IS IT TRUE that the Jacobsville Area Community Corporation and Jacobsville Join In (ECHO Housing) have a funny way of showing their gratitude for the excellent work done by City Councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley in the Jacobsville area?  …that last week when the Councilwoman urged the group of North Main citizens and business people to redesign the infrastructure project for North Main to garner support from the 15 of 35 businesses who oppose the plan, she was booed?  …that Brinkerhoff-Riley was accused by a select few mislead people of trying to derail a project that she clearly is trying to save by getting more businesses on board and lowering the cost of the projected $13 million plus bond?

    IS IT TRUE that Councilwoman Brinkerhoff-Riley has in the last 12 months found nearly $300,000 in City funds for projects in the Jacobsville area?  …that the $10,000 used by the Jacobsville Area Community Corporation to put on this year’s Christmas Parade on North Main came from Brinkerhoff-Riley’s request to the City? ….that $20,000 in funds from HUD were secured by Brinkerhoff-Riley in a finance ordinance earlier this year for playground equipment in Jacobsville Park? …that $200,000 was secured by Brinkerhoff-Riley from the ERC to create the requisite 5% buy in by the City for ECHO’s tax credit application to the State of Indiana to build Garfield Commons? …that Brinkerhoff-Riley also motioned and secured the necessary votes to move $15,000 in CBGD funds to ECHO Housing for its partnership with Community One in requesting federal Neighborhood Improvement Plan funds for Jacobsville, which are funds available for repairs in owner occupied housing?

    IS IT TRUE that the leadership of the Jacobsville Area Community Corporation and Jacobsville Join In (ECHO Housing) seemly have an attitude that one is only as good as what they have done for them lately?  …they on the verge of ultimately losing their most effective political advocate (Brinkerhoff-Riley) because the way they are insulting her?

    IS IT TRUE that Brinkerhoff-Riley’s plea for a more practical and cost effective design is exactly what should be done? …that spending all of the Jacobsville TIF revenue on North Main Street is a waste of taxpayer funds when that street sits within a walking distance of a sea of blighted homes, broken sidewalks and sits atop one of the City’s combined sewer overflows that sends raw sewage into the Ohio River periodically?  …that the TIF funds would be better spent throughout the district removing blight, fixing sewers, and replacing broken sidewalks?

    IS IT TRUE that Jacobsville Area Community Corporation and Jacobsville (ECHO Housing) with the financial help of Evansville DMD wasted $31,000 of taxpayers money on an unattractive exterior abstract mural on North Main Street behind McDonald’s? …we urge you to drive down town and view this “fleecing of Evansville taxpayers dollars”  project?  …that the Evansville DMD has also spent many hundred of thousands of taxpayer dollars in purchasing vacant property on North Main for additional off street parking?  …that DMD also spent over $500,000 to purchase the vacant CVS building on North Main Street to be use for new offices for the not-for-profit ECHO HOUSING in the near future?

    IS IT TRUE we hope Evansville City Council agrees with Ms. Brinkerhoff-Riley’s more practical and cost effective design for North Main Street project?  …taxpayers of this community deserves a well thought out and conservative approach to spending our hard earned tax dollars when it comes to funding public projects?


    1. We need to take the stake out of the heart of downtown and redesign the city county chicken coop that was built across main street.

      • It doesn’t work that way. Downtown is dead, dead and dead. Marie Laveau couldn’t bring it back. But … if you wanna try I’ll be one of your stakeholders. Ho ho ho.

    2. The Councilwoman is on the cutting edge of the way Evansville needs to decide on improvement projects. Getting the most impact for the least money is what we have to do, if we don’t want the City to face bankruptcy.
      I recently drove through the Jacobsville area, and was stunned at the number of seriously blighted housing there. It looks like Winnie and friends are more interested in creating a Potemkin village on North Main than they are in really improving the area for the residents and businesses there, but then, they’re just living up to their creed of putting on a good front. They are truly façade fans, who don’t give a rip about real people.
      Shame on those who booed SBR. Keep up the good work, Councilwoman. We NEED you!

      • It’s really not Jacobsville anymore, it’s Berryville. I’m afraid that sainted company has sucked the life out of that once vibrant community. I realize that’s way past sacrilege, good.

