JFK Family Fun Day Huge Success

Sheriff Eric Williams with Caricature

CCO Outstanding 2009 Public Servant of the Year – Sherriff Eric Williams

By Ralph Edwards

The John F. Kennedy Club of Vanderburgh County held its 3rd annual Family Fun Day on Saturday, Aug. 28, at Burdette Park. The event, which began at noon, featured local Democratic Party candidates and was highlighted by featured speaker Pat Bauer of South Bend, who is the Indiana Speaker of the House.

The buffet included hamburgers, hot dogs, American potato salad, German potato salad, sea food chowder, chips, drinks and assorted deserts.

The Chairman of the Board of the City-County Observer, Ron Cosby made brief remarks saying that the City-County Observer will continue to be a nonpartisan publication, however he emphasized that he and his staff recognizes that there are outstanding candidates on both sides of the political aisle. He believes the mission of the CCO is to inform the electorate of who they are. He said today is an example of an outstanding public servant who we are going to honor. He introduced Don Counts, Editor of the City-County Observer and Dan Kisner, Staff Artist.

City-County Observer Editor Don Counts called Sheriff Eric Williams to the platform. Don stated “Eric Williams was elected Sheriff after nearly 20 years of service to Vanderburgh County as a member of the Sheriff’s Office. Eric is a true servant leader for our community. He served as the Chief Deputy Sheriff for eight years under former Sheriff and now Congressman Brad Ellsworth. Sheriff Williams is a champion of youth related and other community issues. Eric grew up in Vanderburgh County and now, with his wife Jude, they are raising their three children in Vanderburgh County. Sheriff Williams is committed to making Vanderburgh County a safe place to raise a family.”

Don had the honor to present Sheriff Eric Williams a privately commissioned caricature by Dan Kisner showing the Sheriff and his hero Barney Fife. The City-County Observer also presented Sherriff Williams with a $250.00 gift certificate for a Wing Party for 20 people at Show Me’s Restaurant and Bar for him and his friends.

Don also announced that Dan Kisner, staff artist for the City-County Observer will be sketching caricatures for a few more hours. After the speeches and presentations the crowd thinned as the guests were treated to free swimming, fishing and miniature golf for the rest of the day. There was an unofficial count of about 511 attendees to this most successful event.