Jeff Dunham @ Ford Center Tonight – 2/1/2012


The man whose standup concerts rule the comedy world, Jeff Dunham, announces a full slate of shows through March 2012 that offers his millions of fans brand new laughs and hilarious additions to his famed troupe of sidekicks. In the coming months, concertgoers will meet two new Dunham characters: Achmed Junior, the not-as-equally skeletal son of Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and Little Jeff, a mini-version of the ringmaster himself. The fresh show from the arena-packing comedian will also have its global debut on September 25th as his fourth Comedy Central one-hour TV special, “Controlled Chaos,” bows in North America and makes an unprecedented simultaneous premiere in over a dozen territories worldwide. Dunham’s sidesplitting performances have made him the top grossing live comedian in North America for three consecutive years as well as the last two worldwide. Now his ever-growing legion of devoted fans that flock to his shows year after year will meet the newest additions to his suitcase posse. Achmed the Dead Terrorist has to now contend with his rebellious offspring, Achmed Junior, aka A.J. Meanwhile, Peanut has decided that he’s tired of being Jeff’s sidekick and has taken up ventriloquism with his own character: Little Jeff. More hilarity than ever ensues as the never-before-seen characters unleash their own havoc on stage. “Controlled Chaos” also hits the home entertainment market on DVD on September 27th, and preorders are now open at, where it hit #2 in comedy sales two months out from its release. Dunham followers anxious for a taste of his all-new live show can catch a teaser and see clips at chaos. The comic has taken his craft to unequalled heights of success in recent years. He currently boasts 7 million DVDs sold of his three previous specials and Comedy Central series, a New York Times Book Review bestseller list autobiography (“All By My Selves”), ratings records for his past TV shows, a briskly selling line of more than 100 items of merchandise, and a live show that fills top venues in North America, Europe, South Africa and Australia to rapturous receptions and standing ovations nightly. Further information on Jeff Dunham is at: His upcoming special has its own dedicated page at: chaos.