IS IT TRUE: Weekend, 1/4-1/5


Wayne Parke
IS IT TRUE that Vanderburgh County Republican Chairman Wayne Parke has wisely made the judgment to remain neutral in the caucus to replace Susanne Crouch to the Indiana House Seat from District 78?…with the strong slate of interested candidates Mr. Parke has chosen well?…we hope that he will continue to make well informed decisions in any spring primaries that may pop up with certain candidates whining for his endorsement?

IS IT TRUE Mole #29 tells us that is private circles the Vanderburgh County Republicans are just giddy at the prospect of running against Evansville City Councilman John Friend in the 2015 Mayoral race?…premature glee is not unheard of in Republican circles as there were squeals of glee in 2007 when a junior senator from Illinois with the middle name of “Hussien” started to attract national attention?…the premature glee did not work out so well then and celebrating a victory 20 months before and election is never prudent with skeletons like Earthcare Energy and Global Blade Technology rattling in their own closet?…whether a campaign of Friend vs. Winnecke is positive or negative it is certain to have some comedic moments?

IS IT TRUE on Monday January 6, 2014 the City County Observer will be first to announce a significant political decision that will rock Evansville’ power brokers socks off?…we are not sure of the time that we will be authorized to publish this news but we are poised to be first to do so?


  1. Good thinking on Wayne’s part! I don’t say that often.
    Great teaser! Is it good news for the Winnecke administration?? Is somebody resigning?? Will there be a Grand Jury ??
    You know the weather is going to be front-and-center Monday, so I hope you get the attention it deserves.
    I don’t think the Republicans should get too giddy too quickly. I expect there will be other, stronger candidates come forward.

      • That sounds like a possiblility, but that’s pretty boring. I want it to be juicy and get us some national attention, thought.

        • Perhaps they’re going to have him paraglide off the top of Vectren Headquarters to accept this one, his first of the year.

  2. Friend is being underestimated by the R’s, Friend will win if he does these things:

    1) Get Con Rob on board so she doesn’t take her votes to LW (like she did to Davis);

    2) Get a platform defined. Gee, how about fiscal mismanagement by current administration (and play to your professional strengths) ?; when it doubt, play the platform at every turn;

    3) Run as a populist vs. the elitist LW;

    4) Start disagreeing with LW. He is already going to claim the same ‘wins’ you are (such as Hotel). Find solid points, and use fiscal mismanagement as a way to let your opponent hang himself; extra credit if you can come up with better ideas which are more fiscally responsible; and

    5) Have a well-defined response when Schaefer runs the first ‘drunk mug shot’ commercial. These tactics LW uses can backfire on him if you play it right.

    Finally, it really seems that Friend likes politics. If he wins, he’ll be around 71 when reelection comes up. One cool strategy is to run as a “one-term only reformer”, to blow up everything and start anew. But I seriously doubt if Friend will do this last piece.

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