Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE we hear that City Councilman Jonathan Weaver is planning to sponsor an ordinance that shall define the relationship of a legal marriages or civil unions?  …if Weaver’s “Civil Union” ordinance is approved by city council it would pave the way for city employees and their same sex civil union partners to be eligible for city insurance coverage?

IS IT TRUE last week 2 Evansville police officers got into a fight at the FOP Club?  … one officer has a broken jaw and the other officer has a broken hand from the encounter?  …no investigation has been conducted or charges been filed against either officer?
IS IT TRUE that the Evansville police officer current “Comp Time Buy Back” program for 2014 will not occur this year due to budget issues.  …if this happens the will leave an unfunded liability for 2014 on the city accounting books? …we hope this will not consider an contractral breach of the police department collecting bargaining agreement?
IS IT TRUE we are hearing that the jointly funded city and county “NOVIA Health Clinic” is having problems adjusting to serving County employees health needs?  …we hear the “NOVIA Health Clinic” is having problems serving city and county employees health concerns because of new patient overload?  …we hope that the “NOVIA” management team will add more staff to handle the patient overload soon as possible?
IS IT TRUE that our Civic Center “MOLE” informed us yesterday that Hinderliter Environmental Services and Patriot Environmental are conducting core drilling on the proposed site for the new Downtown Hotel?  …all we can say is, very interesting?
IS IT TRUE we can’t believe how strong the CCO Readers Poll results are stating that appointed County Councilmen Pete Swaim decision not to appear on the Wood and Woods  “Good Public Policy” show is disappointing?


  1. Congrats to Councilman Jonathan Weaver for being fair minded and progressive on equality!

    Let’s hope that it’s NOT true that cops are fighting and that Winnecke is refusing to compensate officers for their work. Unfortunately, I hear that both ARE TRUE.

  2. Never did like weaver, he is only trying to get the glbt vote .
    next thing he will probably try and get marriage allowed between a human and a animal
    I know I’m gonna catch a lotta crap for my opinion but I don’t care ….I don’t care if same sex people want to do the flippity flopp , just don’t call it marriage or even a civil union ,,,,new life cannot be brought into this world by same sex couples
    I hate the game , just not the players,,,

    • So are you advocating a law defining marriage only as a union between two individuals who are capable jointly of creating new human life?

      • I think, not to try speaking for Eviltaxpayer, he means a man and a woman unless your advocating marriage can exist between a human and petri dish.

        • But, of course, NO couple who cannot reproduce should not be considered “married” per “taxpayer.”

          • I know 3 same sex couples and I have been told personally by them they got married for insurance reasons , I know they are friends but bottom line IMHO you don’t get married for insurance but for love ,,,,,I have numerous male and female friends but I am not about to marry any of them nor do we do the flippity flop , that is saved for a special woman (I’m a man)
            As far as same sex couples doing the invitro to get pregnant ,yep I don’t agree with that either….
            my mom and dad couldn’t have kids and by the grace of God they adopted me and raised me as their own , and yes I’m dam proud of it .
            Under normal circumstances male,female can have kids ,same sex will never without the help of a test tube ,,and yes I’m Catholic

          • I know two same sex, legally married couples and both couples married for love after spending many years living together before they could legally marry. Neither couple married out of consideration for sharing insurance or other benefits, although I certainly hope the states in which they live allow cease preventing them to do so in the near future.

            One couple lives in Atlanta, but had to go to Massachusetts to marry. The other couple lives here in Evansville, but had to travel to Iowa to marry. It’s really too bad that two people who love each other cannot in all cases get married in the place where they live together.

            My wife and I are proud and fortunate to know both couples and to attend their receptions, which in both cases were attended by many happy relatives and friends who celebrated the couples’ happiness and good fortune.

          • @ Eviltaxpayer:

            It’s the “grace of God” when two people who couldn’t reproduce saved YOU from a bad life, but it’s just “too bad” for other people who miss out because the two people who could have saved them just happened to be of the same sex. Those kids just get misery, and it’s “natural” to you! What a piece of work you are!
            I would beg to differ on the kind of job those two infertile people did rearing you. You didn’t get as lucky as you think you did.

