Joanne Massey Is Someone Whose Passions Have Enabled Her To Live Her Dream.


Joanne Massey Is Someone Whose Passions Have Enabled Her To Live Her Dream.

By Bryan Fox

Most of us can’t say we’ve lived our dream.  Sure, we all have envisioned what our future lives will be like as children, but usually those childhood dreams fade away.  For one tri-state resident, this is not the case.  Local artist Joanne Scott Massey has been\ able to fulfill her lifelong passion of creating artwork and mentoring others who share these passions.

A graduate of the University of Southern Indiana in Fine Art,  Joanne began to pursue her love for art at a young age.  In fact, she grew up in a family of artists.  “It’s been a lifelong interest.  My sister, mother, and grandmother were all artists,” Joanne

On her website at,  Joanne showcases her artwork.  Most of her paintings could be considered realism in style and done in acrylic painting.  She loves painting flowers and landscapes.    Joanne also enjoys working with clay.

Much of her pottery work is also on her website.  Some of her pottery work include making a resemblance of a sunflower,  a koi pond, and floral bowls.

As for Joanne’s influences, the one artist she referenced is the renowned Georgia O’Keefe, who was also known for large flower paintings.  However, she said she gains inspiration from many of her friends who are also artists.

Joanne Massey also teaches art classes at Angel Mounds in Newburgh.  She teaches classes at all levels.  ” It is so rewarding to see someone learn to paint while their enjoyment and growth evolve! I think everyone has an artist inside of them. All you need is desire, and a good coach,” Massey says.

Joanne has many of her paintings in private and public collections, including many paintings in the Deaconess Hospital collection.

Joanne also sells her artwork.  If your interested in buying a Joanne Massey original, feel free to visit her website.  You can also purchase her artwork locally  by visiting the Rumjahn Gallery, Basket kases, and the aforementioned Angel Mounds.

She is married to prominent and highly respected attorneyTom Massey and they have 3 children.   Oldest daughter Rachel lives in Indianapolis and is a Scientist for Eli Lilly.  Middle son Scott, is a senior at Purdue and is graduating this spring with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and starting his own business, ” Hydro Grow”.  The Massey’s youngest Ellie is graduating high school in May and plans to go to Purdue to study Industrial Management.

In conclusion,  Joanne  Scott Massey is someone whose passions have enabled her to live her dream.