        • You’re right about Berrysville. I wonder what toxins that company is contributing to the Dead Zone. The Civic Center building is guilty of double murder. By blocking clear access, it choked Main St. AND North Main St. to death.

          • I can remember Intact Main before the Civic Center set down there. There were some unique shops on North Main (still are to an extent). That area deserved better than it got. The siting for the CC was driven by no telling what. I don’t think most people thought much about it at the time, with Main Street being dug up for the ‘serpentine walkway’ and the ‘urban renewal’ demolishing historic parts of Evansville down closer to the river. We were just following other communities that had already abandoned that model. The walkway has been reworked, renamed, recovered, reviled, repaired, rearranged. rereasoned, rebuked, reefered, ho ho ho, regretted and reconditioned. Everything but rejoined with it’s unlucky northern brother. Except for lack of money the Civic Center would be nearing the end of its life span by local standards. We will eventually get a chance to do it right, I would expect more bad, bribe-driven decisions.

            This town has been the victim of some lousy planning. I wonder if The Poop thought he was helping matters by siting himself on favored main and then proceeding to fight like the dickens to spend tens of millions of dollars down there.

          • Look at your medical applications footprints by community/per. If that’s done, check its available infrastructure and those available utility balances.
            Now look into the present employee bases over all the “entire metro community” inputs for tax funded revenues, those actual residentially based revenue inputs, by the numbers……… ….. ..
            All the jobs, all the logistics suppliers, and sub-industries. Tell me that’s base infrastructure is adequate for todays logistical values. Especially, global transportation applied strategic medical pandemic balance. Guess what? Evansville’s mandated downtown combined sewer system, its not. Period.

            Due that no entity downstream gets a start in value worth your pooh, either. Ewuwah.

    3. I’m glad the CCO has now completely turned itself into a SBR election center to make sure her dear friends at ECHO know how valuable she is to them. Everything else be damned.

      Fact of the matter is, the CCO only follows Jacobsville when it’s something like this-a moment to grandstand. And that’s why that area is a complete third world cess pool. No one wants to do anything about it, mainly because they will get hung out to dry over and over by people like ECHO and SBR who need this area to draw attention to themselves and nothing more.

        • So, Jordan, do you maintain your own home, pay property taxes and utility bills? When you can answer “yes” to those questions, you’ll have a little more credibility.
          I know, I know. You think your video at the Locust Hill makes you a scion of the Third ward, but calling it a “complete third world cesspool” is NOT a way to establish yourself as a trusted leader there.
          The bottom line here is that you are mad at SBR because she didn’t do your bidding on those two dilapidated houses on W. Michigan. From what I understand, Echo already owns one of them and the owner of the other one is NOT interested in selling it.
          I’m guessing that you have been recruited by Parke and Co. to be the Republican candidate for Third Ward City Councilman. You should take a look at the sparkling success of the silly Facebook page you put up under Lisa Davis’s name, Watch Out Evansville, before you make a decision about that.

          • “So, Jordan, do you maintain your own home, pay property taxes and utility bills? When you can answer “yes” to those questions, you’ll have a little more credibility.”

            First of all, I bet I pay more living expenses than you. Second of all it’s irrevelant. You are the LAST person to accuse anyone of property taxes or anything housing related. I’m still waiting for you to tell me how this C&P article against you is libel…


            “I know, I know. You think your video at the Locust Hill makes you a scion of the Third ward,”

            Hey Laura. Locust Hill Cemetery ISN’T EVEN IN THE THIRD WARD. And for the record, I was at Oak Hill Cemetery (shortly before getting stuck btw SBR and Cooke over funds ironically).

            “calling it a “complete third world cesspool” is NOT a way to establish yourself as a trusted leader there.”

            It is a third world cess pool. Houses are abandoned (of course they’ll never be the ones to get the blight funding), others are rundown, crime is out of control, the value of everything is plummeting, and no one cares except when the lime light is on.

            “The bottom line here is that you are mad at SBR because she didn’t do your bidding on those two dilapidated houses on W. Michigan. From what I understand, Echo already owns one of them and the owner of the other one is NOT interested in selling it.”