          • I am taking your last comment as a compliment , yes I do have boundaries ,I have something called morals , too many people do whatever they want , I am not judging any one . Some things are just plain wrong ,same sex marriage is just like polygamy it’s wrong for a reason .

          • Polygamy was good enough for all the Biblical folk who wrote and enforced your dogma. Who made it illegal, and on what principle?

          • What Next, your buddy who had to go to Iowa isn’t the same one who got drug off a float by the authorities is it? Only to have Winnecke travel all the way to Iowa for him? That tells us all we need to know about this mayor.

          • @What_Next;

            God never condoned polygamy, that was a manifestation of mans lust. Since we have been given freewill, man choose to ignore His word. Without turning this into a sermon of sorts you can start in Genesis 2:18,24. There in to use of the plurality for wife.

      • Rather than wait for E-Tax to answer, or to depend on dvetch’s nearly irrelevant response, let me point out several holes in E-Tax’s pseudo-religious, Swiss cheese philosophy of marriage.

        First of all, I have to assume E-Tax bases his aversion to same sex marriage on religious doctrine found, I presume, in the Jewish or Christian Bible. If so, his statement that he doesn’t care “if same sex people want to do the flippity flopp” completely negates his subsequent notion that same sex marriage should not be allowed because “new life cannot be brought into this world by same sex couples.” The prohibition against same sex couples doing the “flippy flop” is more specifically stated in both the Jewish and Christian scriptures than is the assumed prohibition against same sex marriages.

        Or is his belief that “new life cannot be brought into this world by same sex couples” based on science rather than theology? If so, that’s a false assumption since as dveatch points out, same sex couples have laboratory procedures available for creating new life comprised of their own genetics.

        However, the main reason I asked E-Tax the question is because his inference that same sex marriage or civil unions shouldn’t be allowed due to the assumed inability to create new life would seem to prevent heterosexual marriage between sterile individuals.

        • You’re spot on in your analysis and comments, however I would warn you that you’re not these bigots therapist.

          Their dogmatic views are buried and hidden in all sorts hidden and tangled emotional hangups.
          Need for control, homophobia, etc.
          They would point to a frog and tell you its a camel to preserve their ideology and prevent massive cognotice dissonance.

          People should be upset about LGBT marriage in the same way that not all dogs are brown.

          It would take a team of therapists several years to untangle all the emotional ideological knots they wound themselves up in.

        • Speaking of holes in pseudo-religious philosophies, allow me to drive a truck of truth through your holes.

          No two people of the same sex have ever produced a new person, ever, never, not at all, not even once. Even in the loving warmth of a test tube, it takes one part male and one part female and a 38 week stay at the xx chromosome hotel to have a birthday.

          Males and females are not the the same, and a child being raised in such a home should have an advantage in being exposed to these differences.

          However, many children are raised by single parents and thrive, while some raised by heterosexual parents are abused. So I see no reason why it would be different with homosexual parents, some will be good, and some will not.

          Never the less, no homosexual couple ever woke up to the wife part having morning sickness after a night of loving making. That’s why marriage makes sense, Biblical or secular, for heterosexual couples. Marriage recognizes the unique and necessary attributes of the intimate relationships of heterosexuals and provides a short cut to certain considerations. I see no unique attribute to homosexual intimacy that would require state licensing of their sexual practices.

          But I can see that anyone building a life together should have the financial and social considerations as married heterosexuals, anyone, not just homosexuals. That’s true equality.

          IMHO, the best solution is to keep traditional marriage which has eons of acceptance, and provide for domestic unions.

          But that idea appears to be unacceptable because same sex marriage is not about equality, it’s about special rights for homosexuals. That is why activist are now bring suits against businesses and religious organizations who, even in states that define marriage as one man and one woman and do not provide for same sex marriage, decline servicing same sex weddings.

