IS IT TRUE Weekend January 25-26 2014 #1


IS IT TRUE that Vanderburgh County once again has the distinction of being the #1 county in Indiana for meth labs?…while this distinction could simply mean that our law enforcement is hyper effective and that the “Breaking Bad” wannabes are all tossed in jail we all know the reality is we have a serious meth problem and have for years?…in the last Mayoral election both Democrat Rick Davis and now Mayor Lloyd Winnecke committed to support legislation that would make selling the ingredients for meth require a prescription?…Davis, in particular even exposed how a child’s bicycle was the “open for business” sign at the home of a local meth dealer?…the CCO would like to know why Mayor Winnecke who defeated Rick Davis with the help of local Democrats has been mute on the campaign promise to help take the ingredients for making meth off the shelves of our local stores?…we think taking positive actions to disrupt the meth supply chain is more important to Evansville that dog parks, a downtown hotel, picking up garbage, or even fixing the infrastructure?…we would welcome a position paper from Mayor Winnecke on this campaign promise gone missing?

IS IT TRUE that we have noticed that emails announcing events at the Centre are already going out with the tag line “The Old National Bank Events Plaza” at the end of the emails?…we are fully aware that an agreement was signed by the Vanderburgh County Commissioners to assign those naming rights to ONB for a nebulus investment of UP TO $14 Million in a downtown convention hotel project?…we can’t see any hotel downtown, we have not seen any formal announcement that HCW has gotten loan approval, we have not seen any permit issued to start building, and we wonder just what has been done to close the naming rights deal?…perhaps ONB actually donated a dime or a quarter to the cause thereby fulfilling their obligations under this ill conceived and poorly written agreement?…this place just can’t seem to help itself when it comes to entering into contracts that are one sided against the taxpayers?…the bumpkins are still in charge of government?…in the words of Jerry McGuire we ask our esteemed County Commissioners to “SHOW US THE MONEY” before you give away these supposedly valuable naming rights?

IS IT TRUE in better news SS&C that was attracted to Evansville and now occupies part of the Innovation Pointe building and employs over 80 people has donated $1 Million to the accounting department of USI to add a critical skill to the curriculum?…this is the kind of actions that will help elevate the Evansville business community in the long run to a more competitive level?…the CCO commends SS&C for this generous donation to our public university and sends them wishes for prosperity and expansion right here in Evansville?


  1. I find it heartening to see that Gov. Pence’s position on banning marrige equality is 14 points “under water” in an un-scientific poll on a right-leaning site. Even that gives me hope for Indiana!

      • Four points now. It just couldn’t be that thinking people disagree with LKB. Oh no, it’s a great right wing family and friend conspiracy.

        And of course a poll that is 81% against Cuomo has to be a has to be an impromptu referendum against Pence.

        The poll would not exist if the CCO was right wing.

        • Back to 12 pts under water.
          Who are you trying to kid about CCO not being right wing? They admit it.
          As for going anti-Cuomo, it doesn’t matter. He’s in New York. It matters for Pence, because he is in Indiana.

          • Not exactly elkaybee. What we admit to is that what your read is who we are. We have openly advocated in favor of same-sex marriage, have supported a woman’s right to choose, and legalization of MJ. These are not exactly right wing positions. We also advocate for practicality in government spending and personal responsibility both of which clash with the progressive agenda. We are all about rights when it comes to social issues but are conservative when it comes to spending public money. I doubt you will find to many “right wingers” who are in line with our social positions.

          • Thanks Joe. Most of that list makes a lot of sense, especially women’s rights and same sex marriage. Personal rights are near and dear. I worry about the poor who cannot, because of illness or other handicaps, work to make a life for themselves. There will always be those who need our assistance and those who take advantage. It is hard to hit a moving target or always practice absolutes. However I can say absolutely that I am a fan of Pence and haven’t been since I knew who he was.

            I do appreciate the CCO presenting different views and adding the statehouse articles. Hope the obit idea is moving along. The CCO is always a kick to read.

  2. I will reiterate my challenge to Abell, Melcher, Keifer or any other County official to produce an invoice for an ad, or any set of meeting minutes showing a clear attemp to sell naming right to The Centre before this stinker ONB deal.

    Come on guys… You claimed you couldn’t sell the rights to anyone else. You told the C&P you’d ‘tried for years’. Prove it.

          • OK, $5. Heck, make it a million. LKB can’t be bribed, and I don’t have a million. So my $5 is safe.

          • LKB always speaks nicely because she always speaks her mind. Honesty is what is needed more of in politics and I think that it is very nice. If you don’t want to engage her in your conversations or postings then that’s your call. She is intelligent and thinks for herself. I believe that many other posters are also honest in their statements. Some we would be better off without, present company excepted.

  3. Has anybody heard that GOP Chairmen Wayne Parke sent Nick Hermann, Judge Les Shilvey, Joe Harrison Jr. and Joe Kiefer a nasty in your face-mails for attending the recent Christmas party held by Vanderburgh County Sheriff candidate Dave Wedding?

  4. Not very Christian of him. Of course, holding fundraisers on the Lord’s birthday is already pretty questionable.

  5. Wonder if the Wayne Parke is going to send the Mayor a nasty e-mail for seeing hanging out with Dave Wedding at the most recent USI basketball game?

    • Wedding must believe Wayne’s poll numbers, best stay away if you want any chance of victory at the polls.

  6. I was a solid Byram supporter but him posting a pic with Winnecke is making me reconsider. And now I’m hearing the other side isn’t distancing themselves from Winnecke and his supporters either?