            I was the one who told you that. Like I told you five million times before, I served as a volunteer subcommittee chairman for JJI which ironically was tasked with getting SBR to the meeting. I even emailed the CCO the complete story (but of course only these articles are the ones you will see on here). I didn’t see you at ANY EVENT Laura. Did I miss you?

            “You should take a look at the sparkling success of the silly Facebook page you put up under Lisa Davis’s name, Watch Out Evansville, before you make a decision about that”

            You’re seriously claiming that Lisa Davis is a fake fb acct that is really me? Is that what you’re seriously claiming? I’ll bet you $1,000 it isn’t.

            I’d tell you to stick to something you actually know something about Laura but I have yet to figure out what that might be.

            • Although the Courier article was very one-sided, it was not libel. The libel was committed by the ignorant posters who accuse me of owing the taxpayers anything.
              I doubt you can imagine what it was to be a single mother of five children thirty years ago, with only child support as income. When you have to choose between making a mortgage payment that is supposed to be made by another party and feeding your children, you feed your children and keep the lights and gas on for them. It was hard to get back on my feet after my divorce, but I managed.
              As for your guess about who pays more of their own living expenses, if you put your entire paycheck from being a grocery stocker toward living expenses, I probably still pay more toward my own expenses. Btw, just so you know, I have NEVER taken a dime of any kind of public assistance in my entire life.
              Big deal, a volunteer subcommittee chairman! What a philanthropist! I believe we had that discussion ONCE, not five million times. I told you then and I will tell you again, I have no ties to Jacobsville and never have. I did plenty for the neighborhoods I did have ties to.
              No, I don’t think Lisa Davis is a fake name for your Facebook lunacy. She is just very young and uneducated, and you are using her to your own purposes. If she ever realizes how you’re embarrassing her, she won’t be happy.
              As for my areas of expertise, I have Bachelor’s degrees in Social Science, History, and English. I have certifications in the field of Mental Health. I have learned quite a lot about historic preservation and neighborhood organizing from my own volunteer work, and I did attend Nursing School in my fifties, but could not finish due to back issues. I did manage a 4.0 average, though. I also reared five children, none of whom have ever depended on public assistance, and most of whom hold jobs far more responsible than stocking groceries.

        • Did you thank Ron for the “Roberts Stadium” sign he gave you at the luncheon, Jordan? I am sure that cost him $100 or so.

      • Shame on you, dude! Nobody likes somebody that turns on a friend when they don’t do what you say. You did it to SBR and Mr. Cosby.

    4. Smart City/Johnson Controls:

      In September 2013, Standard & Poor’s revised its outlook to negative from stable on the City of Evansville, Ind.’s waterworks revenue bonds. At the same time Standard & Poor’s assigned its ‘AA-‘ rating, with a negative outlook, to Evansville’s Series 2013A waterworks revenue bonds. ” The outlook revision reflects our opinion of the utility’s deteriorated financial position that led to inadequate coverage in fiscal 2012 and adequate coverage in fiscal 2011″.


      1) The negative outlook was on the Series 2013A Bonds. Johnson Controls was Series 2013C. How could City Council approve the JCI bond after seeing language like ‘deteriorated financial position’ coming from S&P re: Evansville Waterworks ?

      2) How does the SBOA avoid disclosing these negative ratings in the 2012 Fraudit; the 2013 Audit ?; and

      3) Has the City Administration been candid with the public about the condition of the Waterworks ?

      • You ask some excellent questions. I don’t believe that the current Administration or the one preceding it have any interest in candor. It appears that Mike Pence has succeeded in one thing that has never been done in the history of Indiana. He’s managed to turn the SBOA into a bunch of political hacks and toadies.

      • The City Administration, and its co-conspirator, the Evansville Courier & Parakeet, must have FORGOTTEN to report on this ‘deteriorated financial position’ of the Waterworks.

        How can LW get up, with a straight face, and declare that EVV is ‘sound as a pound’ ??????

        I would not vote for this Joker in a zillion years !

        • One things for sure climate migration isn’t going to give any thing on the planet “a zillion years.” Hone that to about 18.0 Your not set in by then, your riding in the last 21% globally in the logistical economic balance. Evansville/Vanderburgh doesn’t sport any good numbers worth bragging about now, and anybody that games that is a outright liar. Period.