          • IE – quit confusing them with facts and real science. You did notice that one of them spouts some misguided liberal rant that had nothing to do with the original post and the rest of the herd jumps in patting them on the back and acting like the guy was the smartest person since Einstein to ever write a comment. They know not what they are fighting for, just that they were told to fight for it. Common sense is just an obstacle for them to find a way around, through telling lies, obfuscating the issue, changing the meaning of words, name calling, or doing an end around and changing subjects mid stream.

    • I guess you would support a law that automatically dissolves the marriages of all infertile individuals, then. It would be a convenience, I guess. It would do away with Golden Anniversaries and the like. Nobody would have to go to those things and buy tacky “gold” gifts.

      • The lack of logic leads you to post absurdium such as this, eh, Laura? Then let’s take “domestic partnership” to the same place, shall we? Does the partner have to be domestic or can it be feral? Does the ordinance exclude a partner which is on the federal endangered list? Can it be a member of a game species?

        I think this might be what Mr. Weaver has in mind to help solidify his Democrat base.

        • Your silly word-play doesn’t make any sense. If you and Evilletaxpayer believe that ability to reproduce should be required in order for one couple to marry, if should be requisite for all couples to marry.
          By making the statement I did about dissolving marriages when the partners pass child-bearing age, I thought the two of you would see how stupidly flawed your argument is. If fertility is a requirement for marriage, Eville would not have had his “family”, yet he wants to deny that opportunity to others. How utterly ridiculous is that?
          Silly me, I gave the two of you credit for being smart enough to see when you are making a ridiculous argument. I didn’t expect either of you to change your minds, I just hoped you’d step away from the stupidity of that particular argument.
          All this discussion is pointless, anyway. The Courts will decide this issue. I did see where the 7th Circuit slapped down Notre Dame’s appeal on providing birth control to its employees last week. Progress keeps happening!

          • And this is how you trim the edges of the truth to create a lie.

            “If fertility is a requirement for marriage,”

            Who has ever said at anytime has said procreation should be a “requirement?”

            • My wife and I have both been surgically altered so as to prevent conception. That did not keep us from being able to marry at the ages of 55 and 53. I am pretty sure that jail does not await us should we fail to produce a child.

          • @ LKB, “Requesite does not work either.

            “Unique attribute” is the most fitting description. M+F is the only combination that create another person’s birthday. To give them a short cut to certain necessities based on the unique and necessary role heterosexual relationships play in culture makes sense.

            However, it should not privilege them to the necessities of building a life together while others are denied those necessities. Food, shelter, employment, and recreation are necessities that should not be denied anyone, marriage is not.

            Laws that privilege or punish heterosexual unions should be changed, or another vehicle should be created that allows true equal access for all, married or unmarried.

            There is nothing unique about homosexual relationships that should privilege them to access while denying it to others with equal qualifications.

            The most expedient and amicable solution is keep tradition marriage as recognizing and honoring the unique and important role heterosexuals in the very survival of humanity, but provide domestic unions for all.

            However, this issue is so emotionally charge that reasonable ideas are shouted down by both sides while the rift grows between us. even worse, the second wave of this agenda, a right to the services of religious organizations, bakers, and candlestick makers, is beginning to wash against our shore and will cause an even greater rift as states either allow these organizations and businesses to be financially destroyed by activist lynch mobs or they have to legalize discrimination.

            Indiana could actually take the lead in amicably resolving this issue, but I do not see it happening from either side.

      • That’s the most ridicules argument you make, well, one of of the most pedicures.

        I’ve signed several marriage licenses and not once has it ever said nor has does any statute say that the couple must reproduce. However, by middle school most thinking people have figured out that only heterosexuals procreate.

        Thinking people also realize that the only logical your anti-procreation argument is that the state ceases issuing marriage licenses rather than giving only homosexuals special access while denying it to others with the same qualifications of consent and commitment.

        So you are the one making a strong case for homosexuals being denied marriage based on the infertility argument.

      • Laura I’d have to say that’s probably about the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard you say

        • I’m really not sure which remark you’re referring to because of the inconvenient format here, and I don’t care enough to trace it, but thank you for your concern and constructive criticism.

