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1216_EVLO_EVconnelly1_t160IS IT TRUE that Evansville Fire Chief Charles Connelly was asking City Council to discuss and approve his Merit Ordinance Amendments at last Council meeting?  …that the name of City Council member Stephanie Riley appeared on the ordinances as the sponsor?  …that Ms. Riley told City Council attorney Scott Danks that she never gave anyone permission to put her down as a sponsor of this ordinance?  …at that point City Council Attorney Danks told the  Mayors attorney, Ted Zimmer that this resolution submitted to change city ordiance will not be discussed until the Mayor finds a council member to sponsor it?

IS IT TRUE on December 11, 2013 the Evansville Fire Chief sent an e-mail to all Evansville Fire Department members telling them that his proposed amendments to Merit Ordinance does not have the support of city council at this time?  …he also stated that the Merit Ordinance has been withdrawn from the December 16, 2013 City Council agenda?  …he also stated if Merit Ordinance amendments are presented to council it will be after the support of City Council is comfirmed?
IS IT TRUE we can’t wait to see  the Fire Chiefs new master plan  to clean firefighters  gear.  …we’re stunned to hear Fire Chief Connelly ask City Council for an additional $75,000 to hire someone to clean firefighters gear.  … a $150,000 plus was approved at the last city council budget hearing to clean firefighter gear?  …we didn’t realize that it would cost the taxpayers an  additional $75,000 to hire someone to wash, repair and deliver firefighters gear?  …many people who are working at area laundries would take this job on for half the price Chief Connelly wants to pay?
IS IT TRUE we would like to congratulate 6th Ward City Councilmen  and firefighter Al Lindsey for his spot on assessment of possible hidden costs in Chief Connelly’s gear cleaning proposal.  …its to bad that City Council members, Adams, McGinn, Weaver, Mosby and O’Daniel didn’t heed Mr. Lindsey advice?


  1. Hi. My name is Brad and I’m entering the equipment cleaning business. Please submit your applications by email.

      • With the prospect of such high returns, I’ll be investing my own money, I think.

    • Brad….

      Hopefully you, the EFD, or the local cleaning companies that might be cleaning the toxic substances from firefighter gear also has the capability to capture and clean the toxic substances from the waste water before it’s sent down the drain.

      It’s never been stated what happens to this water that is going to be loaded with hazardous materials, will it be captured? or will it be sent into the sewers? Washing while it should remove the toxic substances will still be suspended in that waste water, does that pose a risk of leaching into the ground if it is dumped into the sewer, does the waste treatment facility have the means to remove the toxicity before it’s sent to the river for our downstream neighbors to drink.

      These are the questions that someone should be asking.


  2. Since the term “Merit” is subjective, I have a Question for the Firefighters.—Over time, has the “Merit System”, Evolved in a Positive direction, or has it been Emasculated, since it was established by local ordinance under the administration of Mayor Frank McDonald Jr.?

  3. I’m thoroughly impressed with the accomplishments AL was able to achieve on budget night. I hope he stays the course and keeps moving straight ahead. It takes a lot of courage and guts to stand up to all of this. I appreciate the leadership.

  4. Mr Al Lindsey is staying on top of all Fire Dept business. He is not doing anything else. He has not address any of the problems inside his ward nor has he ever held a town hall meeting with the citizens of his ward to hear their problems. But if it involves the EFD he is johnny on the spot. I will be voting for anyone else besides Lindsey. I voted for him last time because of the way the Mosby family was running the ward. Now I wish they were back.

      • disaffedted,–don’t you find it interesting how soulcasserole comments,

        –“because of the way the Mosby family was “RUNNING” the Ward”, and now, I wish “THEY” were back”.

        Weird!,–I thought the 6th ward seat on the City Council, is for the ward’s REPRESENTATIVE,–not it’s “BOSS”!

    • You certainly sound like a strong Lindsey supporter with your negative comments and of course your lack of knowledge of any facts of what Lindsey has done since he has been on council. In case you didn’t know the Fire Department serves every citizen in this city has the second highest budget in the city and is kind of important and the protection of it’s employees from cancer causing carcinogens would be important to you if it was you, your parent, brother, sister or relative on the Fire Department. Keep your vote I am sure if or when he runs for re-election he won’t need it any way with all of the positive things that he has done and will do for the city and the west side in his next 2 years in office.

