Ivy Tech Community College Selects Program Director For The New IMPACCT Scholars Program


Ivy Tech Community College Selects Program Director for the New IMPACCT Ivy Scholars Program

EVANSVILLE, IN – Ivy Tech Community College has named Marcus Weatherford as the IMPACCT Ivy Scholars Program Director for the newly instituted Integrated Mentoring Program Achieving College and Career Transformation (IMPACCT). Weatherford comes to Ivy Tech from the Owensboro YMCA, where he served as senior program director.

IMPACCT Ivy Scholars is a new program within the College that will serve to provide direct support to help individuals between 18-25 years of age who may have experienced trauma, identify as disabled, identify as a minority student of color and/or as a single parent.

Weatherford’s position will support these students’ educational dreams into a realistic career, making a better life for themselves, their future, and their family or future family. The program offers financial support to students through donor funding. This funding is determined based on student eligibility and program participation.

Hallmarks of the new program include:
Individualized guidance, coaching, and tutoring Weatherford will develop students’ academic pathways aligned to their career interests. Students will be accountable to utilize the academic tutoring center and peer tutors.

Service Learning The best way to learn is to teach. Students will be required to engage in an on-campus or off-campus activity that supports bettering the community. This could include presenting to classes or organizations about the IMPACCT Ivy Scholars Program.

Monthly Advising & Student Meetings Students will be required to meet with Weatherford monthly (this could include check-ins via phone, email or face to face) and attend one IMPACCT Ivy Re-Vamp session. This session focuses on life skills, teaching empowerment, and belonging.

This is a group session where students are accountable to themselves and their peers in the program.

Mentors Students will be mentored either formally or informally by peers or a person in the field of their career interest. Mentors will be critical to retention by connection. Students who feel connected and that have someone they can share concerns or successes with have higher persistence rates than those that do not.

Weatherford holds a master’s degree in business administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. He earned a bachelor of science in marketing from Ball State University.

Weatherford has served in a variety of different roles in his professional career. His roles have included business manager for Regency Properties, upward bound director and financial aid counselor for Vincennes University, device specialist for Flextronics Retail Technical Services, collections representative for Card Management Corporation, and insurance agent for Bankers Life and Casualty.

Weatherford resides on the northside of Evansville with his wife, Cassie, and their two children.




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