Ivy Tech Community College Celebrates Local Faculty, Alumni and Benefactor


EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Ivy Tech Community College honored local faculty and adjunct faculty, as well as a Distinguished Alumni and Benefactor, at recent events.

“For anyone associated with the College, this year is a year for excitement and reflection,” said Ivy Tech President, Dr. Sue Ellspermann. “Our excellent faculty, inspiring alumni, and strong partnerships allowed us to reach this point, and we have an incredible opportunity to celebrate the impact on our communities throughout Indiana.”

The Faculty President’s Award Honoree was Marti Suddarth, associate professor of Early Childhood Education.

The Adjunct Faculty President’s Award Honoree was Stan Wilm, adjunct professor in Early Childhood Education

The College honored Suddarth and Wilm for their exemplary work with students and the College community during the past year. A selection committee made up of alumni, past winners, State Trustees, faculty representatives, and college administration selected the honorees based on nominations from students, fellow faculty members, and Ivy Tech staff.

Along with being recognized with the President’s Award, each full-time faculty member is eligible for the Glenn W. Sample Award Founder’s Award for Excellence in Instruction, while each Adjunct Faculty member is eligible for the Gerald I. Lamkin Award. Sample and Lamkin are two former Ivy Tech presidents. Sample helped found the College when it was still the Indiana Vocational Technical College, while Lamkin oversaw the growth of the College from a vocational school to the state’s community college.

The Distinguished Alumni from Ivy Tech Evansville was Gelina Mascoe.
Mascoe’s story, including the health care specialist degree she earned from Ivy Tech, is part of the American Dream. Gelina is from La Gonave, Haiti, and moved to Florida unable to speak a word of English when in the 7th grade. She quickly adapted and made friends and connections. After graduating from high school, Gelina relocated to Northern Kentucky to pursue a career in medical technology. Gelina, who now has two degrees, eventually founded Lumiere D ‘education Foundation, a charitable organization that provides free education to 170 children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Gelina also founded the Haitian Center of Evansville, connecting Haitian immigrants to support that will help them to achieve independence, increase their well-being, and enhance their community impact. Today, Gelina works as a top-producing, full-time real estate agent for F.C. Tucker Emge. 

The Honored Benefactor from Ivy Tech Evansville was Lu Porter.
Porter has been a Foundation board member for more than 27 years, connecting countless donors and Ivy Tech students. Porter supports her community in many ways – from serving 25 local and state boards over the last several decades to delivering community needs and helping non-profits with fundraising. Porter retired from the Evansville African American Museum in 2017 and previously worked in community outreach for Integra Bank. Throughout her life in Evansville, Porter has kept a pulse on supporting youth and the disenfranchised: from helping young people set up their first bank accounts to encouraging the pursuit of higher education. Porter is the daughter of a preacher, to whom she credits for teaching her the values of servant leadership. In addition to the Ivy Tech Foundation Board of Directors, Porter is also currently on the ECHO Community Healthcare board.


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    How more proud of Ivy Tech’s role in the Community can we be!

    WONDERFUL growth over the years.
    WONDERFUL asset that adds smart people in our community.
    WONDERFUL community institution for our Families, and our Kids, and our Busineses.

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    Trump is NOT interested in a country where voters elect their officials.
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