  5. Al Lindsey should be excusing himself from anything relating the fire department. There is a big conflict of interest for a host of reasons. The CCO does not do anybody any good promoting Lindsey.

    • So sad that your man Winnecke could not find 2 capable firefighters in your party to run his fire department. Connelly and Anslinger would be an embarrassment for the Hooterville Fire Department. P.S. Anslinger is a Democrat so he couldn’t find 2 Republicans period.

    • The CCO & their followers will make posts about political patronage appointments and conflicts of interest when it fits the agenda, but Lindsey gets a pass. Not only does Captain Al refuse to recuse himself from any EFD-related issues, he always takes the opposite position of the EFD administration. I’m sure that his tendency to pit himself against Chief Connelly has nothing to do with Connelly’s recommendation for dismissal of Captain Al.

      • Councilman Lindsey, by law, cannot recluse himself. He is required by law to vote on every issue H. Dan Adams MD

        • Are you telling me that City Council is one of the only legislative bodies in which a member can not vote? US Senators and Congresspeople abstain from votes all of the time.

          Evansville City Code Section 3.31.08 Voting – “(E) No member shall refuse to vote or absence himself or herself to avoid voting on any question. Provided, however, that should any member or the spouse or dependant of the member have a direct economic interest in the subject matter to be voted upon, such member may abstain from voting on such matter, if such member shall submit in writing to the Council president at any time prior to the vote being taken a letter detailing the circumstances of the economic conflict of interest…”

          This is yet another example of an archaic code that needs to be changed.

          • Then every council member should not vote on anything to do with the police department, fire department, etc. Everyone on the council and in the community are have a direct economic interest in the subject due their tax dollars being used for the department funds.

  6. Vandy GOP for the most part has become a joke. With Winnie McClintock leading the ticket you look like nothing but free spending pansies. Earth Scam, the extra millions that were ready to be thrown at the double bubble hotel, secret homestead credit meeting.

      • Well I can remember seeing your present democrat sheriff wearing some shades (like the Korean Gangum style rapper),with the weather guy and then talking about and supporting consolidation aspects with the Mayor,What television channel was that?
        Thought I observed that maybe it was somewhere else,pretty sure you all smashed the consolidation thing there at the polls.

    • ThatOneGuy: The Vandy GOP is not perfect. You need to carefully review recent past few years and you will see the Democrats under Winzapel were the real”spending pansies”.

      There more Reublicans holding office today in SW Indiana than there ever has been. The exception being the City Council where the Democrats have an 8 to one majority. The City Council has control over City spending.

      • Yes Mr. Parke you are correct that Weinzapfel and his cronies were big spending pansies. The trouble is that Winnecke is one of his cronies and has continued the tradition of spending money on meaningless playthings.

      • Wayne said: “There more Reublicans holding office today in SW Indiana than there ever has been. The exception being the City Council where the Democrats have an 8 to one majority. The City Council has control over City spending.”

        Only someone who just moved here yesterday, (after also being born yesterday), would buy this nonsense. You keep spinning this yarn about the number of Republicans in office as if that excuses the fact that the few in office in Evansville proper are complete twits who haven’t the slightest semblance of Conservative or Republican street cred.

        While it is technically correct the the City Council holds the purse strings, the one supposed “Republican” we have serving on that body tried to help his Republican counterpart in the Mayoral office overspend on a private hotel by $17.5 million, as did you, in fact.

        The time for a change in the local Republican Party is long overdue. It’s time for the libertarian contingent to step up and be assertive against the imposters.

        • “Reublicans,” Sorry but watching this from afar, thats just plain funny,
          The ghost of Johnny Carson couldn’t have said that any better in his intros.
          Talk about ASMR. Really now, wayne tickles me sometimes.

          Full of crap….whos got the skid marks after that one?..Those “Reub’li’cans” anything like dem dar democraps?.really? “only in Evansville”…AAahahaHAa!

