It’s More Important to be Real than Nice: By: Alan Leibundguth


It’s more important to be real than nice. Evansville’s future is at stake.
We do not need Softball Pitches in a Major-League Game.

“At a time like this it is more important to be real that it is to be nice. Being real takes a different language than being nice.” Leibundguth – WNIN debate.

Governing for this current administration, Mayor and City Council, is essentially over. Lame Duck. With elections pending, all eyes and anticipations are leaning to the new administration and how they will govern from here.

The WNIN debate is behind us and we found that there were too many nice questions and not enough probing ones. The questions could have been much more challenging and a better job could have been done to find out who each candidate really is, how they think and how they would respond to future problems. Seeking a City Council seat has to be more than just doing a little side-business.

Each candidate has a web site. Each candidate has made public statements about local issues. Some of these statements should be challenged, highlighted and questioned. None of the questions were specific to the different Wards. All the questions were city-specific.

Evansville is a not a one-size-fits-all city. Even in the 3rd Ward, where we have 14 Precincts, there is no way that a 3rd Ward Councilman can address issues covering the entire Ward in a few one-minute sound bites. This Ward is so diverse it will amaze you, and yet, I think this Ward is the heart of the city.

I would like to see Ward 3 lead the way to reclaiming Evansville to a family-friendly environment by cleaning up the streets, homes and quality-of-life issues in the areas where attention is desperately needed.

My Democrat opponent was a part of the October 26th secret meeting addressing issues about the crumbling Evansville Democrat party, a party that is currently in disarray. It was her own campaign manager, Alex Jarvis, who was the man fingered in ‘Floatgate’, who chaired this meeting. Why does her party still look to him for leadership?

Third Ward voters need to ask themselves a question, why would they trust her to manage this city when she and her party leaders cannot come up with management solutions to keep peace and unity in their own party? She finally under pressure openly supported her own party’s candidate for mayor, Rick Davis. Has Davis ever spoken publically in support of her? Does she embrace his ideas for change to this city? She did mention turning Roberts Stadium into a natatorium, which is a multi-million dollar failed idea from the beginning. Her support of Davis seems to focus only on the fact that he is the head of the ticket, that’s all.

At the FOP Candidates Night, my opponent, Ms. Brinkerhoff-Riley publically stated that she would shut down the city of Evansville, not pass the budget, not pay the city employees or city workers, in order to get the union(s) the contract she thinks
they deserve. Ms. Brinkerhoff-Riley, how will you answer the voters in the 3rd Ward who ask you about valuing them as equals to the unions? The fact that most residents do not belong to a union will have them asking questions about why you are you showing favoritism to the unions and union deals over the residents of your Ward. Do you intend to spend tax payer dollars on unions first, and then whatever is left over to the quality of life issues in your Ward, like fixing sewers and sink holes?

The point is this, the debate was too nice and did not uncover issues that the voters need to know about. There were too many softball questions in this major league game. There are clear ideological differences between me and my opponent, how we think and how we approach problem solving. It is a disservice to the voter to think that we are both alike and choosing either one is not that big a deal for them or for Evansville. It is time to stop being nice and start being real.

Here is a very real example.

During most of the public forums and this WNIN debate, every candidate agreed that Roberts Stadium should succeed and every candidate agreed that we need another study committee to figure out what is needed. My opponent wants another committee to study it.

The people of this city do not want another study committee. They want action.

I have a Masters Degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing. I volunteered to take the lead, get to work and find an agency that will start promoting Roberts Stadium and do it quickly. Open the doors and let the people back into their Stadium to attend events that they are interested in and can afford the price of admission. The city can host a few really inexpensive events just to get things moving again. Later, we can finalize any ideas to raise the floor, remove some seats and eliminate the underground water problems.

Evansville has a whole list of commissions, committees and councils. There are many decisions being made that have what seems to be very little interface with other committees. In public debate, my opponent machine-guns off a whole litany of boards and committees she has served on. Was all this effort for finding and working for real change? If she had any influence in the past five years as Ward Leader, why is the area seeing more blight, more crime, more meth labs, sewer issues, rubble clean up and sink holes issues?

I present myself to you as the Candidate who would spend tax dollars wisely, who is prepared for difficult challenges ahead for Evansville, in an emergency, who would respond correctly to a local crisis helping organize people and resources, who would best approach making cuts to the budget where cuts are desperately needed, reordering budget priorities, who would rally the city and county together around the common cause of consolidation, and who would best connect with and influence the voters of this Ward.

I openly supported and have vigorously campaigned for Lloyd Winnecke for Mayor in my Ward because he is the clear manager, leader and visionary in this Mayoral race. He has the presence of a Mayor. I am looking forward to working with him making changes in this city.

And my credentials precede me with military service to my country and in regular ministry service. I have a proven track record of making sound decisions under pressure and communicating ideas to get positive results. Agree with me in this election for leadership in the right direction.