          • The comment at 1:11 pm on the 22nd
            I guess in the end we will all see the big picture

      • LKB – get your meds out again…you have gone off the tracks with nonsense. We really wish you would grow up and join the adults for conversation.

    • Eviltaxpayer: What an incredibly dense comment, equating human beings to animals. I know some animals that are smarter than you.

      In your twisted mind, my husband and I shouldn’t have gotten married because we were “too old” to reproduce, right?

      Try to get out of that FOX-Bubble, and you actually might LEARN something.

      • Lucy joining the lib bandwagan….throwing out the sly insults and still stuck in the past, trying to disarm people using the old “you watch Fox and are evil” ploy.

  3. Does CCO or anyone who cares to post it have a copy of Weaver’s proposed ordinance to share with us?

    • Are you suffering from the delusion that Weaver sat down and wrote something? The man of two words- Hell yeah (the first being a swear word and the second one slang). He received a copy of the ordinance from Indianapolis.

      • No, I’m not suffering from any illusions about Weaver. I had him pegged years ago.

        The Courier and Press story says Weaver asked the council attorney to write the ordinance. I just wanted a link to the text if any exists at this time.

  4. As for the Weaver proposal, I guess it’s a hint that he wants to run for Mayor. I fully support the benefits for same-sex couples as a step in the right direction. Hopefully this will be rendered a “non-issue” by a quick and unanimous approval by the City Council and that the same will come from the County Council, as well. I expect there will be pandering and piddling, though. It is unfortunately the way things happen here.

    • The county council does not have the legislative authority to pass such an ordinance as that power lies with the county commissioners who in their current composition already have indicated their opposition to any such ordinance.

      • You’re right, but I think the funding for it would have to come from the Council.

        • Yes. I guess the relevant point I want to make is that these same 3 county commissioners sat silent and refused to respond or vote a couple years ago when LGBT advocates who also are county employees stood in front of the commissioners and asked for an amendment to the personnel policy protecting LGBT employment rights.

          • Disgusting of them, isn’t it? I wish we could find more decent people who are willing to run for public office.

    • Considering the source,looks woven, political staging at best,and that at someone elses expense.

    • You’re framing the issue too narrowly. It’s not benefits for same-sex couples that we are after. It’s domestic partnership benefits that we seek. Marriage should be irrelevant to insurance. Period. The sex of your partner (without a requirement for marriage)becomes irrelevant too. “Family” should be defined personally and not by the government or an insurance company.

  5. Who are the officers involved? As I remember from before, fights at the FOP were one of the reasons Jason Henry was fired…. What about these officers?

    • Good luck ever getting any answers from the EPD. Remember, they keep officers who get drunk, wreck their car, leave the scene of the crime, leave loaded weapons on the front seat… Does that sounds like a very professional and trusted police department?

  6. The bigger and more worthwhile question is did Weaver finally lose the D behind his name? Certainly hope so.

    Speaking of clinics, whatever happened to the low income free dental clinic?

    • What happened is that the county council values their own health insurance coverage at nearly $10,000 each for council members, commission members, public defenders, and deputy prosecutors (all part time employees of the county) more than they value using the same $100,000+ to keep the dental clinic open. It’s interesting that a side issue is that the part time dental technicians move on to other employment because no coalition of local government and private foundations took up the cause, and the technicians had to move on to other employment when they were not offered health care coverage by the same council members who continue to avail themselves of the privilege.

      • BTW, as another bit of history, as county councilmen, Lloyd Winnecke and Royce Sutton co-sponsored the original bipartisan effort to create the dental clinic. It’s frustrating and disappointing that current council members could not find a way to come up with the $100,000 needed to keep the clinic operating. Dental health is super critical to overall physical well being, and way too few uninsured people are able to afford adequate dental care. To me it is more important to keep the dental clinic open than for a few part time politicians to ride on county health insurance rather than on their own company policies.

