IS IT TRUE? November 7, 2011


IS IT TRUE? November 7, 2011

IS IT TRUE that against the wishes of the City County Observer that Mole #3 very firmly requested that the comments be turned off on his farewell letter to Evansville and the readers of the CCO?…that without Mole #3 that much secrecy in the government of the City of Evansville would probably never have been discovered?…that without the CCO that even if the secrets, the malfeasance, and the outright bumbling were discovered and leaked to news sources that they would not have had the courage to report the stories?…that the stars aligned four years ago when Mole #3 and the CCO hooked up to heighten the sense of awareness of the people of Evansville?…that the CCO would like to thank Mole #3 for all that it has brought to us in hopes of making Evansville a better place?…that few people really have the presence that the first action in making a house full of rats habitable is to find and eradicate every last rat but that Mole #3 understands this?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO would like to thank Mole #3 for coming to the CCO with the information that exposed the secret meeting that resulted in the lapsing of the HOMESTEAD TAX CREDIT?…that exposing this egregious disregard for local homeowners lead to Governor Mitch Daniels overruling the Weinzapfel Administrations actions AND saved the homeowners of Vanderburgh County over $5 Million per year?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO would like to thank Mole #3 for the tip that lead to the discovery that the Weinzapfel Administration hatched a scheme to deceive the Evansville City Council about the compensation of Director of DMD, Mr. Tom Barnett?…that this information was leaked to the mainstream media who CHOSE NOT TO REPORT IT until the CCO took the lead?…that today GAGE is no longer paying Mr. Barnett and that his salary is paid by the City of Evansville as it should have been all along?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO would like to thank Mole #3 for the information that the Executive Inn Parking Garage and the Executive Inn itself were seismically not up to modern standards?…that prior to this leak that the powers that be were either completely oblivious to such things or were concealing this information so as not to anger the public about the cost of the beginning of the hotel project?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO would like to thank Mole #3 for all of the information regarding the joke of a downtown Convention Hotel project and for the insider tips on just how much of a financial disaster the McCurdy is?…that Mole #3 as his last act has provided the CCO with a couple of other bombshells that will be reported when the time is right to do so?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO would like to thank Mole #3 for the courage to risk a career to expose insider deals that if allowed to continue would perpetuate the mediocrity that has kept the City of Evansville bouncing off the bottom for years?…that without Mole #3 that many of the issues in this year’s campaign for Mayor of Evansville would still be secrets?…that every town in America needs a Mole #3 and a CCO or something like them as Evansville does not have the market cornered on SNEGAL actions, insider deals, backroom meeting, and self serving elected officials?…that even though Mole #3 has expressed an intention to move to Florida that we are sure that there is a need for Mole #3 in Indianapolis or Washington D. C.

IS IT TRUE that the CCO will miss the midday phone calls and the anonymous emails?…that Evansville is the real loser but that Mole #3 has chosen its successor?…that Mole #3’s successor shall be called Mole #7 and that Mole #7 is younger, faster, and maybe a bit bolder than Mole #3?…that Mole #3 liked to work in the shadows but Mole #7 could care less?…that if Mole #3 could be characterized as a keeper of the peace and an exposer of that which is bad, Mole #7 wants to see the bad destroyed as well as exposed?

IS IT TRUE that we shall raise a glass to Mole #3 tomorrow night and hope that many of our readers do too?…that Mole #3 thinks that the Infinity Mole must have been drinking when all of those picks were made for tomorrow’s elections?


  1. All hail the incoming mole #7 may your rein be long and prosperous, and a special thanks to mole #3….THANK YOU!

    We all hope you enjoy your days of leisure, it is very much deserved.


    • blanger, re: Mole # 7: it may be her reign (or perhaps even rain), but it will definitely not be her rein (this is no horse my friend). Otherwise, X 2 to the newest muleie !

      • LOL….public school education showing through….not my first gaff and I’m sure it won’t be my last. 🙂


  2. and is the CCO planning on turning this poll off at 100 votes like the others or is there some other number we can anticipate?

  3. Mole #3 reminded me of Harry Truman’s comment that he would like to meet a three handed economist…
    I guess that everyone is Heavensburg is just swell and that “God’s in his heaven and all’s right with the world” -Browning….EGAD!!!

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