    Whichever person distances themselves from this administration is the one who I will support. We need change and a new direction in all positions across the board.

    • Winnecke has a very high approval rating for his work as Mayor. Yes–well over 60%. Is it true– The editor said anybody who has that high approval rating can walk on water?

      Kirk Byram is a good person. He is a 20 year Sheriff Department employee who has reach the highest level possible were merit is the criteria used. He will be a great Sheriff. Yes–after 30 years of Democrat control–we need a change in direction with a new Sheriff in town.

      • I’m a conservative republican and would love to see Evansville go a different direction, but I’m not seeing it in you or the republicans. Sadly, I am seeing more conservative fiscal policies in some of the democrats.

        I’m not dissing you, this time. 🙂 It’s just my honest opinion and I bet you will find that many are feeling the same.

        • Democrats always lie about being fiscal conservatives, remember ellsworth? The best fiscal conservative mayor we have had in Evansville in the last 20 years was Russ. At the end of his term he had not hurt Evansville in any fashion.

        • Indianaenoch says: “I am seeing more conservative fiscal policies in some of the democrats.”

          Have I gone blind? What “conservative fiscal policies ” have you seen from the Democrats?

      • You are right on about a change in the sheriff’s office. I find it hard to believe the bad luck we’ve had with democrat sheriff’s and people of this county continue to elect them. We’ve had a child molester, a big time thief and a sheriff that denies he knew his boss stole $63,000. Sherperd is the molester, Hamner the thief and ellsworth the chief deputy that didn’t know the money was missing.

  7. Thanks SS&C for being a a good corporate citizen. This will make a very good accounting department even better at USI.

  8. Wayne Parke you’re a first class jerk. Your an insult to the Republican party. Oh, is there any truth that you sent the Honorable Judge Les Shilvey, Nick Hermann, Joe Kiefer and attorney Joe Harrison, Jr a nasty and insulting e-mail for attending Sheriff candidate Dave Wedding x-max party?

    Can’t wait for you to answer this loaded question.

  9. Marty and Bev

    Don’t hold your breath waiting on Wayne. He has proven beyond all doubt that he is a total coward when it comes to answering questions on here. He runs and hides like a little baby when anyone asks for even a simple answer to a question. He does not have the guts to stand up and be accountable for his snide “drive by” posts where all he does is whine about people that have a screen name he does not like. His deflection of answers is laughable, just like his job as chaiman

    • ClassyEvillePolitics: You need to re-read your post. It sounds like you are talking about yourself.

      How tough is it for you to answer a simple question? What is your name?

  10. Wayne, I’m waiting for you to answer Marty F questions. Don’t tell me you’re a coward to tell the truth about your sending insulting e-mails to outstanding Republican leaders of this community. Bottom line, your are a first class dictatorial and self serving person.

    • Eric W: I “openly” comment on here far more than any other “political” person. I do not hide like some people.

      I suggest you best not talk about cowards when you do not use your real name.

      I have been a leader all my life. I am trying to make our community and the Republican Party the best it can be. I wish you would help instad of tearing it down.

  11. So is it a conservative fiscal policy to ignore our crumbling D- rate infrastructure because we couldn’t dare to borrow money(“We don’t have”) at a rate of less than 4% fixed for 30 years, and then put the proceeds into repairing/upgrading that infrastructure, put millions back to work and get a ROI that would far exceed the pitiful 4% fixed rate?

    Because well one party of misers and hoarders couldn’t bring themselves to borrow money and at any rate because they want to brand themselves “fiscally” conservtive and because well white republicans are only allowed to revive the economy with Keyensian policies and that party only gives a toss about “fiscal conservatism” when Democrats are in power.

  12. Wayne you did not answer Marty f questions. What part of it did you not understand.????

  13. Wayne Parke isn’t answering the question about e-mails.

    I hear that some of these e-mails are going to be sent to the CCO in near future. Can’t wait how Wayne Parke responds to them in the CCO.

  14. Time for Democratic Chairman Faulkner to step up to the plate and post under his real name so he can get his fair share of CCO poster abuse. It’s not fair that Mr Parke gets to hog all the abuse. Isn’t there enough abuse to be shared? Let’s see some of the magical Obama redistribution of abuse to the Democrat Chairman.

  15. Biden please call your big right wing buddy Parkes and tell him to answer the e-mail questions.

  16. Redistribution of income and wealth, the horror!!!!

    I mean the Danish unemployment rate is all of 2.7%!
    In the Netherlands its all of 3.5%
    Their stock markets are beating the S&P 500 handily
    Germany has some of the finest infrastructure in the world and even with their northern latitude is kicking our butt in solar energy development.

    Yes the European Socialist redistributionist countries consistently rank as some of the happiest, healthiest, most productive and wealthiest peoples in the world.

    Yeah those union thugs, high taxes, commie somebody else’s money politicians, and universal health care is just KILLING their economies! Eye Roll.

    Keep licking the Koch bros boots their Joe B its working so great for all of us!

    • Republicans don’t believe in global warming and close their Headquarters’s windows in the winter. Good luck with the move to Denmark. They will be honored to have you on their redistribution list.

  17. Hey Wayne just in case you didn’t know that copies of your nasty e-mails (blind copies) you sent to other people has been passed around. Bottom line, your not as slick as you may think.

  18. To all the people who doubted the whole “misery index” study last March – which Evansville led.
    We’re number 1 in meth labs. We’re number 1 in obesity. We’re number 1 in misery.
    Our local politics is a national embarrassment. Our crime rate is through the roof.
    I’m considering crossing that money saving bridge – even if it means driving around the country with a Kentucky license plate.

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