“IS IT TRUE” JUNE 14, 2019


We hope that today’s “READERS FORUM” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way.

IS IT TRUE for the last several months we have been predicting that Ellis Park will be sold to a New Mexico company? …that our sources tell us that next week the Kentucky Racing Commission will consider the sale of Ellis Park  to Laguna Development Corporation located in Albuquerque, New Mexico?  …that Laguna Development Corporation is in the casino, hotel, and restaurant business, but not in the horse racing business?  …when members of the mainstream media break the news about this sale next week please remember who announced it first?”

IS IT TRUE next week the Kentucky Racing Commission will meet to discuss the sale of Ellis Park? …we are told that the Kentucky Racing Commission will approve this sale contingent on the agreement that Saratoga Gaming of New York be responsible to run the upcoming “Live Racing Meet” at Ellis Park?  …this request by the Kentucky Racing Commission make sense because Laguna Development Corporation have never ran “LIVE HORSE RACING” meet at their establishment in New Mexico?

IS IT TRUE we are pleased to see that the new owners of Ellis Park are advancing the money to start the extensive renovation of the historic race track located in Henderson, Ky? …the track is beginning to look good?

IS IT TRUE the rumors are swirling on the Ellis Park backside that the owners of this historical track are considering building a first class Casino-Hotel next to the Highway in the near future?

IS IT TRUE we are also pleased  to hear that the  new owners of Ellis Park have hired law enforcement officers from the Henderson Police Department to monitor the activities of the less than desirable patrons that visit the gaming area very late in the evening?

IS IT TRUE we hope that the soon-to-owners of Ellis Park will start doing some extensive re-training of current employees to help them to become even more efficient and consumer friendly?  …we also hope that the new owners will consider giving some of current support staff an increase in pay because they are deserving?

IS IT TRUE we are told that many people appreciated that former Ellis Park CEO and owner of Ellis Park Ron Geary took time out of his busy daily schedule to meet and greet Ellis Park patrons throughout the day and evening?  …we are told that some patrons are hoping that the current CEO will start doing similar?

IS IT TRUE that the rate payers of the Evansville Water And Sewer Utitilies Department water rates will increase approximately 37 percent over the next three years.  …at this rate you will be able to purchase a gallon of Jack Daniels less than you pay for a gallon of water from the Evansville Water And Sewer Utilities Department?

IS IT TRUE according to the INDY STAR Greg Pence, a freshman congressman in Indiana and brother of Vice President Mike Pence, reported spending more than $7,600 in campaign funds on lodging at the Trump International Hotel in the first few months after his election in November, although lawmakers are supposed to pay for their own housing in Washington?

IS IT TRUE that another legacy restaurant in Evansville has closed it’s doors and this time it is The Kennel Club that has been a northside fixture for longer than most of our readers have been alive?…the closing of the Kennel Club comes roughly 15 years after the closing of the Petroleum Club which appealed to the same demographic that the Kennel Club did?…that particular demographic happens to be the well-heeled edge of the upper class group that also can be seen hanging out on private golf courses?…this particular demographic has been shrinking all over the United States and is probably not going to make a comeback?…there will be more shrinkage in places like the Kennel Club, the Petroleum Club and other places that appeals to an older groups?

IS IT TRUE according to the INDY STAR-HOOSIER POLITICS that Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett in 2017 pledged to “rehab, transform or demolish 2,000 homes within the next two years,” a goal Hogsett and his staff now claim to have surpassed?

IS IT TRUE A month long INDY STAR-HOOSIER POLITICS investigation found the effort, which Mayor Joe Hogsett pitched as a way to improve public safety, hasn’t targeted violent neighborhoods most in need of help and that the numbers include hundreds of new luxury apartments and existing homes that received little attention and sometimes remain uninhabitable?

Todays “Readers Poll’ question is: Are you pleased to hear that Saratoga Gaming of New York has sold Ellis Park to Laguna Development Corporation located in Albuquerque, New Mexico?

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  1. And you can bet the new owners of Ellis Park, the Laguna Development Corporation, an Indian reservation/pueblo, will soon begin lobbying the Kentucky legislature to allow full casino gambling (e.g., table games, poker, and real slot machines) at this horse racing track.
    Remember, you read it here!

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