the ASD committee.  Al Lindsey will be  the next chairman of the Public Works Committee and Conner O’Daniel will be the next Finance Committee chairman?


  1. Glad to hear this, although I was pretty pumped up that today’s news was going to be SBR announcing her candidacy for the mayor’s office.

    Hopefully Al can keep a hold on the fire chief’s pay and John will keep Unroberts Park dead where it belongs.

    • I can’t imagine SBR as the mayor. An honest, intelligent, hardworking mayor like SBR would drive the power brokers crazy. I think she’s a conservative, she seems to act logically instead of emotionally.

  2. Connor was a great choice for the Finance Chair…please wish him well. He will have a daunting task ahead of himself. When Winnecke finds a dollar, be assured he will borrow ten…

  3. Stephanie was a great choice for council vice president, she represents honesty, integrity and common sense. She has been at the forefront of fiscal conservatism, long needed in the City of Evansville and has represented her 3rd ward constituency in a manner that should be emulated by the other members of the council, but is often lacking. Should she run for mayor, she certainly would be my choice.

  4. John Friend elected president?
    I’ll drink to that!
    Unfortunately – so will John!

    • Well, that was nasty. Congratulations would be nicer-I have to admit, I was hoping SBR was announcing for mayoral. We’ll need someone knowledgeable to clean up this mess when unowho skedaddles. She is not afraid to scrap with these hustlers who keep coming here to tell us what a big favor they’re doing us to take our money!

    • Kinda like build one hundred bridges and have one indiscretion, they never ever call you a bridge builder, do they? Well, it is much like what the Generals were telling Lincoln, ” Grant drinks too much” ole Abe’s reply “find out what brand of whiskey he drinks and pass it out to the other Generals, it seems he is the only one winning the battles” Does this mean a sober Winnecke puts our community into the financial dark ages, or a not so sober Friend, saves us from financial disaster…so, what the hell is Friend brand of drink?

      • Well, Mr. Grateful Dead….I’ll drink to that….wonder if old Truthsquad is one of those hypocrites, quick to condemn while secretly partaking in the grapes of wath…well those without sin, please cast the……well, you know how it ends….

    • Who would you prefer? Someone say with a MPA that used to work for the Chamber until he tried to get his boss fired and now not a company in the tri-state will have him as an employee? Somebody like that Little Niki? A liar maybe?

  5. Great choice! Friend is such a nice caring person! I hope he keeps up the hard work for the tax payers of Evansville!

  6. With President Friend presiding, Council meetings will be nothing if not amusing. His stammering, spluttering speech, paper rifling, and occasional stolls into daydream land ought to make for top-shelf entertainment.

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