        • $100,000 would not have kept the dental clinic open. Much more would have been needed. Last thing out there, and it has bee a while ago, is that ECHO was going to coordinate dental care, appointing, transporting if needed to local dental offices who would participate. ECHO would pay the dentist at Indiana Medicaid rates which is not much. ECHO would also fund raise to get this done. And they could not raise the money needed. The county, or local foundations or local businesses or corporations, or the city did not step up.

          It is true that dental health is critical to overall health and Evansville is sorely in need of better dental health. There are several dentists who should be thanked for their pro bono or practically pro bono dental work for people in need. They also should be thanked for accepting Indiana Medicaid because in doing so they risk a lot of lost time due to “no-show” appointments, not to mention loss of income. There is also the factor of people abusing the medicaid system.

          • $100,000 was the county’s contribution. Yes it required other contributions, but when the county withdrew its $100,000 the deal fell apart.

          • Other funding was falling away as well. If I remember correctly, this was at a time when a lot of financial stresses were in play and philanthropic dollars were being pulled in a lot of directions which was taking away from community needs like the dental clinic.

            Another factor is that the dental clinic was becoming “extraction city” meaning that the people who used its services needed to be educated in better oral health which would include not waiting until dental infection was so severe and painful that there was only one choice — extraction. This whole scene can burn out the caregivers (dentists and staff) who want to provide overall better health for their patients.

        • @Martha,

          There seems to be no middle ground in dental care. I am at an age where a few of my teeth going to their eternal reward before me is of no concern. My problem is that when I seek dental care they want to x-ray my wallet first.

  7. The problem with Weaver’s ordinance, which is an Indy ordinance that someone emailed him, is that it is not progressive. There should not be a requirement that you marry your partner to share employment benefits. Good employers provide for domestic partnership benefits, which means that marriage is irrelevant. And whether your partner is of a different sex is also irrelevant. This proposal would add less than 30 people to the insurance rolls for the City. And why would you require marriage for benefits in a state that doesn’t allow the marriage or recognize it? Marriage should be available to everyone, but at the same time, one should not have to marry.

  8. Let me get this straight. Last month Chief Bolin forces an officer to resign concerning a Facebook blog post. Now one of Chief of Police Billy Bolin’s 911 Gives Hope boxers breaks a fellow officers jaw during an alleged drinking braw at FOB social club and he did nothing to him. No wonder the moral of the rank and file police officers is rock bottom. Maybe it’s time we send Billy B back to Henderson, Ky. where he belong.

  9. I’m not a big Weaver fan, but good for him. We should give the same benefits to same sex couples! Kudos!

    • I am guessing that Weaver is only doing this to benefit himself, by making his partner eligible for benefits (I believe he is from PA).

  10. A police officer friend told me that Chief Bolin job could be on the line over this issue. He told me that some of the hard line police officers are talking about calling for the Chief’s resignation. They are tired of the way he mistreats officers who not part of his 911 Give Hope charity group. Also they are pissed off with the way he has been covering up other issues concerning officers behavior on and off the job. It’s obvious that the Chief Bolin job responsibilities are way over his head.

    • Could there be a direct correlation between the increase in reported issues concerning officers behavior on & off the job and the fact that the EPD amended/lowered the officer candidate basic requirements a few years back in an attempt to attract a larger pool of applicants? Or is it a generational thing?(those damn kids!)

    • A police officer friend of mine told me that FOP President Larry Nelson and the officers involved told Bolin they got hurt while goofing off and it was not a fight. Surely they would not lie. Unless they knew Bolin would hold them accountable for their behavior. After all, now the officers can’t work because of their behavior, but will still get paid.
      Bolin has dealt with officers who don’t behave professionally. Why should his job be on the line for doing that? The only ones upset about it are the ones who think they can do what they want whenever they want to. Being held to a standard is not sitting well with the bad cops and they are on here running their mouths.

  11. Everyone of you are paying for this now and don’t even know it. Thanks Vectren! YEP Vectren carrys INS for same sex partners. I see this as a non matter, it doesn’t effect me, it doesn’t effect you, only effects a small handful. there are bigger issues in this city than this.

