ISP conducted Sobriety Checkpoint, No Impaired Drivers Arrested


ISPISP conducted Sobriety Checkpoint, No Impaired Drivers Arrested

Vanderburgh County – Last night between 10:30 and 12:30, Indiana State Police conducted a sobriety checkpoint in the eastbound lanes of Diamond Avenue west of North Evans Avenue. During the two hour period troopers checked 64 drivers that passed through the checkpoint. Troopers conducted field sobriety tests on three drivers, but all three passed. Troopers did issue four traffic tickets and eight warnings.

The Indiana State Police are committed to traffic safety and will continue to conduct saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints to apprehend impaired drivers and to deter others from drinking and driving.


  1. TWO HOURS AND THEY COULDN’T FIND A DRUNK?! Maybe that’s because checkpoints don’t work. Pretty much most data on the subject shows patrolling is more effective.

    The checkpoints are one of the most disgusting violations of our individual liberties today. The police get to stop your car (without any suspicion or cause), talk to you, and then check your identification.

    As we read above, they made THREE sober people get out of their cars and perform sobriety checks only to be let go because they were not doing anything wrong? That is absurd and clearly a violation of the 4th Amendment.

    • And yet 20 years ago, they would nab 5 to 10 drunks at every checkpoint. Fine argument for us to stop this travesty.

      Damn those folks that have lived to a ripe old age because they weren’t snuffed out by a drunk !

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