It’s A Myth That GOP Is Party Of The Wealthy


It’s A Myth That GOP Is Party Of The Wealthy


  1. There is no accounting for the funds pouring into Act Blue. They can come from the swipe of a credit card anywhere in the world.

    The danger of course is that outside influences could conspire to take down the United States as a world power by electing candidates who will do their bidding.

    Sound familiar?

  2. Yes. It is hogwash.

    Look, I’m a Republican. Party of business. Free markets. The whole thing.

    But this article. This is a propaganda article.

    Because there are some Dems who have deep pockets does not make the Democratic Party the party of the rich. Which is what this guy seems to be saying.

    “Saw a cow with three legs. Wrote an article titled “All cows have three legs now.” ”

    I think perhaps the more accurate stereotype is “Most management is Republican” in a business. The higher paid staff….is nearly all Republican as a general rule.

    The High Net Worth crowd….not a good sampling of trying to establish the trend.

  3. This gorgeous freak actually ended up spending $150 million on the 2012 election. But even though the other side can do the same, (even though because of it, it’s the beginning of the end of our Democracy,) what he spent it “toward” is what’s most important.

    During the 2012 primaries, Newt Gingrich wanted to build colonies on Mars, (while he was campaigning in Florida.) When Sheldon Adelson offered him $10 million dollars to keep his campaign going, Gingrich started talking about bombing Iran.

    Adelson is a “devout” supporter of Israel, stating he wished his son, “Was a member of their Special Forces.”

    When Gingrich’s Mars colonies washed out, he turned his sites to Romney to the tune of around $100 million in bomb money.

    And low and behold, Romney started talking about bombing Iran.

    The moral to the story is, you made the right call in 2012 America. Your disdain for your fellow Americans to be able to afford health care insurance is not near as vulgar as the pre-emptive bombing of Iran only because of one ugly MoFo’s $100 million.


    • They’re both vulgar and sickening. Not to mention Adelson is under investigation for money laundering and bribery.

      “Support the troops” by getting them killed or maimed.

      USA! USA!!

  4. The whole dispute about which party is the “party of the rich” is pointless, to my way of thinking. I get really confused, though about the rank-and-file, “cloth coat Republicans” who rant on about how the Democratic party wants to keep people poor so they will continue to vote Democrat. Then, they turn around and argue that the GOP is not the party of the wealthy. So, they cast the Dems as the party of the poor, but screech about not being the party of the wealthy.
    The truth is that BOTH parties are run by the very, very wealthy. At this point in history it just appears that one party realizes that in order to prosper, the US needs a functioning, educated, “comfortable” middle class, and the other doesn’t.

    • The democrats are not really the party of the poor. What they are is the party of flim flam conmen who are slick enough to make the poor, and especially the black who vote with for them in a 95% mindless block, believe the lies. If the poor and the minorities took the time to reflect instead of being tricked by the dems the election outcomes would be very different.

  5. The author leaves out all the dark money which is 70% conservative. I guess he is auditioning for a job at Fraud News also.

    These conservative dark money groups spent over $300 MILLION in the 2012 election. Think about that.

    Of course we wouldn’t want to investigate hyperpartisan tax focused groups who are using IRS non-partisan tax exempt status.

    American crossroads and the Kiwanis are exactly the same kind of group, just interested in the betterment of society. Eye roll

      • Ohhhh Liberal groups spent $1.7M

        Holy money corrupts politics Batman.

        Dude the Kochs have spent $30 MILLION on the 2014 elections already, BY THEMSELVES, that doesn’t even count all the other conservative groups.

        In this cycle, the brothers have already given a reported $30 million to nonprofits such as Americans for Prosperity to help pay for attack ads on ObamaCare and against incumbent Senate Democrats, as they try to defend their party’s six-seat majority in the upper chamber in an increasingly tough political environment.

        BTW I despise how these 501 c 4’s have been abused by all.

        Do you really think I prefer corporatist Dems vs populist Dems?

        The law says 501 c 4’s must use their money EXCLUSIVELY for social causes, the IRS guidelines say PRIMARLY. So now political operatives have taken that loophole and made it large enough to launch the space shuttle through.

        If Obama had some gonads he would tell the Treasury to enforce the LAW, NOT the IRS guidelines, FOR BOTH SIDES.

        Of course if he did that the howling and screaming by the RW hacks would be….. deafening.

        Then of course the narrative wouldn’t be that Dems were spending more dark money it would be Obama taking away the poor, poor, widdle conservatives only tool to combat the evil, evil Dems.

        BANK ON IT.

  6. I am one of those old school indicators the kitchen use to stab into a steak to designate how it was cooked. Mine reads ‘Medium Rare’.

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