  12. Mike U comments are spot on. My husband is one of the old school cops. He and his fellow officers are totally fed up with the less than professional actions of the chief. All he wants to do is promote himself, 911 Gives Hope and the Mayor’s political agenda. I agree with Mike U, Its time for a change in the leadership in the Evansville police department.

    • You serve as a reminder that there are a good many officers who are good people. The ones that behave badly are a minority, but we do have some “bad apples” that need to go. I am really disappointed in the way Chief Bolin has done the job, but whether or not he continues is the Mayor’s call. We may have to get a new Mayor in order to get a new Chief!

      • What part are you upset about? He has had to deal with the bad decisions made by some of his officers. EVERY chief in the history of the department has had to deal with the officer misconduct issues. Bolin has addressed the issues head on and as transparently was the FOP contract allows.
        The ones on here complaining about how he handles things are the ones who are mad that he has gotten rid of officers. That is the old school cops that are not use to being held accountable. They think everyone should get a slap on the wrist and all is forgiven. Bolin is clearly not on their most likable Chief list. Why are people complaining about his charity work? His work on Kids Kingdom and 911 Gives Hope have changed this city for the better. If he was ignoring the departments needs, then they officers would not have more new cars in 2 years than they got in 8 under then last administration. How are the officers receiving more training and equipment than ever before?
        Bottom line, the offices are screwing themselves because of their own behavior and folks like you are quick to blame someone else. News flash, there ARE officers who want a new mayor so they can get a new chief. Second news flash, the ones who are working the hardest to discredit Bolin are the ones who will be the furthest up the rear end of whoever runs against Winnecke.
        Has it ever crossed your mind that some of the crap posted by the editor in the IIT is NOT true? The FOP leadership knows what happened at their club. What did they tell Bolin happened? Did the CCO make any attempt to verify the moles information? Do you really think the officers will be off work with their injuries and NOBODY from the police department asked anything about it? Are you that gullible?

  13. So will two heterosexuals cohabiting be eligible for insurance? Some of you are so gullible that when ever the words “same sex” you’re afraid to be the first to stop clapping.

    City council members can not write marriage laws.

    • City council can adopt personnel policy same as corporations do.

      Does Indiana law prohibit corporations or cities from adopting personnel policy that allows same sex married couples or heterosexual cohabitating couples from sharing employment benefits?

    • Let me turn your pointed finger back at you. Are you afraid to appear in front of the city council when Weaver introduces his ordinance and appeal for an amendment to allow cohabitating heterosexuals the same privileges as same sex married couples.

      • Weaver is not advocating for domestic partnership benefits but a narrow group of same-sex couples who have married or entered into a civil union out-of-state. Don’t give him credit for what he’s not doing. His complete focus here is off. Marriage should not trigger benefits. If you remove the requirement of marriage, the sex of the partner is irrelevant. There are several on council that advocate for domestic partnerships and have been working on that issue since they took office. Weaver came out of no where with an ordinance that nobody wants after not being involved with the project for the last 2 years.

        • Why not limit local government’s authority to offer benefits to only the employee only. Many businesses are taking this position. Look at how much this could cut from the local government budgets.

          • You hit at the heart of the problem with this issue and the ACA. Your employer owning your insurance is the most unfair and freedom robbing arrangement short of your government owning it. Each person or family should own their own insurance. Let the company decide what constitutes a co-insured person.

      • How is asking if Weaver’s ordinance will be equal to all or special for homosexuals pointing a finger?

        But I see your finger pointing at me and will turn it back on you.

        I have appeared before the city council, written leaders, and am sure they read my comments. Hi Johnathan. I don’t need to honor this foolishness with my presence. It won’t change my life.

        So look at those three fingers pointing at you and riddle me this, are you willing to open up access to this insurance for all, or should it be opened to only homosexuals? If so, I think you’re due at a meeting.