Alan Leibundguth
Candidate for City Council, Ward 3


  1. You had me at :”Evansville has a whole list of commissions, committees and councils.”

  2. “The WNIN debate is behind us and we found that there were too many nice questions and not enough probing ones. The questions could have been much more challenging and a better job could have been done to find out who each candidate really is, how they think and how they would respond to future problems. Seeking a City Council seat has to be more than just doing a little side-business.”


    While I do agree with this statement I’m curious if the candidates knew what questions would be asked beforehand?

    Look at it from this perspective how would a candidate like Ms Mosby fared in a heads-up debate where she could not be coached from the sidelines? Maybe the league of women voters or WNIN was just trying to play nicey nicey with the candidates and to be honest some of the candidates did well and looked comfortable others at times had that deer in the headlights look about them.

    Like you Alan I came away from watching the debate with the impression that it was soft and really wasn’t intended to be a debate but a chance for the candidates to simply make their positions public, which could have been done without calling it a debate, it could have just been a infomercial for each….

    While I can’t vote for you, if I still lived in the 3rd ward you would have easily got my vote, I just don’t like your opponent’s stand on a lot of issues….and I guess I’m really old fashion because I’ve never understood hyphenated last names which is a whole ‘nuther issue for me. 😉


    • Thenks blanger.

      None of the candidates (supposedly) knew the questions before the debate.


  3. Is it not fair to say that the entire city is experiencing “more blight, more crime, more meth labs, sewer issues, rubble clean up and sink holes issues?”

    I’m not sure that this can be blamed on a Ward Leader, but instead appears to be caused by the state of our current economy, high unemployment rate and lackadaisical attitude of our past administrations. (Not to mention the high rate at which Evansville seems to reach the top of the list for meth use and production areas.)

    • Thanks monster

      There are some really nice areas in Evansville just like there are some really crummy areas – and there are a host of them in Ward 3. As a Ward leader, you just have to begin the work of cleaning up as well as influencing the clean up of the mess, and not just hanging out for the purpose of securing votes.


  4. Alan had close to 100 signs placed in public thoroughfares throughout the third ward at some point over the weekend. Greenriver Rd, Morgan Ave…. They were placed on public property which is legally not allowed. It is the responsibility of city workers to clean up messes like this. Who pays city workers? I guess he really means it when he says that “nice” is not important. Taxpayer money used to clean up a politician’s mess.

      • Inddem,

        Alan “HAD” close to 100 signs placed at some point over the weekend.

        I’d bet a good chunk of change that you took them down.

        Are you a city worker?…Working on the weekend?

        • Ok maybe I should’ve just said “a bunch” instead of 100. The fact is they were there Saturdayafternoon and gone when I drove by today. I can assure you I never touched a single sign. My weekend was way too busy to worry about something so petty and immature. I only brought it up because I saw some hypocrisy and irony in his statement. And no I’m not s city worker. I’m not fortunate enough to have a friend or family member in this administration.

          • I would like to weigh in on why so many of the Leibundguth signs disappeared.

            My guess …. hopeless druggies came by, stole the metal posts to use for scrap sale to go buy more of their meth.

            They threw the paper on the ground.


    • Inddem:

      You did not actually count 100 signs – you are making this up.

      Yes you saw my signs and caught us in error. I had a group of engergetic helpers that did not know about the public right of way rules.

      I noticed that you did not mention all the Riley signs also positioned in the same public right of way, yet you did not repremand her. Is this because you are on the Riley team?

      With apologies

      • Not to mention most of the Riley signs are still up as of this morning…and a few on the public right of way….how long before they are considered litter?


        • I’ve been out today picking up those large signs and banners for my favorite candidate. The town looks a lot better for sure! I did see a few Riley signs here and there. In fact I saw a Leibundguth sign up at Weinbach and Michigan at about 4:30 p.m. There will be a few stragglers as there always is. All you got to do is call the pertinent headquarters or candidate, or better yet volunteer to help pick up signs and return them to the owner. You know, take some initiative and pitch in!

  5. i watched the debate, you said you would chair the committee on roberts stadium, or did you forget that part. you also talk about the trash and blight of the city, yet you put a bunch of signs all over the public property. How is that business degree working out for you, do you even have a job?

    • good649:

      Are you saying that my signs are the problem with trash and blight in the city?? Interesting. Are my opponents signs a part of that same trash and blight? Are Democrat signs a part of that same problem or just Republican signs?

      Did you also happen to notice that the Leibundguth team was one of the first to have all signs completely removed by early Thursday morning. Did you also happen to notice whose signs are still up?

      Please reply.


      • You go Alan. You ran a good campaign and made some very good points about Evansville including the needs of the third ward. I hope that you stay in public life. You have much to offer this community.

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