IS IT TRUE Thanksgiving 2013

A Tasty Thanksgiving Turkey
A Tasty Thanksgiving Turkey

IS IT TRUE Thanksgiving 2013

IS IT TRUE we wish all of our readers a Happy Thanksgiving weekend?

IS IT TRUE we are thankful for another year of growth in internet traffic with no red hot elections driving the growth?

IS IT TRUE we are thankful that all of the members of the CCO staff and their families have survived another year in good health?

IS IT TRUE we are thankful for the stop in the declining economy and are looking forward to a better future than the last 5 years have been?

IS IT TRUE we will be thankful when the City of Evansville installed rocks in the medians and streetlights along the annexed areas of Burkhardt Road in 2014?

IS IT TRUE we will be thankful to see the downtown convention hotel deal unfold and hope all goes according to the talking points?

IS IT TRUE we are thankful for the 5 – 1 start for this year’s Evansville Aces basketball team and are very curious to see how winning 25 games (cross your fingers) will help the attendance?  We are thankful that Evansville Aces have won two National NCCA  Championships?

IS IT TRUE we will be thankful to see some real progress with the McCurdy Hotel project next year?

IS IT TRUE we are thankful to have hosted another sold out Mole Awards luncheon and look forward to doing so again next year?

IS IT TRUE we are thankful hear that the Historical Indiana Landmark  group will finally begin to renovate the Greyhound Bus Station building as promised?

IS IT TRUE we will be thankful when the Evansville City Council and the Mayor will find common ground to work together  for the betterment of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE  we are thankful to hear that the powers that be will attack the blight in the 600 block of East Franklin Street in the very near future?

IS IT TRUE  we are very thankful that Mayor has finally realized how valuable the bars and restaurants located on West Franklin Street are to the overall economy of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE we  will be thankful if our elected officials  began to hire people based on qualifications and not political connections?

IS IT TRUE we will be thankful if the City of Evansville  finally receives an audit from the State Board of Accounts  without adverse opinions?

IS IT TRUE we wish only the best for our loyal readers in the coming year?  Once again, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. it is not even Black Friday and the CCO editor has slipped into his Thanksgiving list a bunch of Christmas and New Years wishes…..
    I am thankful that our current Prosecutor continues to file habitual criminal charges against those who visit our courts on a regular basis
    I am thankful that Code Enforcement has finally been move back to a legal arm of the building commission as opposed to a development arm of the City
    I am thankful that the Emergency Management Agency is finally becoming a true City County Agency focused on the Civic Defense of our community
    I am thankful that the northern movement of the Jet-steam appears to be moderating our weather patterns and helping to deflect some of the recent severe weather
    I am thankful that there has been a remarkable decline in air borne particular in our valley since 2004 when many of the expensive scrubbers starting working in the power plants up river

    • I too am very thankful to see those SO2 Scrubber and bag houses or precipitators installed on those big power plants. The air in this region is a lot cleaner these days. I just wish it had not taken them 30 years to get that done.

  2. UE has two wins the NCAA doesn’t recognize. 25 wins would be possible if they had a new leader.

  3. Happy commercialism and genocide day! Just kidding, I really do like Thanksgiving. The commercialism is spiraling out of control, but I’ll do my part and stay home and eat turkey and visit with my family, the way it should be.

    • IMO: Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about commercialism. Businesses only exist for profit. Nothing more or less. The only way to slow this trend is to stay home on the holidays. If businesses loose money on these days, they will once again be closed for the holidays and allow their employees time with their families. I’m doing my part.

      • I’m curious what this said. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours GeorgiaHoosier!

    • Amen. I’m sick and tired of the Christmas in July bs.

      I would love it if they would just celebrate Christmas in Dec at least. Seeing Christmas displays at Walmart in the Garden Area in September is a little too much for this guy.

      Christmas should be about the birth of Christ not all this commercialism.

  4. I would like to add some more Thanksgiving points from my perspective:

    We are thankful for the way that the CCO is a pebble in the shoe of government’s ineptness and corruption. All of the other news sources (newspaper, radio & television) only put out stories that wouldn’t displease the royal court of MLKing Blvd.

    We are hopeful that our elected leadership will peer out of their clubhouse door and put effort into attracting large manufacturing and high tech companies, with high capacity employment & high wages, to Evansville. The hotels, restaurants and retail that seem to be the only growth here, just provide minimum wage / part time jobs. If we had the manufacturing base that we had 40+ years ago prosperity would go up / crime would go down, we wouldn’t have the mass exodus of young talent, and the tax coffers would be full enough for government to take care of its obligations as well as the pet projects (like dog parks and skate parks).

    In spite of living in the 8th most miserable city, we are thankful that we don’t have the problems that plague Detroit or Chicago. Overall, Evansville is a clean city with a lot of potential. We just need to go in the right direction.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to the CCO staff. I’m very thankful to have the CCO to read as a second opinion news source.l

  6. IS IT TRUE that I hope that bygones will be bygones, and that there is a day in the very near future where all opinions (both in agreement and in dissent) can be freely discussed and debated on the CCO, and that the editorial staff at CCO uses this to improve communications between the community and the CCO?

    IS IT TRUE that by making rules and policies on what can be posted (and what is not allowed) will improve the quality of communications for everyone?

    IS IT TRUE that I am very sincere in offering input to the CCO, and that I will do all within my ability to assist them in a positive and upbeat fashion?

    IS IT TRUE that I wish the CCO staff and their families a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season?

    On the last one, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

  7. Thanks CCO for doing an outstanding job of bringing breaking news to the masses of this community.

  8. There will be a pro gay marriage rally on December 3, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Airport. Area gays are encouraged to attend, while wearing their most flamboyant attire and socializing with brawny, muscular Pit weighlifters. Great food and conversation, social time begins at 6pm, dinner at 7pm. Show your support for gay marriage along side the The Pit Barbell Club’s Hall of Flame Ceremony, and kiss the ring of the Reverend Jim Jones of Evansville weightlifting.!!! The Password for the event is: “I love to watch men squat”.

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