  14. In regards to the amiable, highly knowledgable, sophisticated, patriot and defender of freedom Mr. Nugent.

    As a liberal/prosgressive it would be very scary to have Mr. Nugent appear with all the repbulican candidates across the country this fall. He truly is an outstanding spokesperson and represents the republican party extremely well.

    All we have to appear with our candidates is the draft dodging, pot smoking ex-president, Bill Clinton.

    Please, please don’t have Mr. Nugent appear with your candidates.


    Br Rabbit.

    • Old Bill Clinton is running around appearing with candidates because Democrat candidates are terrified of being seen with President Obama. Cat Scratch Fever is as valuable to the teabaggers as Obama is to rational Democrats. I would like to see Obama and Nugent do a heavy metal version of Zippity Do Dah.

  15. Looks like our local thugs with badges are doing their stooge cheif proud.

    • Oh, and I wonder if these good ole boys drove home drunk… haha WE ARE EVANSVILLE!

  16. Joe Wallace says:

    February 23, 2014 at 9:38 am

    My wife and I have both been surgically altered so as to prevent conception. That did not keep us from being able to marry at the ages of 55 and 53. I am pretty sure that jail does not await us should we fail to produce a child.

    True, but if you went by the “ability to procreate standard” your marriage would not be valid.

    This is why that argument was mocked and scorned by even the conservative justices on the SCOTUS, during the oral arguments of the DOMA case.

    • “True, but if you went by the “ability to procreate standard” your marriage would not be valid.”

      Not true. Marriage laws recognize the paring not the ability. Arguing against the unique aspect of heterosexual procreation works against establishing same sex marriage.

      The logical conclusion of that argument is that no one should be issued a marriage license. That’s another solution, and it would be interesting to see the consequences if Indiana stopped issuing marriage licenses, but I don’t think Love Boat is going to be turned against the prevailing current.

      • Even as a small child I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept of a ‘marriage license’. It was one of the first big clues in life that I didn’t actually live in a ‘free’ country, despite what what everyone said about it.

  17. Interesting.

    Charles Gabba, widely considered the guru/geeky statistician/Nate Silver of the ACA nows says WE(the American people not just Obama) have a decent shot at reaching the 7M target of set by HHS. I myself find this very surprising. Six weeks to go.

    Just a week or two ago we were at 50% attained now we’re at 64.3%

    • The articles out on the speculation of how many sign-ups there will be by March 31 are all over the map. The real test is in how many really pay to enter the system and what the make-up of those payers will be. From what I have read and that is plenty the real paid sign-ups by the end of March are going to be in the 5 Million – 5.5 Million range. The demographics will be skewed older and sicker.

      It is not going to matter much though because of what the next change is highly probable to be. The change I speak of will be to extend the deadline by a few months and maybe even move to continuous enrollment. There are iPhone apps being written right now with government participation to market ACA to the attendees of the Coachella Fest. The festival dates are April 11 – 20. What does that tell you about the deadline?

      By the way, Covered California has suspended the sign-ups for small businesses due to the latest delay announcement. The statement in this post about the marketing of the ACA at Coachella in April is not speculation. I know this and am knee deep in the implementation. I am surprised the chattering folks have not learned this yet as it is not all that much of a secret.

      • “The real test is in how many really pay to enter the system and what the make-up of those payers will be.”

        One of my many idioms is “It’s not who is buying. it’s who is paying.”

        • I have been on the CCO nearly since its beginning. After the great exodus of the CP, the hits have increased but the IQ average has taken a hit. There use to be much more discussing ideas and events than talking about people. Seldom did one see the character and intelligence of others being attacked.

    • Great news, BB! Thanks for sharing. Call me crazy, but by mid-summer, I predict that a lot of those Dems who are running “from” Obamacare now will be running “for” it. When that many more people have health coverage, they’re not going to trust the people who have been trying to kill it to work to “improve” it.
      I don’t know if anyone has seen Mary Landrieu’s ad where she is running with ACA and letting Bobby Jindal have it with both barrels while she’s at it, but it’s brilliant.
      I’m really disappointed that the Dems are giving Buschon a free ride, but I guess they don’t think the 8th District has enough people who have open minds and three-digit IQs to justify spending the money and effort.