          You do have geographic assets, climate change is showing it daily through data recovery, it can favor the valley there, our recommendation is to use those specifics to your advantage. “Build viable utility infrastructure and commercial throughput logistics.”
          The old Evansville downtown (section) can recover, however, the whole unit region must prosper and support that with clear profit by the numbers, first in.

          Forget that IU medical center on the existing old downtown zombie utility balance, the cost is to extensive, and is over burden to “balanced mandate” when the best future sustainability is favored by location where those are today. By best in, Nationally balanced natural progressions, that’s just the way it is, and will play out forward. Use the local geophysical advantage, use the I-69 metro gateway.

          Watch, as we are for now, win or don’t, your choice, you elect’um. Mostly, by globally based inputs and locations, we however, do not.

    5. Once Main Street was bifurcated from North Main thanks to Mr. McDonald, Sr, no wonder there is blight…not quite sure about the arguments either way, but sure about on thing, more debt in store for our community, sure, you will say that the funding for this is coming from the Jacobville TIF, but, let’s look how those TIF’s work…when we pay our property taxes, 52% goes to schools, a portion goes to libraries, portion goes to county operations, a portion to parks, a portion to the city General Fund…so, all those TIF’s eventually will have and have had impact on our safety budgets and maintenance of our city. So, when the hotel, IU Med, Jacobville projects are in full stream, we better hope that those property taxes in those TIF’s keep on chugging because if they don’t you and I will be hit double, i.e. they keep on their property taxes and we help make the debt payments…..TOO…Before the fat lady sings, this town will be well on it’s way to 1.6 billion in debt….welcome….Detroitville!!!

      • You really need a viable new plan if anyone is really serious about the sections well being.
        Heck, one can look in from altitude and clearly see what must be done.

        You have no objective balanced plans in place anywhere inside any Evansville city wards that will accomplish those goals. Your Council Woman is on the right track to achieve the most balance with the available funding. You need substance, fluff, won’t get it.
        We’d come in somewhere with a working systematic for where the employment infrastructure really is there. Make that viable, and business infrastructure builds its own balance to match it.

        Commercial throughput logistics, and “affordable healthy neighborhood driven utilities” are a start.
        And no, a bike path won’t touch that, either, unless everybody rides bikes. Could be their current leadership organizations plan, just by looking in from, afar. That’s going to get a tad rough outside in the next few days, icky weather on the horizon, you know non bike friendly stuff…….. $=?=% .

      • TIF money is at the expense of that government’s general fund. Perhaps it would be fair for the “whole” city is to “reset” the TIF districts to mimic the city council districts. This way, the present TIF area’s would not be allowed to “short change” the general fund, while the rest of the city has to make it up/or suffer.

        • Until the property tax caps came along, those TIF’s were not so concerning….if you have the opportunity to review the most recent financial statement that Mr. Winnecke published, you would might discover that the General Fund is overdrawn by 11 million dollars and the parks fund by 264k…Master TIF funds declined by 50% over the twelve month periods…Hospitalization declined by 3.3 million, Russ has tap the Pension funds by 3.4 million. He has borrowed 8.4 million from ONB without an approval…Kool-Aid anyone???

          • Where in the world is City Council on this matter ! Where is all this cash evaporating to ?

    6. The downtown folks rarely travel beyond N. Main st. so there’s no need to do any improvements outside the main thoroughfare.

      • Oh, say, but, with the continuation from Garvin Park to the River, well, the Civic Center seems to interfere….was in Terre Haute just a while back and I thought I would NEVER say that TH downtown has it over us….UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

        • Its funny how history really played all that out there, not much has changed per the value due the citizens by the office and those that put them there. 😉

          They stopped short, no real vision. Heck, the main corridor back then going to the statehouse out of Evansville was Stringtown, old Petersburgh, Hwy 57, You put a park and a damn county club in the way of Main and plugged it forever. Then they threw in the old buffalo trace/ wagon trail pathway 41 after they bridged it, and ran the thing national N/S. Given that, today it’s only a step above that now, real lousy, give me a steady horse and no stop lights I’d beat any thing you’ve got today to the county line end to end, short time. Feed the horse, and have a solid breakfast while waiting on you.
          Might not even have to shoe the stead due wear out on the crumby, not even jackass worthy roadway surfaces, either.

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