          Seriously entertaining stuff sometimes. You can’t make this stuff up! 😉

      • Yes weinzapfel overspent like building a smaller arena that looks like jiffy pop with cheap fixtures and without proper dock and storage,buying a overpriced parking lot for the mccurdy among many other things.
        But Winnie McClintock is Weinzapfel Junior. It has been the Dems that have been fiscal conservatives currently. Like Stephanie three last names taking 3 seconds to find Earth Scam, Friend and Lindsey against throwing all that money to Double Bubble Hotel group.
        The Good? Winnie McClintock is a one termer.
        The Bad? Any Dem that runs against him with 1oz of public respect and a pulse will win 70-30.
        Now Winnie crying about 7 mil of potential losses from a tax cut but was ready to piz an extra 17 mil to a Missouri company.
        Btw has the city got that 500k front money back from Earth Scam?

        • Question? Are the orb center,Edsel center,and the Jiffy Pop arena and the Ford center the same building? OR? Is one of’um the still an projected ancillary service’s storage building next to the downtown arena and the projected convention hotel?

          Where is that gonna fit,looks kinda like a tight fit from afar.
          How are any of those going to apply any incremental environmental balance to address the CSO events problem your downtown is mandated to overcome,as well?

          Just asking,seeing as the issue that’s at hand is presently projected to cost well over a half a billion bucks to control,and thats by “todays” federal Environmental Protection Agency mandate requirements.

          –>What,brought my attention back to “those issues” were the good intentions and noted concerns for your excellent local EFD,and don’t forget the EPD,and VCSD either,as they sometimes inadvertently must face exposure to that stuff,as well

          BTW, Who/what location, washes those uniforms if that’s the case? Hope its at least isolated from the rest of the “common laundry”.

          The “pathway” opened up too the common city council for the toxic chemical clean up for “those before mentioned, on this page,deadly/toxic “chemical carcinogens” encountered while fighting fires locally,might be a compound problem,as well?<–

          One might also realize that if the stuff wasn't present or oxidized to toxicity on sight then one wouldn't have to clean the equipment as involved. So.

          Focus points, as follows. When identified,sometimes this opens the lens to take in the whole picture,better overall focus, "defines the details" of certain elements, Fellas.

          http// All Alone in the Night "David Peterson".

          "Suggestion lights down, sound up, full screen"

          (ASMR syndrome) amphitheaters also have been known to invoke that stuff, "under the stars so to speak"

          Please. Do read the comments preceding the couple of minutes of video,think Evansville,think Indiana,and think that "thin green line",think how can the metro help that forward.

          Message: "Attention guys. "Heads Up."

  7. Wayne , Republican or Democrat shouldn’t matter when it comes to doing the right thing ,
    right now we have nothing but chaos in evansville due to Politicans on both sides doing whatever they want and not paying any attention to what’s good for the taxpayer , their only concerns are what’s gonna benefit themselves ,,, kinda like F the taxpayer …when Politicans get elected they need to quit being so political and start doing the right things for we the people and not just their buddies in crime .

    • Exactly my point,the 7th. floor private club is busy finding a patsie to run as a Dem. that is just as controlable as the present and past mayors have been. It’s time for independant responsible people to step up, and run on their merits, oweing patronage to no one. That’s why the swing to beat Davis was no holds bared filthy campain, after the primary, the power went to the duffus. That way they still had control, There is no difference in the 2 parties locally anymore, dump’em both.

  8. Anyone remember the ladies name that Kathryn Martin replaced , the heavy set woman that got caught stealing ?

  9. Wayne Parke, what are you going to do when the State Board of Accounts give a bad reports on the 2012 accounting activities of the city and our Mayor? Can’t wait to read your partisan spin on that.

  10. Thanks to Al for standing up for us. Chief Connelly is a nice guy but has no idea how to run the fire department. Connelly’s appointment as Fire Chief is the political patronage appointment blunder of the year.

  11. I hear the Chief isn’t popular with the rank and file firefighters because he plays political games with them. I hear that he openly cuts down and makes fun of certain Council members in front of the rank and file. The Mayor has some real political baggage with this guy.

  12. I agree. I saw him present his plan concerning cleaning firefighters gear on local TV. He was extremely disrespectful towards members of city council. This guy has a real know it all attitude. Bottom line he is a real jerk.

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