      • Clarification: I, personally, feel better about the number of open minds and 100+ IQs in the 8th than I did this time last year, due in no small part to some of the comments right here on CCO. There are some lost causes here, but not as many as I thought.

      • and the latest RCP poll average has the Republican Cassidy leading Landrieu by 1.5%. How is that working out for her? An incumbent at this stage of a campaign should be kicking the crap out of a challenger if they are perceived to be doing a good job.

        • Polls eight months out mean NOTHING, and so does a 1.5% difference. It is within the margin for error. We’ll know how it works out for her within a couple of days after the election, most likely.

        • And by this time in 2012 R’s were supposed to be cruising to a takover of the Senate, instead after seeing the ugly truth of the likes of Mourdock and Akin, Dems picked up Senate seats.

  18. Equal Protection and the Fourteenth Amendment

    [Bingham on January 9, 1866: “I ask that South Carolina, and that Ohio as well, shall be bound to respect the rights of the humblest citizen of the remotest State of the Republic when he may hereafter come within her jurisdiction.”12

    It is interesting to point out all of the State wrongs Bingham highlighted to be cured under the Fourteenth Amendment dealt solely with State treatment of citizens of other States or refusal to recognize basic protections for blacks but never State acts against a States own resident citizens.


  19. So…the City of Evansville audit is still going on. It started in the summer and no word yet on a finish date. Either one of two things is going on. 1) The City wasn’t really reconciled as Rumplebeancounter and Big Dan will let you believe or 2) This set of State Board staff is incompetent. Those were the same conditions last year and it took the State Board staff just two months to issue their disclaimer of opinion. I know for a fact that unlike this year, CPA’s were on the audit for the disclaimer. I am wondering if they’ll ever get done because it will be time to audit the 2013 books.

  20. I’m a big fan of Chief Bolin but must say he has disappointed me about not taking action against the police officers who fought at the FOP. Both officers should be taken to task by the Chief. Billy you really have disappointed me on this one.

    • Has it crossed your mind that Bolin can only act on the info he is given? Did the CCO bother to ask anyone other than their mole for any info about this? What was Bolin told happened? Did one of the officers file a battery report? Did the FOP President have anything to say about the incident since it happened at his club? But hey, don’t think for yourself before commenting. Just let the CCO and their hacks lead you to the thinking fountain.
      Half the people on here hate Bolin becasue he punishes bad officers. The other half hate him because they think he doesn’t punish bad officers. The CCO does not care either way, as long as people add to their “click” total.

      • Assuming that news of a fight with injuries at the Evansville FOP Lodge would never make it 3 city blocks to the desk of EPD Chief Bolin, the CCO gave Mr. Bolin the info. in this IIT. Now the ball is squarely in Mr. Bolin’s court.

  21. If true, two EPD officers fighting at the FOP is one more than fought at Guns and Hoses last year!! I’m sure we have a brother firefighter for each of them at this year’s event!

    • .IF you are the city Fireman Chad Emsweller..Why didnt you commented on OCC when Fireman/Councilman Al Lindsey return to work after having a couple of drinks after a council meeting ??? I guess that was okay.
      By the way where does Lindsey live at?

  22. Probably because i don’t feel the need to comment on every issue CCO reports. Besides, I have made enough comments on that subject on several other forums. My comment was aimed at the FACT that EPD only fielded one fighter last year at Guns and Hoses, and since their Chief and another of their officers, Pat Phernetton were two of the men that brought us the event, you would think their dept. would have more participants. As for Al, he screwed up and lied about it…he got caught and was punished. Apparently not to your satisfaction, but I really don’t care. If you read the first two words in my post you will see that they are: “IF TRUE”. I personally do not know if it is true or not that two off duty officers got into a fight at the FOP or not, I just wish that if they wanted to fight, they would do it in a ring with rules, gloves and a referee in front of paying fans for charity!

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